Greyson Golf Clothing (Over-Priced or High Quality?)

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Greyson Clothiers has received a fair amount of attention in recent years, as golfers have taken to the course in a range of interesting and non-traditional outfits while representing their brand!

Here, we take a closer look at Greyson clothing and help you see why the likes of Justin Thomas and Cameron Tringale have decided to partner with Greyson while playing the PGA Tour.

We introduce you to some of their signature products and help you decide whether opting for Greyson is a smart move for you this golf season.

Who is Greyson Clothiers?

Greyson Clothiers is a golf fashion label run by CEO Charlie Schaefer. The brand is keen to distance itself from other golfing brands and designs clothing that is just as fashionable and trendy off the course as it is on it.

You can buy a broad range of clothing items and golf apparel directly from Greyson’s online store, with options for men, women, and juniors. In addition to golf apparel, Greyson produces a range of leisurewear, swimwear, and casualwear, ensuring that you have something for every sporting occasion.

The brand is renowned for its unique approach to golf design, and it undoubtedly muddies the waters between golf attire and casual. But as the game is modernizing, there’s certainly a place for less conventional golf clothing, and that’s where Greyson comes in.

To help you decide if Greyson Clothiers is a brand worth considering this season, we introduce you to their signature items and explain what you can expect from their online store.

Greyson Golf Pants

Greyson designs a broad range of golf pants that are appreciated by players on the PGA Tour. There are various styles and colors to choose from, providing you with lots of choices when it comes to updating your golfing wardrobe.

For instance, the Blackwatch serrano trousers are constructed with a wool blend that delivers breathability and strength. These pants are a super lightweight option that comes in a tailored fit – they’re perfect for wearing out on the golf course.

There are a range of other pants for you to consider, including the Montauk, Armonk, and Wainscott trousers. The Wainscott features five pockets, ensuring you have sufficient space for all your bits and pieces out on the course.

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Although they’re on the expensive side – the Blackwatch serrano pants retail at $235.00 – they’re made from excellent materials and are extremely durable. Ultimately, if you’re hoping to add some golf pants to your wardrobe that will keep you smart long into the future, Greyson’s range is worth checking out.

Greyson Golf Joggers

Greyson Men's Sequoia Jogger (410 Maltese, M)

There was a time in the not-so-distant past that joggers didn’t have a place on the golf course. But fast-forward to 2022, and you can now tune into major championships where players wear all sorts of pants in the field.

Greyson boasts a broad range of golf joggers that feature stunning styles and high-quality materials, ensuring you will find what you’re looking for. From the popular camoscape sequoia pants to their night wolf training joggers, you can choose Greyson if you’re keen to dress down on the golf course this season.

The beauty of playing in golf joggers is that they’re extremely comfortable and reduce chafing, which is ideal if you’re not a fan of playing in standard-tailored golf trousers.

Again, Greyson gear is not cheap, and a pair of golf joggers will set you back over $100. But as they become more prevalent on Tour, it’s likely that the Greyson brand will continue to rise to prominence in the near future.

Greyson Golf Polos and Shirts

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Although Greyson is all about reinventing golf attire, you can still order all of the classic items for your golf wardrobe this season. They have a wide selection of polos and golf shirts that feature exciting colors, patterns, and individual designs.

The Greyson spirit polo is a great option for starters, bringing together a timeless golf design with a contemporary style. If you want something a little more daring, their wild hibiscus and spirit of California polos are likely to turn heads on the first tee.

Every golfer needs a collection of signature golf polos and shirts to rely on throughout the season, and you can upgrade your wardrobe by shopping at Greyson. There are so many styles and designs to choose from that you can pick up a shirt for every game!

One thing that we love about the Greyson range of polos is that you can just as easily wear the shirts away from the golf course, and they’re certainly not golf-exclusive.

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Greyson Golf Bags

In addition to their stylish clothing range, you can pick up a stunning Greyson golf bag to look the part on the course this season. We love their X Jones camo bomber bag, which is made from leather-look vinyl and is finished with a hand-painted variation of the Greyson camoscape print.

Another option is the Greyson X Jones patriot wolf stand bag that features a beautiful red design and distinctive Greyson features. The bags are $500 and $650, respectively, so they’re certainly not the cheapest option out there.

But this is the case with the Greyson brand more generally. Their golf bags, apparel, and golfing attire are made from high-quality materials and are a far cry from the fast fashion of certain other brands that are prominent in the golf space.

Ultimately, we love the design of Greyson’s golf bags, and they present a stunning alternative to standard options, provided that you can afford the price tag!

Greyson Golf Hats

A hat is an essential item for all golfers, and it’s a great way to represent your favorite brand. Greyson has a range of awesome hats available on their site, from classic trucker styles to a distinctive tartan option.

You can even order a tartan bucket hat with the signature Greyson wolf logo if you prefer rocking this slightly unconventional style out on the golf course. There is even a Greyson beanie with a frontal leather patch for those times when you play in the cold weather.

Although golf hats are essential for all weather, they’re also a great addition to the wardrobe to complement your day-to-day clothing choices. After all, you don’t need to be on the golf course to rock a Greyson hat.

You can take a look through the current designs, colors, and styles available on the Greyson store before deciding which to sport as you take to the golf course this season.

When is the Greyson Golf Sale?

Greyson doesn’t specify at which times of the year it hosts a golf sale. However, all new customers receive 15% off their first purchase when they sign up for the Greyson newsletter, which is a smart step to take to access those savings.

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By signing up for the newsletter, you will be the first to know when Greyson launches a sale, be it for a specific line or at a certain time of the year, for instance.

As is the case with all golf brands, Greyson runs sales at different times of the year, so it’s difficult to say which months are more likely to see reductions. But keep an eye out for the time leading up to the holidays, as this can always be a good time to grab a bargain.

The fact that Greyson’s gear is priced a little on the high side, it certainly makes sense to hold out for a sale before adding the latest Greyson items to your online cart.

Who Wears Greyson on the PGA Tour?

Lots of players wear Greyson apparel on the PGA Tour. The main Greyson ambassador is Justin Thomas, who rocks a whole range of unique and innovative styles on the golf course. His choice of outfit at St Andrews certainly raised a few eyebrows at the British Open, for instance.

But JT isn’t the only player on the PGA Tour to wear Greyson clothing. He is joined by the likes of Erik Van Rooyen, Cameron Tringale, Harry Higgs, Luke List, and others. These guys are all responsible for shaking things up on Tour and wearing clothes that have not always been deemed golf appropriate.

JT, in particular, has raised awareness about the Greyson brand, and this partnership has led to Greyson being super popular with a whole host of amateurs and recreational players, too.

So, if you want to mimic the style of JT and some of the other top names on the PGA Tour, now is a great time to sign up for Greyson and order your first shipment of high-quality golf apparel today.


Greyson is a brand that has grown quickly in recent times and is now widely popular on the PGA Tour. This is down primarily to Justin Thomas, but other players at the elite level of the game wear the label.

As explained, Greyson focuses on high-end, high-quality clothing, which is reflected in the price point. But if you’re looking for a stylish brand to commit to for this upcoming golf season, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t opt for Greyson.