Golf Carts for Sale Orlando | New & Used

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Looking for golf carts for sale in Orlando, Florida?

I have put together a great list of dealers who sell new and used golf carts and ways to buy privately so you have the best information to check out all the local golf carts for sale near you, in Orlando.

It’s an exciting time when you are considering buying new or replacing your old golf cart so let’s get you started on the right path!

Golf Cart Dealers in Orlando

Jeffrey Allen Inc1812 N. Goldenrod Road, Orlando(407)
Orlando Golf CartsN Goldenrod Rd, Orlando(407)
Advantage Golf CarsW Landstreet Rd, Orlando(407)
Diversified Golf Cars Inc5501 Commerce Dr, Orlando(407)

Jeffrey Allen Inc

Address: 1812 N. Goldenrod Road, Orlando

Phone: (407) 476-9511


Orlando Golf Carts

Address: N Goldenrod Rd, Orlando

Phone: (407) 426-9727


Advantage Golf Cars

Address: W Landstreet Rd, Orlando

Phone: (407) 440-2804


Diversified Golf Cars Inc

Address: 5501 Commerce Dr, Orlando

Phone: (407) 851-9353


There are some great dealers in Orlando who sell both new and pre-owned golf carts.

The top brands are EZ-GO and Yamaha and when you buy from a dealer you usually get some kind of warranty, a place to service the cart, and a one-stop place for repairs if required.

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And although you generally pay more from a dealer, the big advantage is peace of mind.

After all, when you’ve just spent thousands of dollars you don’t want to pay out more cash for expensive repairs.

Buying Privately Direct from the Owner

So where are some of the best places to buy a golf cart direct from an owner? there are a few places to start and these include:

  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Facebook Local Groups
  • Local Golf Club

Craigslist Orlando Golf Carts

Golf carts for sale in Orlando on Craigslist.

There are currently around 400 listings relating to golf carts in Orlando, FL on Craigslist.

Craigslist is a good place to start if you are looking for deals and want the flexibility of being able to arrange pickup or delivery.

But without warranties or cover then please ensure that you are aware of possible risks which include:

  1. The golf cart may not be in the condition described.
  2. The golf cart may be stolen.
  3. Safety hazards like faulty brakes or tires.
  4. In addition, always meet in public where possible and inspect the vehicle before handing over any money for it.

Remember golf carts do not have titles or VIN numbers, but you can check the cart’s serial number, more information about that here.

eBay Search for Golf Carts in Orlando

Click here to search for golf carts on eBay near Orlando – (select nearest first on search options).

eBay is another great place to look for pre-owned golf carts Keep your search within a 50-mile radius of Orlando, FL – the city you’re looking in.

Top tips for buying safely on eBay include:

  • View the seller’s ratings, recent feedback, and total.
  • Read the listing description very carefully and check for known defects or damage to avoid surprises.
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Once you’ve found what looks like a good candidate, contact the seller and ask good questions such as:

  • Is the seller a registered dealer? (this is good because eBay dealers tend to offer warranty).
  • Has the cart been fully serviced recently?
  • What is the battery voltage and can you provide copies of service records for proof that all necessary maintenance has been completed?

eBay has a good buyer protection policy but this will count for nothing if the person has set up a fake account so always buy off a seller that has more than 10 feedback.

Orlando Facebook Marketplace

Click here to take you to the Orlando Golf Cart Marketplace on Facebook

Click to check out the Orlando quick, buy and sell group on Facebook

Facebook is a growing market for local classifieds and there are groups set up in Orlando for people to buy and sell items.

Check out the Facebook marketplace for some really cool golf carts but always perform your due diligence before buying. Some top tips include:

  • Always look at the pictures in detail and ensure they are a good representation of the cart.
  • Check whether the seller has uploaded an image with measurements to help you make sure it will fit on your property.
  • Contact the seller through Facebook Messenger, are they quick to respond and helpful in answering your questions?
  • If everything sounds good then send through a request with your details including name, address, and best time to call or text so they can get back to you quickly.

It’s all about being thorough with your research and being smart. After all, even a pre-owned golf cart can cost over $2,000 so it’s worth the time to make sure you’re making a sound decision.

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Ask at Your Local Golf Club

Probably the best place to buy privately from the owner is to ask around at your local club.

You can also visit other clubs in the local area including the local public courses as they often have an ads board in the lobby, cafe or lounge areas.

The advantages of buying from a golfer is that:

  • They are generally more helpful in answering your questions.
  • You can get a more personal feel for how much they enjoy using it (and whether you will).
  • More honest as they are less likely to inflate the price if they know you’re a golfer.
  • They will be able to tell you all about it and give advice on set up, etc.

Low on budget? You could also offer something as part of a trade – maybe throw in some old golf clubs or that swing trainer you longer use.

In conclusion, there are a number of ways to find the perfect golf cart for sale in Orlando, Florida.

From checking out new and used cart dealers to searching on auction houses and social media marketplaces.

You don’t even need to go out and buy one new as you can often get a great deal or a second-hand or pre-owned cart.

The key is knowing what your budget is and what you are looking for – best of luck!