Golf Partner Finder (Find a Golf Friend Today!)

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Millions of people around the world play golf on their own from time to time. That being said, playing with a partner is much more enjoyable.

After all, playing golf with a buddy allows you to share the ups and downs of the game before enjoying a few beers in the nineteenth hole at the end of your round.

Below, we introduce some top tips for finding a golf partner and suggest some apps that you can use to improve your enjoyment of the game.

Where Can I Find Golf Partners to Play With?

While some people like playing golf on their own, others prefer playing with a partner. The good news is that there are lots of different places to look for a golf partner, including inside your own family, existing friends, workmates, and even on social media.

  • Family and friends – Think about your current circle of friends as well as relatives. Does anyone you know play golf? Even if you’re not particularly close to someone, linking up to play golf can strengthen your relationship and will give you a great chance to bond.
  • Work colleagues – If someone in the office is a keen golfer, ask them if they’re willing to join you on the course this weekend. They might even invite you to join their group if they already have a playing partner.
  • Golf clubs – When you become a member of a golf club, you have the opportunity to play with other members right away. Sign yourself up to club competitions and buddy up to other players.
  • Social media – Another option is to look on Facebook for relevant golf groups and societies in your area. You will find that other people are in a similar situation to you and are very happy to join you out on the course.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to find golf partners to play with; you just have to think outside the box a little. If you don’t find anyone right away, book a tee time anyway and rock up to the club at the designated time.

You might find that the starter or course marshal pairs you with other players if you’re a single golfer anyway.

Is There an App to Find Golf Partners?

One of the best apps to find golf partners is TeeUp. The app was created to give recreational golfers the opportunity to pair up with golfers of a similar ability, which reduces the likelihood of you getting matched to someone at the course who isn’t capable of the same standard as you.

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TeeUp invites you to create a profile and works like other social media apps. You can add people in your area as friends and reach out directly to suggest playing together. You can then create groups in your area or request to join golf groups that others have already put together.

Another cool thing is that TeeUp is partnered with the PGA Tour, so you can book tee-off times directly at participating clubs when you find a buddy to play with. This makes the process of scheduling tee-off times so much easier and gives you an excellent opportunity to broaden your golfing circle.

How Do You Start a Golf Group?

Anyone can start a golf group, and there are lots of ways to go about it. The first thing you need to think about is who you would like to include in your group. It’s best to start with friends, family, or people you already know, as this gives the group the momentum it needs to grow.

You can then create a Facebook group and invite other people to join your group. While it might take a little while for people to find you, it’s a great way of widening your circle naturally. You can share the group with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, and you will watch it grow and grow.

As introduced, you can also start a golf group on TeeUp, or join a particular group that has already been set up in your area.

Another good option is to launch a golf group on MeetUp, a platform that focuses more on the social side of golf. Golf groups on MeetUp usually arrange other social events in addition to matches between its members.

Failing these suggestions, you could start a golf group at your local golf club by contacting members directly.

One thing to consider, though, is that most golf club members will already play in existing groups and tournaments and might not be interested in joining another group. Still, it’s worth considering!

Do You Need a Partner to Play Golf?

Golf is one of the few sports in the world that you can play completely by yourself, so you don’t need a partner to play with. Of course, playing with someone else is a great way to pass the time, as you can bond over the experience and enjoy friendly competition.

Given that you’re out on a golf course for several hours, you will find that you have plenty of time to get to know your playing partners, which is why golf buddies are often so close and friendly with one another.

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If you’re hoping to get a handicap and are interested in playing in club competitions, you will need to find a golf partner.

Thankfully, if you’re a member of a club, it’s really easy to buddy up with someone as you can contact one of your fellow members directly. This person can then mark your card and help you get a handicap.

Overall, everyone enjoys playing golf alone once in a while, but it’s also nice to have someone that you can share the experience with. After all, the more playing partners you have, the more enjoyable golf becomes.

How Can I Be a Good Golf Partner?

Being a good golf partner is about understanding the etiquette of golf. You need to be friendly, respectful, and aware of the rules of the game. You should also be supportive and encouraging, particularly if your playing partner is new to the game.

Another thing to bear in mind is your pace of play. Too many golf clubs around the country are plagued by slow play, and you will almost certainly upset your playing partner if you’re too slow. This includes the amount of time you spend addressing the ball, as well as your pace between shots.

If you play the game at a good speed, you’re much more likely to find partners who are willing to stick with you and play with you multiple times.

Something else that good golf partners do is help their buddies look for their balls when they go off track. Whether you join your partner in the trees or in the deep rough, they will really appreciate you making an effort to help them find their golf ball.

Ultimately, being a good golf partner is mainly about being a good person, but it also really helps if you know the rules of golf and play the game at a good pace.

Is it Weird to Play Golf Alone?

Although it might seem strange to play a sport alone, millions of people around the world play golf on their own, and there’s nothing weird about it. When you’re out on the course, being alone is a great way to relax your mind and go through the motions of your swing.

Whether you’re hoping to get a quick breather away from the kids or use a solo round to let off some steam, a few things are as enjoyable as taking to the course on your own and processing your thoughts.

At many golf courses, single golfers are actually paired up with other groups in an attempt to speed up the pace of play. If this happens to you, it’s a great opportunity to get to know other people, and they will almost certainly be happy to share the tee box with you.

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So, in your early days out on the course, you might find it a little unusual to head out alone, but you will soon come to love the experience! It’s certainly not weird and is nothing to be worried about.

How Do I Get My Wife to Let Me Play Golf?

Be reasonable. If you want to play golf six or seven times a week, it’s a little surprise that your wife isn’t overly keen on the idea. It’s best to be reasonable with your plans and ensure you’re not always at the golf course in your spare time.

Some partners are supportive of their husband’s golfing habits, while others lament the amount of time their spouses spend at the golf club! If you fall into the latter category, try some of the following tips:

Invite her to join you – Even if your wife isn’t remotely interested in playing golf, you could always invite her to join you at the end of your round for a bite to eat and a few drinks.

Make other plans – Your wife is much more likely to approve of your golfing habit if you schedule other plans with her. Take her out to dinner often or treat her to a shopping trip now and again – the more effort you make, the more likely she is to be happy for you to play golf. 

Get your chores done – Be it washing the cars or mowing the lawn, make sure you do your chores before you set off for that weekend game of golf. If you head to the golf club without doing the needful, your wife won’t be happy!

While it can be frustrating if your wife isn’t on board with your golf habit, trying the above tips will hopefully soften her up a little. You should also make it clear to her that playing golf is a big part of who you are and that you get a lot of enjoyment out of the sport.


Although you can play golf on your own, there are lots of different ways to connect with other golfers to find a playing partner. Hopefully, you’re now all set to buddy up and enjoy the social aspect of golf, as well as playing the game.

You don’t need a huge group of golf partners, but having several people you can turn to for a game will increase your enjoyment of the sport and keep things competitive as you look to improve.