Golf Putter with Laser (Legal to Use?) Best 5 Aids!

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If you’re becoming frustrated with the number of times you three-putt out on the golf course, then it’s time to do something about it.

Using a golf putter with a laser training aid is an excellent option when it comes to practicing your putting stroke, whether indoors or out on the practice green at your local course.

But as is the case with many different products, there are so many options out there that make it difficult to know which products you can trust.

With that in mind, we introduce you to five of the best golf putting laser attachments, which will help you eradicate errant putts and shoot better scores.

1. F4 Laser Cross Golf Putting Alignment Training Aid

ProActive Sports | F4 Laser Cross Golf Putting Alignment Training Aid | Attaches to Putter Shaft for Proper Clubface and Target Alignment | Golf Swing Trainer for Perfect Putting Practice

This putting alignment training aid is perfect for eliminating those three putts from your game.

It is designed to be used on a practice green and is ideal for getting your eye in before you head out onto the course or perfecting your putting at home.

The cross laser projection feature allows you to effortlessly line up every stroke that you make without having to rely exclusively on the natural contours of the green.

Once you ground your putter, the laser guides your ball into the center of the cup, reducing the likelihood of missing from any distance on the green.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery that you can conveniently connect with a micro USB cable, ensuring you can charge it from home or the golf course.

Simply attach the laser to your putter shaft, and you will have a guide from your location to the cup, regardless of where you are on the green. It’s time to say goodbye to those dastardly three-putts that have been ruining your scorecard!

Best for: Home practice and for use inside. The laser isn’t overly bright, which can make it difficult to see when used in broad daylight out on the course.

2. EyeLine Golf Groove Putting Laser Plus

Eyeline Golf Groove+ Laser, Alignment Training Aid, Durable, with High Grade Glass Lens & Polycarbonate Shaft Connector, Easy to Use Golf Tool, Right Hand Orientation, Perfect for Golf Practice

This groove putting laser from Eyeline has been designed to clip onto the shaft of your putter and will help you guide your putt home as you warm-up for your round.

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The laser device is made using polycarbonate and is built to last, while the glass lens ensures the laser is able to project clearly out onto the grass or on your indoor putting mat without any issues.

Once lined up, the laser shines onto the impact point of the putter, which makes it incredibly easy to line up behind your ball.

It’s an excellent device for correcting misalignment when you’re practicing your putting stroke and will help you find the center of the cup more often when you’re out on the course.

Eyeline’s putting laser is another great product for anyone hoping to correct their alignment and sink more putts out on the golf course.

Best for: As with the F4 laser, Eyeline’s laser isn’t overly bright and is best used with indoor putting aids or at least when it’s not too bright outside.

3. Mark-Tech Rechargeable Red Laser Putter Pro

Mark-Tech Rechargeable Red Laser Putter Pro Edition Golf Training Aid

Rather than clipping onto the putter shaft, Mark-Tech’s laser is designed to be affixed on top of the putter head and is the perfect training aid for all golfers.

The powerful red laser is bright and clearly demarcates the line of your putt, making it much easier to find your line and position your clubhead in the correct spot behind the ball.

The fact that it attaches to the putter head and not the shaft means that no complex alignment is necessary, and you can see your putt into the hole effortlessly.

Another feature of Mark-Tech’s laser is that it is fully rechargeable and comes with a charger and cable included. As such, you don’t need to worry about overusing it and ruining the batteries.

If you’re looking for a powerful, bright, and accurate laser to affix to your putter head, then it’s hard to look past Mark Tech’s rechargeable putter laser, and it will help you improve your putting stroke either at home or on the practice green.

Best for: Thanks to the powerful red laser, Mark-Tech’s laser is suitable for use inside and outside and is great for taking along with you to the golf course to use on the practice green.

4. Golf Putter Laser Sight Pointer

Golf Putter Laser Sight Pointer - Attaches to Putter Shaft for Proper Clubface and Target Alignment - Portable Putter Training Aim Corrector Improve Line Aids Tools and Trainer Practice Accessories

As one of the cheapest laser putters that we introduce here, this sight pointer is an excellent training aid for golfers who are looking to straighten up their putting without breaking the bank.

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The sight pointer is really easy to install and slides down the grip to perfectly align with your ball position on the mat or surface in front of you.

It’s also lightweight, so your putting stroke won’t be affected by additional weight during your practice.

Once affixed and adjusted to a ninety-degree angle, this sight pointer is the perfect attachment to any putter and will help you improve your putting stroke and accuracy.

As is the case with all of the other putter lasers introduced so far, it is best used indoors, as this ensures the laser is clearly visible.

Another great option for golfers looking for a training aid that can eradicate some of those errant putts from a short distance!

Best for: This sight pointer is ideal for anyone hoping to benefit from the use of a laser putter without spending the big bucks, thanks to its affordable RRP.

5. Foretra Golf Putter Plane Laser Pointer

Foretra - Golf Putter Plane Laser Pointer Sight Indoor Golf Training Aid - Fix Your Putt in Seconds

Last but not least is this plane laser pointer from Foretra. It effortlessly attaches to all putter shafts and can be used on right and left-handed putters.

You can set it to continuous or automatic mode, the latter of which keeps the laser on for ten seconds at a time.

The beam projects onto the putting surface from your putter shaft and helps you line up your putt accurately, which is a great opportunity for learning where you’ve been going wrong when it comes to executing and holing out your putts.

Like other laser putting devices, this plane laser pointer is easy to connect and lightweight, ensuring your putting stroke isn’t affected by additional weight as you’re practicing.

So, if you’ve been looking for a way of reducing your three-putts and are hoping to hole more putts from in and around the cup, then this plane laser pointer from Foretra golf is a great way to go about it.

Best for: Any golfer looking for a lightweight training aid that will help improve their putting and reduce their number of missed strokes out on the green.

FAQs: What You Need to Know About Laser Putters!

Read our FAQ guide on Laser putters below and learn more about their benefits, practical uses and whether they are legal to use.

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What is a Laser Putter?

A laser putter is actually an attachment that you can add to your golf club to improve your alignment and accuracy on the green. It’s regarded as a training aid and is something that coaches and individual players can use to improve their scores.

As introduced above, there are different types of laser putters, but most of them attach to the shaft of your club and project a laser onto the surface in front of you.

This makes it easier to line up your putt and roll your ball towards the cup, and helps to correct misalignment.

Is a Laser Putter Legal in Golf?

You cannot use a laser putter during your round, but you are allowed to use one when you’re practicing. They’re not regarded as UGSA or R&A legal, as they would provide you with an unfair advantage over your opponents.

The good news is that all of the laser putting aids that we’ve introduced in this article are really easy to affix and remove, meaning you can slip it off your putter before heading out onto the course without any issue.

How Do You Use a Laser Putter?

Generally, laser putters are easy to use, all you have to do is fix them onto your putter shaft or head and follow the instructions provided. While they all operate slightly differently, the premise is that as soon as the laser is attached to your club, it will beam a straight line towards the hole.

Then you can use this laser line to guide your ball into the center of the cup.

As well as improving your putting stroke, this will help you correct your misalignment and reduce your likelihood of three-putting and ruining your scorecard.

Good for Practice, Don’t Use on the Course!

As training aids go, laser putters are an excellent way to improve your alignment and accuracy on the greens.

Putting is undoubtedly one of the most difficult aspects of golf, so utilizing a training aid to assist you will limit your errant putts and ensure you have the best possible chance of carding a great score.

Just be mindful that they’re not legal, so you can only use laser putters when you’re practicing at home or having a putt before you head out onto the golf course.