Golf Knack Reviews: (Are These Clubs Legit?)

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Recreational golfers are spoiled for choice when it comes to equipment. One brand that you might not have heard of before is Golf Knack, which is a relative newcomer to the online golf equipment space.

Rather than being a carbon copy of other golf brands, Golf Knack is an innovative club manufacturer with a range of interesting products on offer.

Here, we tell you everything you need to know about Golf Knack and introduce you to some of their most innovative clubs. But first, who exactly is Golf Knack?

Who is Golf Knack?

Golf Knack is an innovative golf brand responsible for manufacturing a broad range of clubs. Their drivers, in particular, are known for their distance and performance and have been designed by Jeff Halstead and Josh Boggs, two renowned golf club designers.

Golf Knack’s Teton HxD has been designed to be versatile and easy to hit off the tee without compromising on distance. In other words, it’s a top-performance club that is perfect for beginner golfers looking to add game improvement clubs to their bags.

They also manufacture hybrid clubs and wedges, providing you with lots of choices when it comes to adding some new golf equipment to your bag this season.

In this article, we cast the spotlight on Golf Knack and explain what you need to know about their range. We also provide some important contact information should you need to contact the Golf Knack team for any reason before or after making a purchase.

Is Golf Knack Legit?

Golf Knack is a legitimate golf brand based in Cerritos, CA. The reviews on their website are good, and golfers seem to be happy with their purchase of the clubs in the Golf Knack range. Reviews for the Sprinter and Teton clubs are particularly good.

The company is registered in California, and they have detailed shipping and refund policies, providing you with sufficient peace of mind if you choose Golf Knack for your next golf club.

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Customers are protected by Golf Knack’s 60-day refund policy. If you don’t like the club that you have purchased, Golf Knack will allow you to return it with no questions asked for a full refund.

Given that Golf Knack is a relatively new brand without much coverage, the fact that you are covered by this sixty-day money-back guarantee allows you to buy with confidence. But what can you expect from Golf Knack’s range of clubs? Let’s find out now.

Golf Knack Hummingbird Wedges

Golf Knack’s Hummingbird wedges are inspired by the model that Gene Sarazen used to win the 1932 British Open. Sarazen was known to have one of the finest short games in golf history, so if Golf Knack’s wedges live up to the hype, they’re doing something right!

The H7 Hummingbird wedge comes in three lofts – 70, 64, and 58, meaning you can choose the ideal combination for your short game. You can buy one wedge or a two-wedge bundle, which can save you money on the purchase price.

The primary difference between Hummingbird wedges and standard clubs is that they come with an oversized face. This means you have a much bigger sweet spot to play your shot, giving you a much better chance of middling your stroke.

These high-loft wedges from Golf Knack are ideal for any golfer looking to master the flop shot in and around the greens, and they provide an excellent level of control for the available price point.

Golf Knack Teton Hybrid Drivers

Golf Knack’s Teton hybrid driver is unique. It is much shorter than a standard driver with a smaller head, making it much easier for golfers to control their shots off the tee. The Teton hybrid comes with a fifteen-degree loft as standard, which is significantly more loft than standard drivers.

The main feature of the Teton hybrid driver is that it’s capable of a much higher launch, as you might expect with a driver that has five degrees more loft than standard clubs.

Golf Knack prides itself on designing golf clubs that are easy for recreational players to use. That’s why the 15-degree loft hybrid driver is a much better option than standard drivers built with PGA professionals in mind.

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As well as the 15-degree driver, you can also order the 21-degree Teton hybrid, which is perfect for playing off the turf. So, if you’re looking to work on your long game, the innovative Teton hybrid driver could be a savvy addition to your golf bag this season.

Golf Knack Sprinter Colt Drivers

Golf Knack is extremely proud of its Sprinter Colt Driver, stating that it combines the accuracy of a six-iron with a standard driver. It has been designed in such a way that recreational golfers can eliminate slices, hooks, and topped shots from their game.

The driver boasts a compact head design and an iron-like profile, meaning you can achieve significant distance off the tee without compromising accuracy and feel. It’s specifically designed for higher handicap golfers with slower swing speeds.

The Sprinter Colt driver is suitable for players who have a swing speed of less than 100mph and are used to hitting the ball off the tee somewhere between 200 and 250 yards. While it won’t work miracles, it will give you back control of your driver.

It’s available for just $220, making it a decent investment if you’ve long been struggling with standard drivers and want to try something to bring your long game back to life.

Golf Knack Mul Hybrid Putter

Golf Knack has manufactured the world’s first hybrid putter. However, most of us will know it as a chipper, which is essentially what it is. The head of the putter is based on the classic Anser style and comes with a super high MOI.

You can choose your loft, be it 40, 47, or 54 degrees. Your choice depends on how sharp your short game currently is and how likely you are to use your chipper from different distances.

In spite of their assertions, it seems as though Golf Knack’s hybrid putter is just a standard chipper, making it a decent investment if you’re hoping to add a slightly different club to your golf bag this year.

At $130, it’s not the cheapest chipper you will find, but it can certainly do a job. And as is the case with all Golf Knack clubs, it has been designed with beginner and recreational golfers in mind.

Golf Knack Discount Promo Codes?

We haven’t come across any Golf Knack discount or promo codes on third-party websites. However, you can sign up for Golf Knack’s newsletters, where they regularly send out emails offering discounts and promotions at different times throughout the year.

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Even if you don’t find a discount code for Golf Knack, their prices are more than fair. For instance, you can pick up a brand-new Golf Knack driver for just over $200, which is significantly cheaper than new drivers from some of the biggest brands in golf.

You can also follow Golf Knack on social media to keep up to date with their latest offers and promotions, as is the case with all brands.

So, even if you don’t manage to find Golf Knack discount and promo codes, the fact that their clubs are so affordably priced means that they represent great value for money for all recreational golfers.

How to get in touch with Golf Knack?

There are several ways to get in touch with Golf Knack. You can send them an email – If you don’t have any luck via email, you can get in touch over the phone – 1-888-966-8785.

For product returns, you can use the following address:

Golf Knack
Returns Dept
16410 Bloomfield Ave
CA 90703

You can also reach out to Golf Knack on social media if you don’t have any luck when it comes to contacting them via any of the methods above. Their website is pretty helpful and has all of the contact details and policies you need, so be sure to visit their site if you have any issues with an order.


As far as golf brands go, it’s fair to say that Golf Knack isn’t a household name. But that being said, their innovative equipment is undoubtedly appealing to recreational golfers, particularly those with high handicaps.

Instead of replicating the equipment from the biggest brands in golf, Golf Knack has committed to researching and developing innovative clubs that are easy for recreational players to hit.

So, if you’re keen to try something a little different to improve your game, there’s no reason not to try one of the Golf Knack clubs that we’ve introduced above this season.