Golf Gloves for Both Hands 2024? (Yes it’s Possible!)

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You’re probably aware that golfers of all abilities often wear one golf glove on the course, but what happens if you want to wear a pair of gloves when you head out for a game with your friends?

Well, the good news is that you have lots of choices, and we introduce you to five of the most popular pairs of golf gloves for both hands and explain their key features, pros, and cons below.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and look at the best gloves for both hands in 2024.

1. FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Golf Gloves

FootJoy Men's RainGrip Pair Golf Glove Black X-Large, Pair

If you’re often frustrated by losing control of your golf club in the rain, then FootJoy’s RainGrip golf gloves are the perfect solution.

The wet weather grip is comprised of an auto-suede knit palm which enables you to retain maximum control over your ball striking.

Moreover, the gloves feature QuickDry II knit material that supports breathability and flexibility while playing golf in the rain.

Although they’re designed to be used in the rain, you can also wear these gloves in humid conditions, as they help you retain control when you may otherwise be affected by sweat.


  • A wet-weather grip that provides maximum control when it’s raining
  • The gloves are sold as a pair
  • A ball marker is included on the gloves, making marking your spot on the green when it’s raining easier.


  • Perfect gloves for golfers who regularly play in the rain
  • The material dries quickly


  • The fact that these are a precise fit might not be ideal for some players, so you might want to order a size up for more room.

The short answer is that these gloves suit anyone who plays golf when it’s raining!

You will no longer need to worry about your club slipping from your hand, as these FootJoy gloves make gripping in the rain effortless.

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2. Amy Sports Golf Gloves: Pair Left and Right

Amy Sport Mens Golf Gloves Pair Both Hands Left and Right Rain Grip Weathersof No Sweat All Weather Grips Soft Comfortable Breathable (Dark Gray, Large)

These all-weather gloves from Amy Sport are another great option when the weather isn’t favorable.

They’re beneficial in protecting against sweat, thanks to the moisture-wicking material and the fact that they are designed in such a way as to enhance breathability.

You can choose from four awesome colors, too – blue, green, black, or white, enabling you to make a fashion statement while playing in less-than-ideal conditions!

Let’s take a look at some of the features of these all-weather golf gloves.


  • 3D performance mesh and moisture-wicking technology help you grip the club when it’s humid or wet
  • Available in multiple adult sizes, from small to XL
  • Great color options are available


  • Much cheaper than all-weather gloves from some of the more recognizable brands
  • Sold as a pair which increases their value for money


  • Several customers agree that the gloves come up small, so it’s worth ordering a size up to be safe.

These gloves suit golfers of all abilities who often play golf in the rain or when it’s particularly humid out on the course.

If you struggle with grip control when the weather is far from perfect, your game will improve if you add these gloves to your bag.

3. Yisuoti Pair of Golf Gloves for Women

wosofe Golf Gloves for Women Ladies Girls Soft Leather Accessories Breathable for Non Slip 1 Pair

Made from a combination of sheepskin and elastic fabric, Yisuoti’s golf gloves for women are among the most stylish out there.

Although they’re not quite weather-resistant like other gloves, their unique pattern makes them incredibly stylish and comfortable.

The forefinger of each glove has venting holes that increase the glove’s breathability, and an ultra-thin layer of elastic inside the glove prevents sweat from forming on your palms.


  • Comfortable and breathable design means they’re suited to humid conditions
  • Strong elasticity and flexibility ensure they fit well
  • Suitable for handwashing and air drying only


  • Available in a range of sizes from small to 2XL, with a helpful sizing guide provided by the manufacturer
  • The intricate patterns and bold colors on the glove look great


  • Not as weather-resistant as other pairs of golf gloves on the market

These gloves are perfect for women golfers who struggle to grip their clubs when they play in humid conditions.

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They look awesome and will help you improve your game simultaneously.

