Golfzon Simulator Cost (is the High Price Worth it?)

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Due to impressive recent advances in technology, golf simulators have come on leaps and bounds in recent times to provide outstanding virtual golf experiences.

And one brand that has developed an outstanding reputation in the golf simulator market is Golfzon, thanks to their impressive models that are feature-rich and technologically advanced.

In this article, we explain everything there is to know about Golfzon simulators and help you decide whether this brand is the ideal choice for you.

What are Golfzon Simulators?

Golfzon manufactures leading indoor golf simulators that have won several awards from the likes of Golf Digest for their performance and value. Golfzon’s simulators use advanced technology to provide exceptional graphics as you play some of the best courses in the world from home or place of work.

There are several models in the Golfzon range to suit various budgets and preferences, with some well suited to home use and others ideal for golf clubs, resorts, and sports bars and lounges.  

Some PGA Tour Pros use Golfzon – including Sungjae Im – for practicing while they’re at home, highlighting the excellent quality that you can expect from this brand of simulator.*

So, if you’re in the market for a golf simulator this season, find out why Golfzon is a brand that you need to consider, as well as the different models within the current Golfzon lineup.

What are the Current Models in the Golfzon Range?

There are several simulators available in the current Golfzon range, including:

Two Vision

  • 24-position swig plate that brings course contours into play.
  • 2 high-speed sensors.
  • Tee-side touch-screen monitor.
  • Green-reading LED putting guide.
  • Multi-surface (bunker, rough, and fairway)

Vision Premium

  • Optimal moving swing plate for premium performance.
  • T1 mounted ceiling cameras.
  • Auto tee and ball retrieval system.
  • Vision software with arcade software.
  • Multi-surface options.

Vision Standard

  • Fairway hitting mat
  • T2 floor-mounted camera sensor
  • Vision software with optional GDR and arcade software.
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GDR Standard

  • Fairway hitting mat
  • T2 floor-mounted camera sensor
  • GDR Software

As you can see, there are several Golfzon simulators available with a range of impressive features, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Of course, the different Golfzon simulators come at different price points, as explained below.

How Much Do Golfzon Simulators Cost?

It’s fair to say that Golfzon simulators are expensive, as they retail between $40,000 and $70,000, depending on the model that you wish to invest in.** The price puts Golfzon on par with Trackman in terms of cost and performance.

Golfzon justifies the price given that the brand has been handed the Editors’ Choice Award for best simulator for the past five years and the fact that the simulator has several endorsements from PGA professionals.

The Two Vision simulator is Golfzon’s most expensive model, retailing at $70,000.

While this is unattainable for many golfers, it’s not too different from the price of other premium brands and models.

So, while Golfzon simulators are undoubtedly expensive, the quality of the software and technology is worth the high price, particularly if you’re looking to invest in a premium golf simulator this year.

Are Golfzon Simulators Worth it?

Golfzon simulators are consistently regarded as among the very best in the business, so there’s no doubt that they’re worth it if you can afford the price.

After all, they provide a life-like golf simulator that is feature-rich and comprehensive, relying on the latest technological advancements.

For instance, the Two Vision cameras provide 130% crisper graphics, five distinct playing surfaces, and a swing plate that is capable of moving in 24 directions.

In other words, it provides an incredible window into the future of virtual golf!

Another thing to be mindful of is that all golf simulators are expensive.

While you can get some for less than $20,000, most premium simulators cost more than this and are similarly priced to those offered by Golfzon.

So, given that golf simulators are expensive, regardless of the make and model, we believe that investing in a Golfzon simulator is undoubtedly worth it, given the exceptional quality and various features you can expect from each of the models in the range.

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What Courses Can You Play on a Golfzon Simulator?

There are more than 200 real-life golf courses available to play on Golfzon, highlighting the huge variety available to players***. For instance, some of the courses you can enjoy include:

  • Kiawah Island – Ocean Course.
  • Bethpage State Park GC – Black Course.
  • Pebble Beach Golf Links – Various courses.
  • Quail Hollow Club.
  • Phoenix Golf Resort.
  • St Andrews Links – Old Course.

As a result, you can set up a golf simulator at home or in your business that features some of the leading golf courses in the world, enabling you to test yourself at the leading tracks on the planet without going outside!

This is perhaps one of the most alluring features of golf simulators, and the fact that you can choose from such an impressive roster of courses really helps Golfzon stand out from the crowd.

You can be assured that the graphics and representation of each course are on point, ensuring that you can enjoy a truly real-life experience when playing virtual golf on your Golfzon simulator.

What Software Does Golfzon Use?

Golfzon uses Vision Plus software for its simulators. The software allows for full integration and online connectivity and enables players to use the Golfzon app.

There is a huge range of features available with Vision Plus, including scorecards and swing replay videos.

As well as the courses that run on Vision Plus, Golfzon also provides players with the opportunity to access a range of practice courses and driving ranges, meaning that there’s no shortage of playing opportunities on the simulator.

Golfzon’s Vision Plus software is known to be exceptionally accurate, and the high-speed cameras capture detailed club and ball data, which ensures accuracy and realism when you strike the golf ball.

The software used by a golf simulator is arguably the most important factor relating to its performance, and you can rest assured that Golfzon’s Vision Plus software is up there with the best in the business.

Golfzon Simulator for Sale?

If you want to buy a Golfzon simulator, the best place to buy one is directly from Golfzon. You can express your interest in a simulator, and they will get in touch with you to discuss the ideal simulator for your intended use.

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Given the fact that buying simulator results in such a significant expense, it makes sense to take your time when conducting your research.

Having a Golfzon team member guide you through the process is undoubtedly beneficial and will help you make the right decision.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a used Golfzon simulator for sale, you can check out local listings on Craigslist, as well as current availability on eBay, as you can often find used simulators available for significantly lower prices on such platforms.

As is always the case when buying a used product, make sure that you buy from a trusted seller and do your due diligence before committing to a purchase.

Golfzon Simulator vs. Trackman

While there are lots of different golf simulators available today, two of the best options are those from Golfzon and Trackman. But how do these leading brands differ?

Fundamentally, Trackman is widely regarded as the leading simulator in golf, and its reputation is certainly bigger than Golfzon’s.

Reputation aside, Trackman has several models with various flatscreen and widescreen options available, offering something slightly different from Golfzon.

If you opt for Trackman over Golfzon, you should be aware that you’re required to pay a subscription fee to access the software, and there are several aspects of the simulator that are considered expensive ‘add-ons’ which is far from ideal from a cost perspective.

Ultimately, Golfzon and Trackman have some slight differences, but they’re both excellent options if you’re looking to invest in a premium golf simulator this season for your home or business.


Starting at $40,000, there’s no doubting the fact that Golfzon simulators are expensive. But as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for, and Golfzon is widely regarded as one of the leading simulators in golf.

So, if you’re in the market for a premium golf simulator, Golfzon is a brand that you can’t afford to ignore.

Whether you go for the Two Vision or GDR standard model, you can rest assured that GolfZon is one of the best simulators that money can buy, and you will undoubtedly be impressed with the quality when you install it at home or within your business.


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