When Does the Golf Season Start and End? – ALL 50 States!

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The new golf season is a special time of year for many people. There are 50 different states that have their own rules on when the golf season starts and ends – all guided by the USGA and its handicap submission guidelines. This blog post will cover them all, so you can start planning your next rounds accordingly.

When Do the Golf Courses Open and Close in My State?

Most states start the golf season in March or April. The exception to this rule is that some states offer all-year-round golfing. In order to submit your handicap legally and post a score, you must play within the stated months that dictate the golfing season in your state.

There are 21 states that you can play golf 365 days a year and they have no start or end of the season.

These are the warmer states that have the right climate to allow golf to be played on a course all year round.

That leaves 29 states that have an official golfing season and therefore you must be aware of any inactive months in your local area where submission of your golf scores would be deemed invalid.

What Months are the Golf Season?

Below you can find information in your area for when the golf season starts and the months you can play on your favorite course. Our updated stats are based on the USGA Handicap Active and Inactive Season Schedule which you can check out for more details.

We have divided the information into 4 main areas, North East, Mid West, South, and West.

Then, using the US census regions log each state into a more localized table for ease of use.

North East (New England)

State Association Start of Season End of Season
Connecticut CSGA April 1st November 14th
Maine MSGA April 15th October 31st
Massachusetts Mass Golf April 1st November 14th
New Hampshire NHGA April 1st November 14th
Rhode Island RIGA April 1st November 14th
Vermont VGA April 15th October 31st
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North East (Middle Atlantic)

Note: New York has 3 golf associations with differing golf season starts/ends.
Metropolitan Golf Association (MGA), New York State Golf Association (NYSGA), and Rochester District Golf Association (RDGA).

State Association(s) Start of Season End of Season
New Jersey NJSGA April 1st November 14th
New York MGA, NYSGA*, RDGA** April 1st, *15th, **15th November 14th, *Oct 31st, **Oct 31st
Pennsylvania GAP, WPGA April 1st November 14th

Midwest (East North Central)

Note: Ohio has 5 golf associations with differing golf season starts/ends.
Greater Cincinnati Golf Association (GCGA), Miami Valley Golf Association (MVGA), Northern Ohio Golf Association (NOGA), Ohio Golf Association (OGA), and Toledo District Golf Association (TDGA).

State Association(s) Start of Season End of Season
Indiana IGA March 1st November 14th
Illinois CDGA April 1st October 31st
Michigan GAM April 1st October 31st
Ohio GCGA, MVGA*, NOGA**, OGA***, TDGA**** Mar 15th, 15th*, Apr 1st**, Mar 15th***, Apr 1st**** Nov 14th, 30th*, Oct 31st**, Nov 30th***, Oct 31st****
Wisconsin WSGA April 1st October 31st

Midwest (West North Central)

State Association(s) Start of Season End of Season
Iowa IGA April 1st November 14th
Nebraska NGA March 15th November 14th
Kansas Central Links Golf March 1st December 31st
North Dakota NDGA March 15th November 15th
Minnesota MGA April 1st October 31st
Missouri MAGA, MGA March 1st November 14th
South Dakota SDGA April 1st October 31st

South (South Atlantic)

State Association(s) Start of Season End of Season
Delaware DSGA April 1st November 14th
Florida FSGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
Georgia GSGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
Maryland MSGA March 15th November 14th
North Carolina CGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
South Carolina CGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
Virginia VSGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
West Virginia WVGA March 1st November 30th

South (East South Central)

State Association(s) Start of Season End of Season
Alabama AGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
Kentucky KGA March 1st November 30th
Mississippi MGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
Tennessee MSGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round

South (West South Central)

State Association(s) Start of Season End of Season
Arkansas ASGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
Louisiana LGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
Oklahoma OGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
Texas TGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round

West (Mountain)

Note: Utah and Nevada have 2 separate golf associations each with differing golf season starts/ends.
Utah Golf Association (southern section – UGA South), Utah Golf Association (northern section – UGA north), Northern Nevada Golf Association (NNGA) and Southern Nevada Golf Association (SNGA).

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State Association(s) Start of Season End of Season
Arizona AGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
Colorado CGA March 15th November 14th
Idaho IGA March 1st November 14th
New Mexico SCAGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
Montana MSGA April 1st October 31st
Utah UGA (South), UGA (North)* All-Year-Round, Mar 15th* All-Year-Round, Nov 14th*
Nevada NNGA, SNGA* March 15th, All-Year-Round* November 30th, All-Year-Round*
Wyoming WGA April 1st October 31st

West (Pacific)

State Association(s) Start of Season End of Season
Alaska AGA April 1st October 31st
California NCGA, SCGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
Hawaii HSGA All-Year-Round All-Year-Round
Oregon OGA March 1st November 30th
Washington MSGA March 1st November 14th

FAQs on the US Golfing Season

Q: On your table my state is currently not in the golf season, does that mean my local course is closed?
A: No not necessarily. The dates published on Windtree Golf for the months of the golf season by state are the official dates that you can submit your scores (handicap index) to your GHIN account.

Golf courses can open when they like and often, in good weather, they open early before the season starts and stay open longer at the end of the season.

Q: What about the professionals on the PGA Tour – when is their season?
The PGA tour is pretty much a 12-month golfing season. This year, there are a staggering 50 events listed on the PGA tour starting in September and running through all of the year.

In the colder months, the tour moves to places like Hawaii, California, Florida, Arizona, and Texas.

Q: What is the best time of the day to play golf?
The early morning rounds are the best times to play golf. If you can start your round before 10 am you will avoid the busy periods and if you play on public golf courses the rates will be lower at this time.

Golf can be frustrating if you have to wait for slow players. Book early and get a round in before the crowds!

Now that you know when the golf season starts and ends, we hope you enjoy your time on the course and if you live in the southern states where you can play all year round – lucky you!