4. Callaway Golf Thermal Grip Pair of Golf Gloves

Callaway Golf Thermal Grip Gloves (2-Pack) (Standard, Medium, 2019)

Another good option for golfers who enjoy playing in all conditions is these thermal grip gloves from Callaway.

They are complete with a digitized synthetic leather palm to improve your grip and control and a microfiber outer shell that offers protection from water and wind.

Inside the gloves are a thin thermal fleece lining, which keeps your hands warm on those chilly winter mornings.

So, while they’re not waterproof, Callaway’s thermal gloves are ideal for keeping your hands toasty while enjoying a round of winter golf.


  • Synthetic leather palm for an increased grip of your club
  • Opti shield outer shell that protects your hands from wind and rain
  • Available in multiple sizes from small to XL


  • The internal fleece lining is super cozy when there’s a chill in the air
  • The synthetic palm helps you grip the club tightly even when your hands are cold


  • These gloves aren’t waterproof, so don’t expect them to keep the water out!


Callaway’s thermal gloves are ideal if you want a pair of lightweight golf gloves that you can turn to when there’s a chill in the air.

They’ll save you from walking the course with your hands in your pockets and will ensure you can dial into the flag regardless of the outside temperature!

5. Simple Symbol Men’s Golf Glove Pair

SIMPLE SYMBOL Men's Golf Glove High Grade Leather Two Pack(Two Left Hands Or Two Right Hands Or One Pair) Six Colors to Choose from Red/Blue/Navy Blue/Sky Blue/Coffee/Beige

Last but not least are these stylish golf gloves from Simple Symbol.

They’re made with high-quality leather and high-grade elastic fibers and are extremely comfortable wearing out on the golf course.

They’re ideal for golfers looking for something different, as you can choose from a range of interesting colors that will ensure you look neat while playing with your buddies.

The Velcro tape button design makes slipping them on and off nice and easy when you’re between shots, too.


  • Available in several colors, including red, blue, coffee, and beige
  • High-quality leather and elastic fibers combine to enhance your grip of the golf club in all weather
  • Ventilation holes improve breathability and make them suitable for use in humid conditions


  • Available at a great price when compared to other brands
  • You can buy them as a pair, or you can opt for two left or two right-handed gloves if you prefer
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  • They’re not thermal, so they don’t offer decent protection on cold days.

Simple Symbol’s golf gloves suit players looking for stylish golf gloves.

They’re suitable for men and women, thanks to the impressive range of colors and sizes.

FAQs: Matching Pairs of Golf Gloves

Common questions answered on wearing two golf gloves while playing golf.

Can You Wear Gloves on Both Hands in Golf?

Yes, you can wear gloves on both hands in golf.

Most players only use one glove because two gloves can numb their grip when striking the ball, making it hard to realize when the club is slipping out of your hand.

Naturally, this leads to less control and accuracy.

What’s more, most golfers wear a glove on their non-dominant hand so that a left-handed player would wear a golf glove on their right hand, and vice versa.

Why Does Phil Mickelson Wear Two Gloves?

On numerous occasions throughout his career, Phil Mickelson has opted to wear two gloves to help him when the weather hasn’t been ideal. He started wearing two gloves after the 2011 Open Championship.

If they’re good enough for Lefty, they’re worth a punt for the rest of us!

Do Any Pro Golfers Wear Two Gloves?

Various pro golfers have opted to wear two gloves when the weather has deteriorated out on the course, particularly in major championships.

However, Tommy Gainey won more than $6 million in prize money on the PGA Tour by wearing two gloves in every tournament he played.

He said he got into the habit of wearing two gloves when he played baseball and felt that it gave him more control on the golf course, too.

Are you Going to Wear 2 Gloves?

If you’re in the market for a pair of golf gloves for both hands to wear when the weather deteriorates, then you’re spoiled with the options we’ve introduced above.

There’s something there for everyone, whether looking for something stylish, colorful, or practical.

Just be mindful that some golf gloves perform well in different conditions, so be sure to select the best suited to your needs.