Golf Club Stamping: Wedges, Irons and Putters? (Yes!)

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All golf clubs from the biggest brands in the game are manufactured in pretty much the same way. In other words, without customization, they all look the same.

But there’s a trend that’s currently taking the golf world by storm – golf club stamping. Whether you want to etch Bob Marley’s face into the back of your wedge or write your daughter’s initials on the heel of your irons, you can do so!

Below, we explain everything you need to know about golf club stamping, and we show you how you can create stunning, personalized golf clubs from home.

What is Golf Club Stamping?

Stamping your golf clubs is a technique that enables you to personalize your wedges, irons, and putters. If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of a professional golfer’s bag, you’ve probably seen their initials engraved on their irons or a slogan stamped on their wedges.

But golf club stamping isn’t only reserved for elite Tour pros. Stamping is an easy way to personalize your golf clubs without getting them engraved, which also saves you a fair amount of money!

For instance, you could stamp your name or initials on your putter, your date of birth on your irons, or your favorite slogan or motivational quote on your wedges.

There are so many things you can do with golf club stamping, making it an awesome addition to your bag.

You can send your golf clubs off to be stamped, or you can do it yourself from home. In the sections that follow, we explain everything you need to know about golf club stamping, so you can add a touch of your personality to the golf clubs you carry in your bag.

How Do You Get Your Golf Clubs Stamped?

The best way to stamp your golf clubs is to get your hands on a golf club stamping kit. Such kits have been designed to enable you to stamp your clubs at home without any prior experience.

A full kit contains:

  • Large and small alphabet stamps.
  • Large and small number stamps.
  • A golf club clamp to secure the stamp to your chosen clubs.
  • 12 custom paint fills.

In other words, you can write anything that you desire on your golf clubs before adding your chosen colors to really help your stamp stand out. While there are other DIY methods for club stamping, we’d advise you to buy a kit to help you.

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Alternatively, you can send your golf clubs off to be engraved with a laser, but this is a particularly expensive process. Not only do you have to pay for the expense of engraving, but you also need to meet the cost of shipping.

It’s for this reason that stamping your golf clubs is a viable and affordable alternative to engraving.

Check this video from on what you need to do to stamp your golf clubs:

What Size are Golf Club Stamps?

The smallest golf club stamps start around 3mm and then increase in 1mm increments. A medium-sized stamp is generally sized at 4mm where individual letters used for player’s initials are the most popular stamps for golf clubs.

We would recommend going for a small or medium stamp, as they’re more than big enough to personalize your golf clubs. If you opt for a large stamp, you risk ruining the aesthetics of your golf club.

Putting your personal stamp on your irons or wedges should be a subtle addition, and a stamp that is 3mm or 4mm is ideal. This is particularly the case if you’re planning to stamp anything bigger than your initials on your clubs.

Amazon Basics Metal Alphabet and Number 36 Piece Stamp Kit with Wood Case, 5/16 Inch

That being said, everyone is different, so you can opt for a bigger stamp if you wish.

Just be sure to check the dimensions as listed by the manufacturer before placing your order, and consider if they match up to the spot that you’re hoping to stamp on your clubs.

How Do You Make Custom Golf Club Stamps?

If you don’t want to buy a pre-packaged golf club stamp kit, you can utilize some of the tools that you already have in your garage. To stamp your golf clubs, you will need 4 main components which are a stamp, paint, acetone and a lightweight hammer to gently stamp your design onto your clubs.

  • Stamp: You don’t need to buy a golf club stamp, but you will need a metal stamp of some kind. These are available at most hardware stores, so shop around to find your preferred style.
  • Paint: The best type of paint to use for your club stamping project is any that is oil-based. You can pick up oil-based pens to help you bring your stamp to life.
  • Acetone: Any DIY club stamping project requires acetone. You will need to use it to remove excess paint and wipe your clubs down when you’re done.
  • Hammer: Last but not least, you will need a hammer to nail your stamp to your chosen golf clubs.
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Instead of buying a pre-made golf club stamp, bringing the above materials and tools together is a good alternative. You’re now all set to start your golf club stamping project for a fraction of the cost of ordering a kit online.

Amazon Basics Metal Alphabet and Number 36 Piece Stamp Kit with Wood Case, 5/16 Inch

Can You Stamp Golf Irons?

You can stamp golf irons and one of the coolest ways of bringing your golf bag to life is adding your initials to the heel of your irons. Given that most of us buy our golf clubs off the rack, adding a touch of personalization to irons is a great way to differentiate our clubs from others.

Alternatively, you might consider stamping your kids’ names onto your irons, or perhaps even their dates of birth. The beauty of golf club stamping is that you can really get creative and add a personal message to your golf irons that means something to you.

We should mention that it’s not a good idea to stamp the clubface of your golf irons. After all, you might affect the performance of your clubs. When personalizing your irons, stick to the backs or heels of the clubs for the best results.

Can You Stamp Cast Wedges?

Wedges are the best clubs in the golf bag to stamp. There are so many stunning examples of celebrities and pro golfers personalizing their wedges with gorgeous designs and creative messages, and there’s no reason why you can’t bring your own wedges to life.

The best place to go for inspiration is to Anthony Tarranto’s Instagram page. Tarranto is a Pro Tour Club Artist for Callaway Golf, and the designs that he shares on his profile are simply stunning!

We absolutely love his personalization of John Rahm’s Callaway Jaws wedges, where he printed ‘Rahmbino 2022’ and added awesome coloring.

As well as working with the world’s number one golfer, Tarranto’s clients include a huge range of other PGA and LPGA Tour professionals.

So, check out his page for inspiration and get to work on your own wedges from home. There’s no reason why you can’t add a splash of color and a dose of your personality to all of the golf clubs in your bag.

Can You Stamp a Putter?

Stamping your putter is a great way to customize your golf bag. Arguably the most important club in the bag, adding various colors and slogans to your putter can give you an edge out on the putting surface.

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Whether you add a calming and reassuring message to your putter head or simply write your nickname or initials, there are so many ways that you can transform an off-the-rack putter and make it your own.

Just be mindful of the type of putter that you own, as the design for a mallet putter will likely be different from that of a bladed short stick.

This will influence the size and style of the stamp that you opt for, so make sure you plan accordingly before getting your tools in place.

Why Do People Stamp Golf Clubs?

The main reason why people stamp their golf clubs is to personalize their bags and to help their clubs stand out. After all, without personalization, all golf clubs look the same, and there’s no distinguishing feature from one branded putter to another.

While some golf purists think that stamping golf clubs is tantamount to criminal damage, others see it as an essential part of creating a unique golf bag.

There’s no doubt that the trend of stamping golf clubs has really taken off at the elite level of the game, which is the main reason why it has become such popular practice with recreational golfers.

As well as adding an extra dimension to your golf bag, stamping golf clubs is a good way of recognizing your family or commemorating a special occasion when you’re out on the golf course.

In other words, there are so many reasons why stamping your golf clubs is a good idea, and thanks to the range of custom kits available online, there’s no reason why you can’t start your DIY golf club stamping project today.


Golf club stamping is all the rage at all levels of the game right now and is an excellent way to add personality to your bag. And the good news is that you can pick up a golf club stamping kit online to get to work on your irons, wedges, and putters today.

Whatever design and colors you opt for, make sure you add your unique personality to your golf clubs.

After all, customizing your golf clubs will ensure you feel connected to them, which is bound to help you as you take to the course with your buddies.