Are Golf Simulators Worth It? 7 Facts You Should Know!

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Golf simulators have become a go-to tool for players looking to improve their game.

Golf simulators are worth it. Professional golfers look to dial in their game and improve their numbers, golf clubs look to serve their members during the traditional off-season and consumer level models allow players of all skill levels to practice in their homes.

Golf simulator technology ranges from fifty thousand dollar top-of-the-line models used by golf equipment manufacturers and world-class professionals to entry-level consumer devices that can be taken to a driving range.

Below we will explore different types of golf simulators, who uses them, how they are used, and most importantly what the do’s and don’ts are about using golf simulators.

Do Golf Simulators Improve Your Game?

Golf simulators improve your golf game by providing valuable feedback that otherwise is unknown. They provide insight into your approach angle, ball speed, carry distance, ball spin, and clubhead speed.

Golf simulators also help improve your game by extending the playing season in areas of the world where poor weather impacts how long a golf course can stay open.

Many golf courses and golf clubs have begun purchasing golf simulators to serve their clients and members year-round.

Is Full Swing the Best Golf Simulator on the Market?

Full Swing is one of the best golf simulators available and is endorsed by many professional golfers. Although Full Swing is not the most expensive option available for golf simulators on the market, it is the best overall golf simulator for an unlimited budget.

The golf simulator Full Swing is primarily marketed towards golf clubs that are looking to keep customers engaged during the long winter months.

Their tracking systems provide best-in-class results for analyzing and tracking ball spin, carry distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, and more.

Full Swing is the only simulator on the market that combines infrared lightwave technology with high-speed cameras to visualize your ball flight with no delay on the screen.

Their entry-level simulator includes a pre-built wooden enclosure and platform, an energy-absorbing impact screen, a cinema-quality projector, industrial-grade hitting mat as well as the cameras and infrared trackers.

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Plan on your Full Swing simulator taking over whichever room you choose to install it in.

The projection screen measures sixteen feet wide. You do have the option to choose smaller projector packages.

Do You Wear Golf Shoes at a Simulator?

The majority of golf clubs and dedicated indoor golf simulator businesses allow all a wide range of shoes on their platforms. Athletic shoes can include any kind of sneakers, tennis shoes, and of course golf shoes.

You should contact the location of the golf simulator to ask about their policy on golf shoes.

All businesses that offer golf simulators will require that your shoes be clean.

Most modern golf shoes are equipped with soft spikes or no spikes at all. A majority of no spike shoes feature a design on the bottom that is designed to grab ahold of the ground without tearing it up during rotation.

Soft spikes are similar in design to classic metal spikes but are made out of, you guessed it, soft rubber alternatives.

A majority of businesses that provide golf simulator services do not allow classic metal spikes.

Metal spikes have a tendency to scratch and damage pretty much any surface that they come across.

Golf simulator platforms are normally built of wood and covered in a faux tee box material.

Metal spikes will tear the surfaces of these golf simulators up within the first day’s use.

Do Professional Golfers Use Simulators?

Almost every professional golfer has used a golf simulator in the past or uses golf simulators regularly. Many professionals have top-of-the-line golf simulator technology installed in their homes or even at their chosen ‘home’ golf course. 

Professional golfers Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods have the top-tier Full Swing simulator package installed at their homes.

These packages come to over fifty thousand dollars just to purchase the equipment and do not include installation.

Golf simulators have evolved an immense amount since their introduction in the 1970s.

The precursors to our high-tech modern simulators didn’t offer much more than a simple estimate of how far the ball traveled.

Most clubs and golf simulation businesses focus on providing alternatives to playing a round of nine or eighteen holes outdoors during inclement weather.

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Almost every simulator comes preloaded with fictional and historical courses.

Professional golfers use simulators for practice more than leisure. Advanced golf simulators provide valuable feedback about adjustments they make to their swings and equipment changes.

Golf equipment manufacturers that sponsor professional golfers use simulators to track changes in ball spin, carry distance, total distance, ball speed, clubhead speed when they release new clubs and golf balls.

Manufacturers also provide this service to the general public.

Golf equipment companies set up fitting days and weekends to serve average golfers who want their clubs fitted using cutting-edge technology.

Many pro shops also offer the service but it is not as common.

Do Pros Use Trackman?

Professional golfers use the top-of-the-line Trackman golf simulators more than any other level of golfer. It is another one of the best golf simulators available and has made headlines by being the first golf simulator installed at the White House in Washington D.C.

Trackman is in the running to be the most expensive golf simulator software and hardware on the market.

Trackman boasts more golf professionals than any other brand of golf simulator.

Their customers span the globe and range from PGA Major winners to D1 NCAA college programs.

This technology speaks for itself and can measure the full light of a golf shot from four feet to four hundred yards, what’s even more impressive is the accuracy that can gauge a ball’s placement within one foot.

Professional golfers have to give up more than two hundred square feet to install their Trackman simulator.

This is a small price to pay for the benefits that professionals receive from using the Trackman platform.

The Trackman database holds an extensive library of courses that the players can choose from. Some of these courses are fictional and unique to the Trackman platform but a vast majority are based on real-world courses.

Some of the most famous courses in the world are featured as well as prominent tournament courses.

These digital courses are accurate within a foot of their real-life counterparts and are invaluable in helping professionals prepare for tournaments.

It allows players to determine which clubs are the best for any scenario that presents itself.

Do You Bring Your Own Clubs to a Golf Simulator?

Every golf simulator that you book a tee time at will allow and encourage you to bring your own set of golf clubs. You can look at visiting a golf simulator like going to a typical round of eighteen holes outside in the sunshine.

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Similar to the kind of shoes you wear, they will require that all clubs be clean and free of debris when you bring them inside.

Most golf simulator companies will have clubs available for you to use.

Golf clubs that offer simulators during the off-season may or may not have golf clubs available for you to use.

If you are visiting a golf course or golf club simulator it is a good idea to call ahead and verify if they have clubs available for use or rent.

Dedicated golf experience companies like Top Golf provide golf clubs as part of their service.

Top Golf has clubs for men, ladies, left-handers, right-handers, kids, and toddlers available every time you go.

What Should I Wear to a Golf Simulator?

Most people attending a golf club simulator will be wearing typical golf clothing like polos, slacks, skirts, and golf shoes or sneakers. A general rule of thumb would say that you can wear clothing that you would expect to see at the course the simulator is set up at. 

You should contact the location of the golf simulator to ask about their policy on what kind of clothing is allowed.

A majority of golf clubs and dedicated indoor golf simulator businesses allow a wide range of clothing to be worn.

Dedicated golf experience companies like Top Golf have a more relaxed dress code and you can expect to see a wide range of clothing choices.

Go and Try Out Your Local Golf Sim!

Golf simulators and golf experience companies are making the game of golf accessible to groups of people that would not typically be exposed.

It extends the golfers playing season by providing an indoor location to play golf while escaping the elements.

Professionals, college programs, equipment manufacturers, pro shops, and average golfers have access to a wide range of golf simulator options.

The top of the line options can run more than fifty thousand dollars but lower in price all the way down to just a few hundred dollars.

For a more immersive and fun experience, why not head off to your local Top golf center and hit some balls, eat some food and relax!