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Are you looking to buy a golf cart in Florida? There are many options available for those who would like to purchase a new or used golf cart.

Are you in the market for a golf cart? If so, you’ll want to read this guide. It has everything you need to know about buying a golf cart in FL and will make your search much easier.

The first thing you should do is determine what kind of golf cart you want to buy. There are many different options available for those who would like to purchase a new or used golf cart and the right choice may be the one that suits your needs and budget.

To start with let’s check out the best golf cart dealers in Florida…

Golf Cart Dealers in Florida

CF Golf Carts2430 US-27 ste 110, Clermont, FL(352)
North Florida Golf Carts1137 W US Hwy 90 #3751, Lake City, FL(386)
Advantage Golf Carts3330 45th St, West Palm Beach, FL(561)
Golf Car Depot Superstore6500 Powerline Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL(954)

If you’re a golfer in Florida looking for new or used golf carts, there are many good choices of dealerships around the state. We’ve handpicked four that specialize in golf carts with good local reputation:

CF Golf Carts

Address: 2430 US-27 ste 110, Clermont, FL

Phone: (352) 241-4929


CG Golf Carts’ customer’s needs are always the top priority. As a result, they have a large customer base that is made up of repeat and referral business. Browse for your next golf cart in a comfortable, air-conditioned indoor showroom.

The business has all kinds of golf carts, from Club Car to EZ-GO and Star. They offer parts for repairs as well as servicing carried out by professionals.

North Florida Golf Carts

Address:  1137 W US Hwy 90 #3751, Lake City, FL

Phone: (386) 344-6145


One of the largest selections of Golf Carts in Florida can be found at NFGC.

They have a variety of brand new carts including EZ-GO (electric and gas) as well as refurbished or used options. They are able to offer low rates and special financing with trusted partners, including Yard Card and Sheffield.

They also carry a wide variety of parts and accessories available to see in their showroom.

Advantage Golf Carts

Address: 3330 45th St, West Palm Beach, FL

Phone: (561) 253-6800


Established in 1991 and with six local dealerships, Advantage is a Florida-based company with coverage for all of South and Central Florida.

Advantage Golf Cars offer excellent customer service, backing it up with an entire team that consists of professionals from each department.

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The sales members are competent and trained to help you find the perfect golf cart for your every need.

The finance experts will ensure a fair price for the vehicle that matches your monthly budget. And, no matter what type of maintenance or modifications you need, the service team will be able to assist you and get your cart back up to top condition.

From Club Car to E-Z-Go, Advantage Golf Cars provides the newest models from leading manufacturers.

Golf Car Depot Superstore

Address:  6500 Powerline Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Phone: (954) 900-9900


The GCDS dealership has a reputation for excellent service, support, and satisfaction. They pride themselves on giving customers the highest service available. The company offers factory-trained mechanics who understand all aspects of the golf cart business.

They offer a wide selection of new golf carts, including gas and electric models from top names like Cushman, E-Z-GO, Icon and Star EV.

If you’re in the market for a street-legal golf car, then Golf Car Depot Superstore is Florida’s biggest dealership. With every detail taken into consideration, customers will be sure to find their perfect match.

They get you on the road in no time. With quick deliveries and flexible payment options (from under $200 per month), there’s a golf cart with your name on it waiting for you.

We have found four golf cart dealers in the state of Florida that can fulfill your needs.

It is important to be careful when purchasing a golf cart.

Dealers in Florida sell brands like EZ-GO and Yamaha, but there are lots of other options available at different prices or with different feels or ride quality depending on your preference.

The majority of dealers offer their own maintenance and repair services, so you can get them serviced regularly which helps to keep your cart in top condition.

If you’re new to the marketplace and looking for a good price on a golf cart, buying from dealerships may be more advantageous.

Dealers usually offer a warranty that lasts up to one year, whereas private sellers typically offer no money back or just a couple of weeks.

Buying a golf cart is an expensive investment, it’s important to make sure that you are protected in any way possible – buying from an FL-based dealer gives this peace of mind.

Private Golf Cart Sales in Florida

Purchasing a golf cart from a private seller is one option for people in Florida. When considering this, checking classified listings or social media might be helpful. You can search for golf carts for sale by owner on places like:

  1. Craigslist Golf Cart Ads in Florida.
  2. Golf Carts for Sale on eBay in Florida state.
  3. Local Facebook Marketplace covering Florida.
  4. Golf Clubs in your neighborhood.

