Can You Wear Golf Shoes on Concrete: (Go Spikes or Spikeless?)

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There are many different types of golf shoes, each with its own purpose and function. Some golfers prefer to play in golf trainers whilst others choose the traditional golf shoe with spikes.

If you’re unsure about what type of golf shoe would work best for your needs and wear you should wear them then read our guide to find out more.

Let’s start with golf spikes and concrete!

Can You Wear Spiked Golf Shoes on Concrete?

You can wear spiked golf shoes on a concrete area such as a pavement area but it will be extremely uncomfortable and will lead to spike damage. Even plastic or molded rubber spiked golf shoes are not designed for walking on concrete, they are specifically designed to be worn on the golf course.

If it was unavoidable and you had to walk on the sidewalk or other pavement areas in your spiked golf shoes then consider removing the spikes first, this way you will not damage the golf spikes and you will feel less discomfort when walking on concrete.

Molded spikes tend to be a little bit shorter than the standard 3mm attachable spikes so a short walk across the street is entirely possible.

Can You Wear Golf Shoes Anywhere?

You cannot wear golf shoes anywhere as there are golf etiquette rules and practical issues that restrict you from doing so. On the golf course, you cannot wear spiked golf shoes in the clubhouse and it would be impractical to wear golf shoes for any other purpose than to play golf.

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If your golf shoes are hybrid and more like sneakers (golf trainers) then it would be possible to wear them in most areas such as on the golf course including putting greens, inside the clubhouse, and for general everyday use.

Many people like wearing spikeless golf shoes as they can be worn for other sports and activities like walking and recreational wear.

Some brands like Nike, New Balance, ECCO, Callaway, and Adidas also make waterproof spikeless golf shoes, this means you can wear them in wet conditions and not worry about having a pair of shoes to change into.

You can even wear golf shoes as your casual work shoes. Footjoy, for example, has a full range of casual golf shoes in a range of fashionable colors like tan, grey, and white.

Can You Wear Golf Shoes as Regular Shoes?

You can wear some brands of spikeless golf shoes as regular shoes. These are typically lightweight, have a shallow grip area on the sole, and are made in various colors for both men and women.

Traditional, spiked golf shoes cannot be worn as everyday shoes as these have plastic spikes fitted to the bottom of the shoe and are too deep to be used on hard surfaces such as sidewalks, wooden flooring, and other indoor areas.

Wearing golf-styled sneakers are also a good way of saving money on what is an already expensive sport.

They are practical in nature and best suited to the warmer all-year-round golfing climates of Florida, California, Texas, and Arizona.

Can You Wear Spikeless Golf Shoes on Any Course?

In general, you can wear spikeless golf shoes on any regular golf course in the US including both public and private courses. These types of golf shoes have proved to be extremely popular at golf and country clubs as they can be worn inside club buildings and also on the putting greens.

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This is the main advantage of wearing spikeless golf shoes – they are versatile while still serving as appropriate footwear on the golf course.

Other pros to wearing spikeless golf shoes on the golf course include:

  • Lightweight, strong, and hard-wearing.
  • An excellent grip that matches spiked shoes.
  • Can be worn in a variety of weather conditions including dry and wet course conditions.
  • Can help golfers who suffer from foot injuries and adverse swelling.

Can You Wear Spiked Golf Shoes on the Driving Range?

You generally cannot wear spiked golf shoes on the driving range and most clubs will be quick to ask you to change into spikeless shoes before continuing your practice play. Driving range booths are enclosed areas with hard concrete or artificial turf floors thus making spiked shoes dangerous to wear.

If you have just come off the course after a frustrating round of golf and want to hit some drives on the range, you should change into the appropriate footwear before you start pinging golf balls down the range.

Wearing flip-flops, open sandals or fashion sneakers is also not advised as these do not offer the firm support required to swing a golf club at full power without causing unnecessary risk of injury.

In any case, why would you want to wear footwear on the range that you don’t wear on the golf course?

Most branded golf shoes are made in both spiked and spikeless versions. A good tip is to wear your spikeless shoes on the driving range and your spikes on the course for minimal disruption.

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What About on the Putting Green: Can You Wear Spiked Golf Shoes?

You can only wear plastic golf spiked shoes on the putting green. Metal spikes are not allowed for the recreational club golfer, it is only on the PGA Tour that the pros are allowed to wear metal spikes when putting on the short, manicured grass.

Most golf courses are open from early in the morning to sunset so hundreds of metal spikes trampling on the greens will cause major problems for the greenkeeper!

Rubberized or plastic spikes found on golf shoes are kinder to the grass and cause less damage.

Many tour pros actually prefer to wear spikeless golf shoes as these can be more comfortable to wear over a 3-day championship event of 54 holes of golf.

The Best Golf Shoes for the Right Surfaces

Whether you are a pro or just playing for fun, wearing the right shoes is essential. The wrong type of shoe can lead to injury and defeat your purpose in even picking up a club in the first place.

We have learned that wearing spiked golf shoes on concrete is not possible or advisable so instead check out some of the latest golf sneakers with rubberized spikes.

Also, stay off the driving range and putting green in metal spikes in order to avoid the wrath of course marshals and greenskeepers!