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The golf season is always a special time to look forward too and many people are looking to buy a new or used golf cart. If you’re in West Palm Beach, Florida, and looking for the best place to buy a golf cart, then read on!

Our information will direct you where some of the top places in the city are that sell them as well as other tips to make sure your purchase goes smoothly.

Golf Cart Dealers in West Palm Beach

For those in the market for a new or used golf cart, there are a few possibilities to explore in West Palm Beach. If you’re looking specifically for dealers with inventory on both gas and electric carts, check out these locations:

Fink Golf CarsBusiness Park Way, West Palm Beach(561)
Prime Golf Cars7100 N Military Trl, Riviera Beach(561)
Custom Cart ConnectionS Congress Ave, West Palm Beach(561)
Southern Golf CarsS Military Trail, West Palm Beach(561)

Fink Golf Cars

Address:  Business Park Way, West Palm Beach

Phone: (561) 753-0035


Fink Golf Cars, Inc. is a small, family business that specializes in providing golf car service to customers throughout Palm Beach County. They are pleased to offer an impressive selection of new and used golf cars at competitive prices for the course or around town.

Prime Golf Cars

Address: 7100 N Military Trl, Riviera Beach

Phone: (561) 512-1304


Prime Golf Cars are located in Palm Beach, Florida, and provides unique custom golf carts. From business to pleasure uses, they offer a variety of options from street-legal models to drive around the local streets or strictly for use on the golf course.

Custom Cart Connection

Address: S Congress Ave, West Palm Beach

Phone: (561) 370-3170


Custom Cart Connection is a custom golf cart shop. They specialize in providing anything from basic maintenance and repair needs to complete personalized golf cart customizations.

If you have any accessory needs, get in touch as they have no limits and claim to work on any design.

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Southern Golf Cars

Address: S Military Trail, West Palm Beach

Phone: (561) 499-7390


Southern Golf Cars are excited to provide the most durable and dependable golf carts products available. They are a proud, family-owned business that appreciates their communities just like you and is an authorized dealer for Yamaha Golf Cars, Club Car and EVolution.

We have compiled a list of four golf cart dealers in West Palm Beach, FL that can serve your needs.

Though the different golf cart brands are similar in quality, there are subtle differences that many people do not know about. The most popular brands of golf carts (EZ-GO and Yamaha) are good names to check out for.

Nearly all dealers offer their own service and repair centers – so you can maintain your golf cart locally.

For most buyers who are looking to buy a golf cart new, dealers may be the best option. Dealers usually provide warranties on their carts that last 6-12 months while private sellers may typically offer only a 30-day money-back promise depending on where you buy your cart from.

Due to the high price tag of a golf cart, it’s important to have some form of protection and this is the big advantage dealers have.

Private Golf Cart Sales in West Palm Beach

Alternatively, you can buy a golf cart direct from the owner. Consider checking out classified ad listings or utilizing social media. Check out some of the following sites:

  • Craigslist in West Palm Beach
  • Golf Cart Deals on eBay
  • Local Facebook Marketplace
  • Golf Clubs in Your Area

Craigslist Ads – West Palm Beach Golf Carts

Search Craigslist for West Palm Beach Golf Carts

When you buy or sell on classified ad sites like Craigslist, there are some risks involved but you can also strike a great deal on a nearly new or used golf cart.

After doing a search for “golf carts” on craigslist, Florida – Palm Beach County had over 500 listings.

Some solid tips for safe buying on Craigslist include:

  • Read the ad carefully and make sure what you are buying is actually in the description.
  • Watch out for scams like asking to wire money or using Western Union, as these methods can’t be traced.
  • When arranging a cart viewing, a good idea is to bring someone with you who knows something about golf carts and it’s safer.
  • Is the cart you are interested in being sold locally or does the seller want to ship it? Always buy directly from the owner.
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Searching on eBay for Golf Carts

Search eBay for Golf Carts close to West Palm Beach

Any time you buy something on eBay you should carefully research the seller and item before committing to buy. eBay is still very popular and is a great way to buy a golf cart if you’re on a budget.

Look at the seller’s feedback and reviews before committing to buy anything from them.

This will give you an idea if they have good communication skills, can answer questions quickly and accurately, and are trustworthy.

If the seller has 100% positive feedback then they’re likely to be a good seller but it’s better to form your own opinion and definitely call them about the cart they are selling locally.

Golf Carts on West Palm Beach Facebook Marketplace

Check the FB Marketplace for Golf Carts in West Palm Beach

The FB marketplace is buzzing with activity for all kinds of golfing equipment and this includes golf carts!

When searching on Facebook you should be looking for the following:

  • Make and model – pre-owned golf carts are plentiful, but it’s important to specify what you want before you search.
  • Price range – this is probably one of the most important things when searching on FB marketplace because there will be tons of options but if they don’t fall within your budget then keep scrolling.
  • Check the person’s profile, are they verified? Facebook has taken limited steps to ensure that people are who they say they are, so someone with a verified profile is more trustworthy than one without.
  • Photos – the more photos of the item up for sale, the better so you can see it and know what your getting.
  • Is there a warranty or return option? Even some private sellers are in fact dealers so always ask.

Local Golf Clubs in the West Palm Beach Vicinity

The best way to buy a golf cart privately is to find another golfer at a local club.

There are many clubs in the West Palm Beach area so it should not be too difficult to find someone who is looking to sell their cart.

Many retired golfers are still members at their local clubs and would be happy to sell their golf cart to another member.

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The price of the golf cart should be around a third or less than what a new one would cost you through an authorized dealer.

When viewing, always check for signs of wear and tear.

It is important to see if the tires are still good quality; this will tell you how well maintained the vehicle is and the hours it has been used.

It is also important that the charger cable is in good condition; otherwise, there will need to be an extra purchase made for another one, or replacement cables can be found.

You may need to replace some parts such as bushings and bearings depending on their age but this is fairly low cost and should detract you from purchasing a new golf cart.

The most important thing is to ensure that the batteries are working properly and the cart holds a good charge.

What to Look for in a Used Golf Cart?

You should check for the following when thinking about buying a pre-owned golf cart:

  • How old is the cart? – an older cart is not necessarily bad, but it will need a thorough inspection, if you can find one with one owner, great!
  • Are batteries in good condition? – You want to look at all of the battery cells for signs of leakage, corrosion, cracks/breaks in the casing, or other damage.
  • Are tires in good shape? – Tires need to be inflated properly as well as checked regularly for any wear and tear (splits), dry rot, and punctures.
  • Does the cart drive well? – Check for any unusual noises such as grinding, clanking or squeaking.
  • Do all of the lights work? – A used golf cart needs a thorough inspection to see if it is worth what you are paying. You want to make sure that everything works properly and check for signs of damage on various components.
  • What are the features of this model vs. others? Maybe your preferred make is Club Cart so don’t be swayed by a Yamaha or EZGO just because it’s the first one you find.

We’ve created a comprehensive list of all the best places to buy golf carts in West Palm Beach, FL.

This list includes dealers and private sellers who sell new and used carts as well as listing on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook.

So go ahead and get started by clicking on one of these links and start your search today!