Golf Genius Live Scoring App (Easy to Use?)

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One of the best golf scoring and tournament management apps around is Golf Genius. It is used by thousands of private and public courses around the world and is filled with features.

But what exactly does the Golf Genius app do? Why is it helpful? And is it free to use?

Below, we take a deep dive into the Golf Genius live scoring app and explain why it would be an awesome addition to your golf club, and how it makes the process of arranging and managing tournaments so much easier.

What Does the Golf Genius App Do?

Golf Genius is an app that allows golf clubs to engage their members with live scoring. Be it a monthly medal or an annual tournament, players and staff can enter hole-by-hole scores into the software to drive the instant calculation of results.

This makes the experience of playing in a club golf tournament much more immersive and competitive, as players can check the leaderboard as they play, rather than having to wait to see the scores of the rest of the field when they return to the clubhouse.

The app also supports online registration and payments, making life so much easier for club and competition secretaries.

Rather than having to submit a physical entry or reserve a slot over the phone, members can simply sign into Golf Genius and register for any upcoming competition.

The app also supports automated communication, making it much easier for club secretaries to communicate with the field before, during, and after competitions.

In other words, Golf Genius is the ideal solution for streamlining the management and organization of golf club competitions.

Can Anyone Use Golf Genius?

While anyone can use Golf Genius, it is designed to be used by golf clubs for the benefit of their members. Primarily, it’s marketed towards golf professionals who set up and manage tournaments and other events.

Once golf professionals agree to use Golf Genius at their club for managing tournaments, all members can then download the application onto their smartphones to keep up to date with information from their club and register for all upcoming tournaments.

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Golf Genius is used by private and public courses, destination resorts, and golf associations. Currently, more than 10,600 clubs and associations in 62 countries use Golf Genius to manage their tournaments and process online scoring.

If you like the idea of using Golf Genius and think your club would benefit from online, centralized software that makes tournament management so much easier, then it’s a good idea to introduce the concept to the professional at your club.

How Do You Live Score on Golf Genius?

To live score on Golf Genius, the competition organizer submits the details of the tournament into the app, you then sign in on your smartphone and score your card as you ordinarily would. Your results are then filtered into a live leaderboard that all players in the field can view.

The software also supports the streaming of the leaderboard back to the clubhouse, so those that have finished their round can keep up to date with the current scores.

Watch this instructional video on how to set up golf live scoring, kindly demonstrated by Marc S. Bayram on his YT channel:

The live scoring feature of the app is customizable, and it can even be integrated into your golf club’s current application and website. The software has been designed in such a way to make life so much easier for players and organizers alike.

Ultimately, Golf Genius works just like many other scoring apps out there.

But the key distinction is that your scores are filtered into a live leaderboard that is centrally managed, ensuring the entire field and those in the clubhouse can follow the progress of the tournament.

How Do I Find a Tournament on Golf Genius?

The Golf Genius app is run on the cloud, meaning tournament organizers can upload competitions for all members to see when they log into the app. Thanks to the automated communications feature, you can enable notifications that inform you when new competitions have been added by your club.

Organizers can then build customizable templates and rosters to market the competition, making it much easier for all members to access the details. These can then be published on your club’s website and social media accounts.

If your golf club professional starts using Golf Genius, you will find that it’s so much easier for you to find tournaments and register to play.

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You can simply log into your app on your smartphone and see all the upcoming events that have been published.

Long gone are the days when you have to head into the display board in the locker room and sign up for a competition manually.

Golf Genius has made things so much easier in this regard, ensuring tournaments are accessible to all members.

How Do I Use Golf Genius Software?

Golf Genius software is simple to use once installed. Organizers sign in to the backend of the system remotely and add all upcoming tournaments to the app. There are so many options to choose from, meaning golf professionals can build the most complex of tournament arrangements, including Texas scrambles and shotgun starts.

As a user, all you need to do to access the Golf Genius software is to download the app on Android or iOS. Your club will provide you with the necessary login details to register, and you can then create your Golf Genius profile.

Once you’re up and running, you will receive regular updates about upcoming competitions and be able to register for tournaments straight from your phone.

As mentioned, you no longer have to go to the golf course to manually enter tournaments as you can do it from wherever you are, providing you have access to the internet.

The fact that Golf Genius software seamlessly integrates with your club’s current website and other applications means that signing up for a competition via the app couldn’t be much easier, and the live scoring features are also incredibly straightforward.

Is there a Free Version of Golf Genius?

The Golf Genius app is free to download on Android and iOS. However, to use the app, your club will need to sign up for a paid plan. Currently, the cost to private and public courses and resorts is $600 for an annual subscription, with a $200 customer onboarding fee.

This is for the “club” version of the app.

For “club premium”, the cost is $3,100 for the annual subscription and $500 for customer onboarding. It’s important to note that these prices are applicable to golf courses with up to 36 holes in the US.

Organizers of one-time events, golf associations, and international customers need to contact Golf Genius directly to enquire about bespoke pricing arrangements. You can get in touch with the team at Golf Genius here.

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Payment for the app should be made by the tournament organizers, meaning this app is free to use for all members. When your club signs up for the app, the competition secretary will provide you with the relevant login details and explain how to use the software from your smartphone. 

How Do I Download the Golf Genius App?

Just like any other app, you need to download it on iOS or Android, depending on the operating system of your smartphone. Several reviewers note that they had a few issues when trying to register with Golf Genius in the first instance.

But this is often an access problem with their golf course rather than the app itself.

Remember, to be able to use the full features of the Golf Genius app; your course will need to be signed up to one of the paid membership plans. If they haven’t completed the registration process, you won’t get any use out of downloading the app.

As soon as the competition organizers start posting competitions on the app, you can sign in with the relevant login details, create your profile, and start using the Golf Genius app for all your upcoming club tournaments.

If you encounter any issues when registering for the Golf Genius app, it’s a good idea to speak to the competition secretary at your club.

Once you’ve sorted out any teething issues, you will be good to go, and registering for upcoming tournaments at your club will become so much easier.


The Golf Genius Live Scoring App is innovative and easy to use, making it a great addition to the golf technology space. As soon as your club signs up for a paid subscription, competition organizers can start uploading tournaments to the calendar.

You can then sign up for all your tournaments from your smartphone, and the live scoring feature ensures that the day of the competition is interactive for all members.

As well as tracking the scores from your smartphone on the course, the leaderboard will be streamed to the nineteenth hole, ensuring those who have finished their rounds can watch on as the drama unfolds out on the course!