Craigslist Ads – Covering Florida

Golf Carts for Sale on Florida Craigslist

You might get a good deal on a pre-owned golf cart from Craigslist. But it can be risky because you don’t know who the person is, or how it was used before.

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In South Florida alone, there are over 487 golf cart ads published on CL. If you are prepared to travel there is bound to be a golf car that ticks all the boxes for you including make, price, and condition.

When buying on CL be sure to follow these basic steps:

  • Ask the seller to provide photos of their cart in good lighting with all four tires on a flat surface. If they can’t or won’t take pictures then it’s probably not worth going any further.
  • Do some research online about the key features, pros, and cons of this cart so you are aware of if there’s anything fundamentally wrong with this particular model.
  • It will also help when negotiating prices. For example, these golf carts have no heaters, air conditioning, etc. Ask how much he/she would be willing to take in light of these issues.
  • Stay safe on Craigslist by having the seller meet you in a public place during daylight hours. If viewing the cart at their home make sure you are viewing outside, in the front yard, and bring a friend.

Searching on eBay for Golf Carts Near Me In Florida

eBay Search for Golf Carts in Florida

When hunting on eBay for used golf carts for sale in Florida make sure you have the right search parameters set up on your eBay account.

Check the image below, notice the ZIP field – enter your number in here for the best results close to you. This selection is used on the advanced search:


Buying on eBay can be a lengthy process, so make sure you are ready for it. There is no shortage of sellers or golf carts on this website and the prices range from $200 to nearly $8000.

Do your homework on the seller before you buy something on eBay. You can find a great golf cart if you are on a budget.

Look for good feedback and ask questions before buying or bidding on an item. eBay has some great resources to help you find the right golf cart.

Always check the photos and read the description, this will help you make an informed decision before making a purchase or deciding to bid.

Looking on Facebook Marketplace for Golf Carts in FL

Look for golf carts for sale on the Florida FB Marketplace Page

In the past, many people would have never thought of buying a golf cart on Facebook.

However, as social media continues to grow in popularity and usage, it has become one of the most popular places to buy anything from cars to clothing.

When it comes to golf, Florida is one of the best places to play – so it makes sense to check out the FB marketplace in the hunt for some great deals on pre-owned and nearly new golf carts.

When searching Facebook for a golf cart in Florida, you should keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Check the distance – If you’re looking for a golf cart in Orlando, search within 20 miles of that location first, then expand the search radius until you find at least 5 carts that you are for sale and interest you.
  • Price – Try to stay within budget and find a golf cart that’s in line with your needs and budget. A good rule of thumb is $1000-$3000 should be enough for most people’s purposes.
  • Photos – Are the images clear and represent the golf cart accurately?
  • Description – Does the seller provide detail and information about what they are selling? If not, ask them for more details.
  • Ask questions – It’s always a good idea to have as much knowledge on hand before buying anything big online. Ask your potential sellers some detailed questions so you know exactly what you’re going to expect, prior to any viewing in person.
  • Safety – Don’t hand over any cash until you are 110% sure the seller is trustworthy and you have all of your questions answered.
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How Much Does a Golf Cart Cost in Florida?

The vast majority of used golf carts sell between $1,750 to $5,250 in Florida, and these for recognizable brands like EZ-GO, Club Car and Yamaha.

This represents good value, considering the $4,500 to $11,000 list price for new models. The trick is to perform your research and be thorough in your due diligence.

An average 3 to 5-year-old standard golf car can range anywhere from $3,350 all the way up to about $5,750 depending on the extras such as the battery, GPS, and other equipment.

The age of the golf car is a key factor in determining its price – as the years go by the mechanical parts will need to be replaced, which also inflates the purchase cost.

Street legal golf carts in Florida can cost up to $7,000 for a model that is up to 4 years old.

The asking price is also dependent on the customizations involved on the cart, such as bodywork, aftermarket rims, and tires, lights, sound system upgrades, etc.

Thinking of buying new? New golf carts are in the range of $4,900 to upwards of $17,000!

A new golf cart offers not only the best warranty and reliability, but you can choose add-ons to further enhance your vehicle including a GPS system, backup camera, light kits, custom fenders, custom windshields, and mirrors.

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start searching for your perfect golf cart.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled all the best places where there are Golf Carts For Sale in FL and even have information on how you can find a private seller or dealer who sells new and used carts.

Our links go straight into eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook classifieds; they will take you directly to listings that meet your criteria.

So if you’re looking for a good deal on golf cart equipment without having to drive around town, then check them out.

You never know what treasures may await when browsing through online classified ads!