Golf Digest vs Golf Magazine: Which Is Better for Me?

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If you are a lover of golfing lifestyle features, then you’ll appreciate the Golf Magazine more than the Golf Digest. Both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine carry news and updates about golf tournaments and golfers.

They come out every month so you will not miss out on information about golf regardless if you subscribe to Golf Digest or Golf Magazine.

If you want to have a digital copy instead of the print version, each of these golf magazines also offers a digital copy of the publication aside from the print edition. They also promote reader engagement through their social platforms, mainly Facebook,

They both cater to golfers and golfing enthusiasts, but Golf Magazine may come more appealing to golfing aficionados because of its lifestyle features that have catchy titles, captivating images, and interesting storylines.

Annual subscription costs higher with Golf Magazine as it costs, as of this writing, $30, compared to Golf Digest’s $19.99.

Is Golf Digest Still Published?

Golf Digest is still published and offers subscriptions to readers three ways, print-only, digital-only, and bundle (both print and digital versions).

If you are the type who loves the smell of printed paper and takes pleasure in flipping through the pages, and more importantly, a collector of magazine issues, you’ll opt for the print-only subscription that costs $19.99 for one year.

However, if you are the type who can’t live without your mobile phone and does almost everything through this device, then the digital-only subscription is perfect for you. It costs $19.99 for a one-year subscription, the same as the rate of the print-only.

If you want both versions, you can get the annual subscription for $29.99. Wait within six weeks before you will receive your first printed issue.

Golf Digest has a promo, offering the annual subscription of the magazine for $15.

If you have relatives and friends from other countries that you want to send copies of Golf Digest to, the magazine allows international subscription.

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Golf Digest website comprises sections, such as Golf News and Tours, Play, and The Loop. ‘Golf News and Tours’ updates golfers about the latest news in the sport of golf, including schedules, results, interviews, videos, and even inside stories in the world of golf.

‘Play’ comprises three sub-sections: Instruction, Equipment, and Courses. These sub-sections feature golf equipment, golf courses, and exclusive interviews with golfers and their best plays. It also shares tips about other areas in golf (fitness, for instance) that will work best for golfers and beginners.

‘The Loop’ is the Golf Digest’s modern instruction book about sports (including golf, basketball, etc.), entertainment, and others.

Is Golf Digest Monthly?

Golf Digest, published by Discovery, Inc., comes out every month, but because it combines the December and January issues in one magazine, it publishes a total of 11 issues a year.

This golf magazine is a good source for golf enthusiasts, and beginner and professional golfers. It provides news and updates about golf tournaments. You will get to know golf players and their strategies, what equipment they used, and even their golf attire.

You can draw inspiration from these just by reading. As it features golf courses, you will know each track’s design or layout and where they are located, among other things.

If you are a beginner golfer and you have no idea about the equipment you need and you must have, which brands to trust, and others, you can count on Golf Digest as well which may tilt the balance in the Golf Digest vs Golf Magazine debate.

You’ll find the best equipment available, balls, bags and golf clubs.

Every other year, Golf Digest also publishes its top ten rankings of the best golf courses in the world and top 100 rankings of America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses, per the votes of hundreds of experts in the sport of golf.

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Aside from these, the golf magazine also lists the best new golf courses, best golf courses in every U.S. state, best golf resorts, and best American golf courses for women golfers.

In 2009, Golf Digest was one of the six magazines that were nominated in the American Society of Magazine Editors’ National Magazine Awards.

Is Golf Magazine Still Published?

Golf Magazine, started in 1959, is still being published. Up to this day, it is among the thriving publications in the industry.

It consistently provides content about professional golfers, equipment, instruction, golf courses, and travel. Golf Magazine makes use of the print, digital, and social platforms to reach out to its audience of over 9 million.

The social media channels the magazine uses include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Golf Magazine writes beyond news about tournaments and golfers, and features about play strategies and equipment. It has lifestyle, golf accessories, and food sections that will interest golfers.

For instance, it has the “10 great Valentine’s Day gifts for the lady golfer in your life” and “The secret to making perfect bacon, according to a golf-club chef”. Features of these types are unique of a golf magazine; thus, grabbing the attention of readers, golfers or not.

Similar to Golf Digest, Golf Magazine publishes special features every year and every other year. This includes articles that rank golf courses, such as Top 100 Golf Courses in the World and Top 100 Golf Courses in the U.S.

The magazine also highlights the best golf courses golfers and golf enthusiasts can play on, top professional instrucotrs, and top resorts.

If the Golf Magazine website is packed with stories and features, expect the digital and print versions exclusive for subscribers to be richer in content. Get an annual subscription to Golf Magazine for $30. This gives you an instant $25 worth of gift certificates that you can spend at the website’s Pro Shop.

Yes, Golf Magazine has a Pro Shop, where golfers, amateurs and professionals, and golf aficionados can choose from a wide variety of golf merchandise, including the limited-edition Jack Nicklaus caps, Callaway New York Trucker and Puma Volition.

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You’ll even find lifestyle articles, such as top five selling items in December, perfect jackets for cold-weather golf, and others.

How Often Is Golf Magazine Published?

The Golf Magazine comes out every month. It emphasizes service journalism, as well as inspirational storytelling and engaging content. The golf features, on the other hand, make way for meaningful conversations among golfers.

If you have previously subscribed to the Golf Magazine or have seen previous issues, you’ll notice the big change that it went through. Its design has become more visually dynamic, with the powerful combination of Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, and Esquire.

Jason Adel, the Golf Magazine CEO, said that they owe it to their readers to provide the foundation that print media should be. This is why they have “reestablished that permanent look and feel.”

Golf Digest and Golf Magazine write tournament news and updates, and share stories of golfers. You can find the same articles and stories in other golf magazines.

Both magazines are published every month. They each have their print and digital editions, as well as social platforms. They also pour out all their efforts coming up with biennial features that rank golf courses in the U.S. and in the world. You can say that the competition is solid.

However, Golf Magazine exceeds expectations because the articles it publishes include lifestyle features and in today’s multi-faceted society sways the argument back in GM favor in the Golf Digest vs Golf Magazine question.

The most recent is the Best of 2021: 5 Great Accessories Every Golfer Will Always Need, and Best Golf Rain Jackets: 5 Reliable Jackets for all Kinds of Weather. The article titles surely catch the attention of readers. Additionally, these are the types of articles most golfers need but have not seen in all golf magazines available in the market.