Golf Club Ferrules (What Do They Do?)

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When you think about it, there are many component parts that make up a golf club. From the grip to the clubhead, it’s important that all parts are in complete working order if you’re to hit consistently good shots.

One part of the golf club that doesn’t get a great deal of attention is the ferrule. But what exactly is it? And why are ferrules important?

In this article, we take a look at golf club ferrules in detail and explain everything you need to know about identifying and then replacing them if they become damaged.

What is a Golf Club Ferrule?

A golf club ferrule is a little piece of plastic that is installed between the shaft and neck of a club. Its primary job is to keep the head and shaft of the club securely fitted, and it also improves the cosmetic appearance of a golf club.

While most golf clubs come with fairly nondescript black or silver ferrules, you can customize ferrules to add to your clubs if you prefer. They come in a range of designs and colors, which allows you to take your club customization to the next level.

Bohning .370/.530 Black Golf Ferrules for Irons (12-Pack), Length .625-Inch

Ferrules are used on many items, and they are handy for keeping things in place. On the golf course, you’re also likely to find them installed on the flagsticks, while they are also an important feature of paintbrushes.

So, while you might not have given the ferrules on your golf clubs a great deal of thought, they’re actually an important design feature, as we explain in detail below.

Do Ferrules Really Matter?

Ferrules do matter because they hold the club head and the shaft together. Without a ferrule, the connection could come loose, which is far from ideal where the consistency of your ball striking is concerned.

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Some people merely think ferrules are an aesthetic feature of golf clubs, but their main job is to improve the function of your clubs, not the look. Still, you can invest in ferrules of different designs and colors if you want to crank things up a notch.

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Over time, ferrules might loosen or may even crack, causing the shaft and clubhead to loosen. If you notice that this has occurred on your clubs, it’s important to order replacements, as you don’t want to compromise your ball striking.

Most modern clubs come with ferrules attached as standard, and you can order replacements online on platforms like eBay. Alternatively, you could take your golf clubs to your local retailer and ask them to install custom ferrules on your irons.

Do You Need Collared Ferrules?

Yes, since graphite shafts have become popular in the modern game, collared ferrules have emerged as the preference of club fitters. This is because they help to protect the graphite from stress and potential breakage.

There are several different types of ferrules that you can add to your golf clubs. One of the most prevalent types found on many modern clubs is collared ferrules, which fit between the clubhead and the shaft with a collar.

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The space within the collar is then cushioned with epoxy, which secures the ferrule in place. While you don’t necessarily need collared ferrules, they’re preferred by many club manufacturers as they do a great job of holding the club in place.

Alternatively, you might see golf clubs fitted with uncollared ferrules, which sit flush on the club and come with an inner layer of epoxy.

Do I Need Ferrules on My Irons?

The short answer to this question is yes, most modern irons require ferrules. Again, this is because they affix the clubhead to the shaft, reducing the likelihood of the club becoming loose or separating.

When you buy new clubs from the biggest manufacturers in the game, they all install ferrules as standard, as they’re a crucial component of all modern golf irons. But if you play an older set of irons, they might not come with ferrules as standard.

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If the ferrules on your irons have split or are damaged in any way, it’s best to get them replaced. To do so, you need to remove the club head, making it a fairly technical task that is best handled by a professional club fitter.

So, if your golf clubs come with ferrules as standard, they’re there for a purpose. And if you notice that they’re damaged in any way, it’s important to replace them to guarantee the structural integrity of your clubs.

What Size Ferrule Do I Need for Irons?

The standard size for iron ferrules is from 1/8 to 1 1/4 inches long, with an inside diameter of .368. Although there are different-sized ferrules for other clubs, this size will fit most irons.

That being said, the best way to ensure you have ordered the right size for your clubs is to take them to a custom fitter. This is because there are so many different types of golf clubs on the market, making it reasonably difficult to select the right replacement parts for the clubs that you carry in your bag.

While it might seem like a bit of a hassle, taking your golf clubs to a custom fitter to replace the ferrules is probably your best bet, and we explain how much it’s likely to set you back in the following section.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Golf Club Ferrule?

Replacing a golf club ferrule shouldn’t cost any more than $10. Most club fitters provide a ferrule service to their clients, and you can typically choose between re-gluing a loose ferrule or replacing it altogether.

One thing we should note, however, is that there is no uniform pricing structure for replacing a golf club ferrule, so you will need to negotiate with the club fitter directly if you think the quoted price is a little on the high side!

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But given that it’s relatively cheap to pay for a fitter to replace a golf club ferrule, it’s undoubtedly worth the expense, given that it’s not particularly easy to replace it yourself, particularly if you don’t have any experience with repairing golf clubs.

Equally, it’s best not to ignore the fact that the ferrules on your golf clubs have loosened or become damaged, either, as doing so can affect the way you strike your irons out on the course.

How Do You Fit Ferrules?

Fitting a new ferrule isn’t particularly straightforward, but you certainly can do it at home if you choose. You will need to heat the hosel of the golf club to loosen the epoxy within the current ferrule, which will allow you to lose and then remove it.

It’s also best to apply heat to the ferrule itself, as this will reduce the likelihood of damaging the shaft when you remove the ferrule.

Once you’ve removed the old ferrule, you’re all set to add your newly upgraded ferrules. It’s crucial that you get the right size for the clubs in question, and you can then install them by binding them to your golf clubs with epoxy.

If you’re planning to install new ferrules on your golf clubs yourself, it’s best to invest in a ferrule kit, as this will help you get the job done without a great deal of hassle.


As far as the component parts of golf clubs are concerned, ferrules are often overlooked. This is because they’re fairly nondescript, and you only really notice them if they become damaged.

However, if your ferrules crack, you need to replace them, as failing to do so could affect the quality of your ball striking.

And given the fact that it’s relatively inexpensive to have a club-fitter replace them for you, it’s best not to attempt a replacement yourself unless you’re handy and are confident that you can replace and fit ferrules without error.