Golftec vs Club Champion (Fitting / Swing Analysis)

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Golfers who invest in custom fitting are likely to see remarkable improvements in their game. In America, two of the best custom club fitters in the business are GolfTEC and Club Champion. But which should you go with?

We suggest that GolfTEC has the edge over Club Champion due to its prevalence in more locations worldwide. They also offer better value for money on complete bag custom fit-outs, as we explore a little later on.

That being said, both GolfTEC and Club Champion offers trusted and comprehensive club fitting services to golfers, and we explore the scope of their services through an in-depth comparison in this article.

1. Golf Club Fitting

Golf Digest has recognized both GolfTEC and Club Champion as numbering amongst America’s best club fitters.

Check out this interesting video below where you can see how Club Champion utilizes the latest tech in their PGA Tour standard club builds…

As such, you can expect quality service when scheduling a club fitting with either company.

Club fitting at both GolfTEC and Club Champion includes three focus areas:

Data-backed Swing Reviews

Using your current clubs, you will be monitored by certified club fitters.

They use launch monitor data and the latest technology to dial in your perfect fit.

GolfTEC utilizes TECFIT software, while Club Champion relies on TrackMan Pro and SAM PuttLab for in-depth swing analysis.

Let’s see how GolfTEC uses technology at their centers to help golfers improve their golf game…

Custom Built Club Options

Once your swing requirements have been established, your club fitter then selects from thousands of club combinations to customize clubs that are tailored to your swing.

Fitters at both companies offer an in-depth analysis of how and why specific clubs will benefit your game in various ways.

Ordering Your New Custom Clubs

After trying out a selection of custom clubs, club fitters at both GolfTEC and Club Champion are positioned to place an order for your chosen clubs.

Providing you with swing and ball flight analysis, as well as a detailed spec sheet of recommended clubs, you have all the data that you need to make your purchase with confidence.

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Verdict: Club Fitting, Swing Analysis and Overall Expertise

When it comes to club fitting, there’s little separating the two.

GolfTEC and Club Champion have built their reputation on their attention to detail, use of technology, and ability to custom-build clubs from a range of brands, making them both viable options for your club fitting needs.

Our advice is to pick either one that is located closest to you and go check them out.

Personalized club fitting can make such a difference to improving and making your golf game better.

2. Golf Club Sales

As well as their comprehensive and renowned club fitting services, GolfTEC and Club Champion stock a wide range of irons, drivers, wedges, and putters from the biggest names in golf.

The standout claim of GolfTEC is that they offer “the top brands at the same price as other retailers”.

Club Champion promises to be “brand agnostic,” meaning they will pick the best clubs based upon your swing requirements, not just because of their opinion of a particular brand.

GolfTEC’s Club Sales Service

Reasons to buy golf clubs from GolfTEC:

  • Representation from all the top brands in golf, including Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Mizuno, and Ping.
  • Price match guarantee ensures you won’t pay more for your clubs than you would at any other golf retailer.
  • New clubs can be supplemented by GolfTEC’s custom build feature, guaranteeing you the perfect clubs for your bag.
  • Full manufacturer warranty with all clubs purchased.

Club Champion Club Sales Service

Reasons to buy golf clubs from Club Champion:

  • Clubheads, shafts, putters, and grips from fifty of the biggest names in golf.
  • Plus boutique brands like PXG are not available at every golf retailer – Club Champion proudly boasts more than 50,000 combinations to choose from.
  • Club Champion’s prices reflect those of other golf retailers for the latest clubs and equipment, so you don’t need to worry about paying over the odds.
  • Custom build service offered alongside new club sales, with no obligation to purchase clubs following your assessment.
  • Club Champion offers a “Perfect Fit” guarantee, enabling you to fix or replace your custom clubs within ninety days of fitting if you’re having issues out on the course.

Verdict: Buying Golf Clubs

Both GolfTEC and Club Champion offer a fantastic variety of the latest clubs from the biggest names in golf.

They also refuse to be beaten on price by other retailers.

But thanks to their exceptional variety from more than fifty brands (as well as their “Perfect Fit guarantee”), Club Champion perhaps edges their competitor when it comes to club sales.

3. Golf Club Repairs / Improvements

As custom golf club fitters, you might expect that both GolfTEC and Club Champion would offer a comprehensive club repair service to their clients.

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But as you will learn from their websites, it’s not a standalone service that either company provides.

That being said, club fitting is, almost by definition, a form of golf club repair.

When you schedule a fitting with experts at both GolfTEC and Club Champion, the first thing they do is analyze your swing with your current clubs.

