Golf Galaxy Trade-in Center: Buy Used Clubs? (Hit or Miss!)

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If you are looking to sell your golf clubs, Golf Galaxy might be the place for you.

This article will discuss what Golf Galaxy does and doesn’t buy, as well as how much they offer in terms of prices. Keep reading to find out more about whether or not they buy used golf clubs!

Can I Sell My Used Golf to Golf Galaxy for Cash?

Golf Galaxy does buy used golf clubs via their online trade-in center but they do not pay you with cash. They issue gift certificates that can be redeemed to purchase golf equipment in-store only.

There is currently no option to redeem your e-certificates online but the official FAQ on Golf Galaxy indicates they are working on solutions to allow purchases of golf equipment, clubs, clothing, and accessories from their website,

Being one of the leading golf stores in the US, Golf Galaxy stocks all the top golfing brands including Wilson Golf, PING, Adidas, Nike, TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, and Srixon.

Their range is comprehensive and offers golfing equipment and apparel for men, women, and juniors.

Golf Galaxy is not just the US’ top golf store it’s also one of the country’s largest sporting retailers with over 200 stores across the United States.

How It Works: The Golf Galaxy Trade-in Center

You can sell your used golf clubs via their trade-in center at any time.

In order to get a voucher that can be redeemed against new golf clubs, you should complete the easy three-step process.

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Step One: Get a Quote. Use the online lookup tool to check the current value of the clubs you want to sell.

You can select from drivers, hybrids, fairways, iron sets, putters, and wedges.

Brands currently listed include Adams, Ben Hogan, Booby Jones, Callaway, Cleveland Golf, Cobra, Epon, Honma, Krank, Lynx, Miura, Mizuna, Nike, PING, PXG, Srixon, TaylorMade, Titleist, Tommy Armour, Tour Edge, Wilson, XXIO and Yonex.

From brand selection, you then simply choose which model of golf club you want to sell. There is a search function so you can filter results too.

Prices are based on the Value Guide ensuring fair prices for all those wanting to sell their old golf clubs.

A price is presented instantly, and you can then either, continue adding more clubs to sell or proceed to confirm your email address.

Step Two: Shipping. Once you have signed up with your email and confirmed the shipping address you send your used golf clubs via FedEx.

The price for shipping is automatically taken off your final offer and there is no option to ship with another service such as UPS but you can, at your expense ship with another company but you must accept liability if your clubs go missing or lost in transit.

Most people stick with FedEx as they are one of the best in the US.

Your email will contain all the information you need including a packing checklist and shipping labels that you need to print out.

Shipping is free if you sell items worth more than $99. Otherwise, a $7.99 fee is deducted at checkout.

Step Three: Get Paid. Allow one business day for Golf Galaxy to process your order from the moment they receive your old golf clubs.

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You will get your e-certificate emailed to you. This is the same email address you used in step one of the process so make sure this is a working and valid email account.

Tip: If you do not receive an email you can log in to your Golf Galaxy account and download your voucher there.

Print out your coupon and use it at a local Golf Galaxy store close to you.

E-certificates must be used in full, so you can’t save any balance left over from your purchase.

How Much will Golf Galaxy Pay for Old Golf Clubs?

You can get a quote for used golf clubs on the Golf Galaxy trade-in center. The price they pay is based upon the value of your used clubs as dictated by PGA Value Guide.

You can use the PGA Value Guide’s own website to check the current value of your used clubs instead of using Golf Galaxy.

So, if for instance, you wanted to sell privately, you could agree on a price with a buyer based on this guide – it will save you from having to haggle a price!

To save on shipping costs and to ensure you get a 100% free FedEx service make sure you sell over $99 worth of clubs.

What about rare and collectible golf clubs – will I get a higher price for these?

No, Golf Galaxy does not take into account rare clubs when buying.

It is classed as a “practical” aftermarket – you can even buy rare golf clubs if you can find them on the GG website at regular prices.

Does Golf Galaxy Sell Used Golf Clubs?

You can buy used or pre-owned golf clubs at your local Golf Galaxy store.

Currently, you cannot filter search results on their website to purchase used golf clubs – it’s new only.

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You can own the best golf clubs at a good discount – head over to the pre-owned section, if in doubt ask a staff member.

All used golf clubs undergo a thorough cleaning and inspection to ensure excellent quality and condition.

The warranty and exchange policy on used golf clubs at Golf Galaxy include a 7-day exchange.

Golf clubs must be returned in the same condition in order to qualify for an exchange.

There is also an option to have new grips fitted on your pre-owned clubs.

This 24-hour service, performed by certified repair technicians, is a great way to further enhance the performance of your clubs.

Golf Galaxy has a wide selection of new and used golf clubs for sale and with great options for new players, beginners, and seasoned low handicappers they are well worth a visit.

So if you’re looking for a new set of clubs or just want to make some extra cash from your used golf clubs then get in touch with them today.

The Cost-Effective Way to Upgrade Your Golf Clubs

Selling your golf clubs can be a hassle. It’s easy to get ripped off, and you might not even know if the place you’re selling them will even pay you what they said they would!

The last thing any golfer wants is to sell their prized clubs for pennies on the dollar.

Golf Galaxy is one of the most reputable places where people go when looking to sell their golf equipment.

They are known for paying fair prices and although you don’t get cash, golfers get to spend the money in a golf shop full of cool clubs, clothing, and accessories.

Isn’t it time you upgraded your clubs today?