Upon completing their analysis, fitters can then offer suggested improvements to your current clubs and are perfectly placed to provide upgrades on heads, shafts, and grips.

Equally, you aren’t obliged to purchase new clubs after a fitting with either GolfTEC or Club Champion, meaning you can simply schedule a fitting and seek to improve your current clubs instead.

Verdict: Who Wins the Club Repairs and Improvements Battle?

GolfTEC and Club Champion fitters analyze your current clubs before proceeding with a custom build.

As such, the fitters are ideally placed to offer repairs to your existing clubs if you choose not to purchase a custom set after your fitting.

4. Locations: Are there GolfTEC and Club Champion Stores near Me?

GolfTEC and Club Champion are exceptionally well represented in various locations throughout the United States.

Club Champion has eighty-five locations across the states, with many situated within other golf stores, retailers, and clubs. For full details of Club Champion’s locations, you can click here.

GolfTEC, however, has an even broader presence in America, with 180 locations nationwide. Again, you can find your nearest GolfTEC center by clicking here.

But as well as being prevalent throughout the United States, GolfTEC is a truly global company.

They have locations in Canada, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

As well as providing custom club fitting and equipment sales at their sites, GolfTEC has also conducted more than 9 million golf lessons since its inception.

Verdict: Who Has More Locations?

Given their international presence and the fact that they have more than double the number of centers in different locations throughout the United States, GolfTEC is definitely ahead of Club Champion when it comes to locations near you.

You’re much more likely to find a GolfTEC center near you. – win for GolfTEC!

5. Prices and Overall Value for Money

As you can see from the article so far, the services offered by GolfTEC and Club Champion are very similar in terms of scope and quality.

But now we come to their prices – who is cheaper?

One thing that commonly deters players from customizing their clubs is the fact that it’s sometimes deemed prohibitively expensive.

Even more so when added to the cost of buying new clubs.

So, to help you decide on the affordability of club fitting at GolfTEC and Club Champion, we’ve included a detailed comparison of their pricing structures below:

GolfTEC Fitting Prices: How Much does it Cost?

GolfTEC’s current club fitting prices are as follows:

  • Driver fitting: $100 (60-90-minute tour-level fitting).
  • Iron fitting: $100 (60-90-minute tour-level fitting).
  • Wedge fitting: $100 (60-90-minute tour-level fitting).
  • Putter fitting: $100 (60-90-minute tour-level fitting).
  • Full bag fitting: $200 (150-minute full bag fitting that works on every club in your bag).
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You can trade your old clubs in for cash if you elect to buy new clubs following your GolfTEC fitting.

This frees up the funds to purchase your new set following your custom build.

The prices listed above are in addition to the cost of the clubs that you buy and any customizations made.

Also, GolfTEC is currently running a sale on their fitting prices, so be mindful that these prices may change over time.

You can find out GolfTEC’s current prices here.

Club Champion Fitting Prices: How Much does it Cost?

Club Champion’s club fitting prices are as follows:

  • Long game fitting: $200 (120-150 minutes fitting of driver, fairways, and hybrids).
  • Driver fitting: $150 (60-90-minute fitting of one driver).
  • Iron fitting: $150 (60-90-minute fitting of your irons).
  • Fairway wood/hybrid fitting: $100 (60-minute fitting of your fairway woods/hybrids)
  • Wedge fitting: $80 (60-minute fitting of your wedges).
  • Putter fitting: $100 (60-minute fitting of your putter).
  • Full bag fitting: $350 (180-210-minute fitting of all the clubs in your bag).

Club Champion has partnered with Synchrony to offer their clients 18-month promotional financing on all fitting services.

So, if you don’t have the money upfront, you can finance your clubs and pay at regular intervals.

They also offer a trade-in service for your old clubs. For Club Champion’s current prices, click here.

Verdict: Who Represents Better Value for Money?

It’s clear from the respective pricing structures that GolfTEC offers better value for money than Club Champion, perhaps as a result of their international standing.

GolfTEC’s full bag fitting service is $150 cheaper than Club Champion’s, a significant saving.

Go Get Fitted Out – Your Golf Game will Thank You For it!

If you’re looking to improve your golf game, purchasing custom-fitted clubs is an excellent way to go about it.

And the good news is that GolfTEC and Club Champion are industry-leading golf fitting companies worthy of your consideration.

But if we had to recommend one over the other, we would opt for GolfTEC, simply due to the fact that they have centers in more locations and offer better value for money on their club fitting services.

We hope this guide has helped you become more informed about both services and maybe it’s perhaps a little unfair to write a Golftec vs Club Champion face-off type of article but it sure has been a lot of fun!