Golf Carts With Dump Beds – 4 Places to Buy!

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Wondering where you can buy an efficient golf cart with a dump bed from? Our guide lists the four best places for you to check out.

A golf cart with a dump bed is a versatile vehicle that can haul and transport different materials.

Usually made of heavy-duty metal, dump beds can hold miscellaneous items – from golfing accessories to picnic goods. Further, these carts can easily navigate through the toughest of terrains without damaging your items.

If you intend to buy a golf cart with a dump bed, there are several places you can look at. To make things easier for you, we have listed the five best places where you can find a wide selection of this vehicle. So, let’s begin!

Custom Cart Connection

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, Custom Cart Connection prides itself on being the county’s sole authorized dealer of ICON electric vehicles.

In addition, it is the only accredited dealer of hybrid electric vehicles in Palm Beaches, Broward County, and Treasure Coast.

A glance at the site will give you all the details you need to know about the dealer. The site has an expansive inventory and also offers replacement and servicing of parts.

This dealer makes it a point to discuss the features of each of its products in detail to provide a comprehensive overview to potential buyers.

In case you want more clarity, you can reach out to the dealer directly using the “Request More Information” section on the Custom Cart Connection website.

Along with the features, the dealer provides crucial details about the product like the model number, the year of manufacture, financing options, and discounted price on the website.

Why Buy a Golf Cart with a Dump Bed from CCC?

There are several reasons that make Custom Cart Connection one of the best places to look at when you are buying a golf cart with a dump bed. Here, we have highlighted a few of them:

1. Trusted Golf Cart Dealer

Custom Cart Connection are highly reviewed on Google and average nearly 5 stars for their service.

With years of experience in the golf car trade, these guys know what they are doing and will have serviced many people before wanting a cart with a dump bed extension.

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2. Custom Build Specialists

If you want to add a personalized touch to your golf cart, there’s no better place to go than Custom Cart Connection including fitting a new dump bed for your cart.

They specialize in all types of customizations, from customized seats to cart color, and places no restrictions on your imagination – give them a call and explain what you want.

Also, check out their new arrivals on the website – they have some good deals on both new and used carts.

3. Working with Top Manufacturers

Custom Cart Connection only sells high-grade products and parts from top manufacturers like Icon, Tomberlin, E-Z-Go, Club Car, and MEV Hummer.

You can see one example of golf for sale with a dump bed at CCC:

Visit the Custom Cart Connection website.

Safer Wholesale

Safer Wholesale is a US-based company with 10 years of experience dealing in motorsports, fitness equipment, electronics, and so on.

You can find golf carts with dump beds under the motorsports section, where the product is subdivided into two categories – gas golf carts and electric golf carts.

The dealer’s website provides clear-cut information about the product’s list price, return and refund policy along with the terms and conditions of purchase.

Safer Wholesale has two showrooms in Florida and New Lennox, but they also offer nationwide shipping.

Why Buy from Safer Wholesale? has over 300 reviews from TrustPilot alone. There is also a face to the brand and you can check out all the carts that this website has for sale on their own YouTube Channel.

Below you can see a really cool golf car with tip bed that is available to buy online:

Other reasons why you should seriously consider these guys are:

1. Big Choice of Products

A golf cart with a dump bed is an expensive piece of equipment.

It is essential to go through several options before making a purchase, and that’s precisely what Safer Wholesale offers.

The products sold here are manufactured by top industry brands such as Club Car, E-Z-Go, etc.

2. Customization Specialists

The dealer offers customized solutions for your golf cart, and you can place the personalization requests either online or over the phone.

The website has a full golf cart sub section with the following categories:

  • Cart Accessories
  • Classics & Custom Golf Carts
  • Electric Golf Carts
  • Gas Golf Carts
  • Golf Cart Customization

One example of a golf cart customized with a dump bed fitted on the back is here:

3. Wholesale Prices

An interesting aspect about Safer Wholesale is that it offers its products at discounted prices.

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You can check the website routinely for attractive discounts or contact the team directly for more inquiries.

It definitely has that “old school” feel about the way they sell their stock.

Because they buy in bulk they pass these extra savings on to their customers which is great news for golfers or groundsmen wanting to buy a cart that can load and tip grass cuttings, soil, or light construction materials.

Visit the Safer Wholesale website.

ATV Trader

ATV Trader is a leading hub of private sellers and dealers who offer sports and off-road vehicles and connect with potential buyers.

This online hub provides new and used ATVs, golf carts, two-wheelers, and buggies for sale.

If you wanted to upgrade your golf cart, you can sell the old one here and get a good deal on it. The part exchange rates are attractive enough in making upgrading an affordable option.

In addition, you get top makes and models such as Yahama, E-Z-Go, Honda, Suzuki, President nad more.

With its advanced search function, you can quickly identify what type of vehicle you need.

Why ATV Trader is a Good Place to Buy

First off, ATV Trader has a number of private sellers but has strict terms and conditions in place to keep the platform free from scammers.

It also provides a wide range of new and used golf carts with a full range of prices – so if you wanted a cheap golf cart, this place could have what you’re looking for.

Here are 2 other reasons why you should consider ATV Trader:

1. Tens of Thousands of ATV vehicles for Sale

Even when you narrow down the search to golf carts there is still nearly 3,000 vehicle for sale.

You might be better off searching for a classic ATV anyway – after all, if you need a dump bed then you probably need a vehicle that withstands tough conditions such as uneven ground.

The price for each vehicle is listed on the website, but you can also contact the seller privately to ask more questions.

On some vehicles for sale, there is even an option to view the vehicle via a video chat link.

2. Financing Quote Service

Carts can be expensive, even used ones so ATV Trader has a simple financing quote function on the website.

Find a cart you are interested n and click the “Estimate Payment” graphic which is located directly underneath the photo gallery.

This handy calculator determines the estimated costs per month of re-payments.

Visit the ATV Trader website.

eBay Search

eBay is a leading name in the e-commerce industry and acts as a channel between buyers and sellers globally.

The website divides the products into separate categories and offers a range of automobiles, sporting goods, vehicles, trailers, and golf carts for sale.

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Click here to perform a direct search for “golf cart with dump bed” on eBay.

Although search results are limited, you can often strike a great deal on eBay.

Why eBay can be a Great Place to Buy Customized Golf Carts

eBay has established itself as a global giant in the e-commerce world.

More importantly, it is home to some of the best deals for golf carts with specific customizations that would normally cost x3 if you were to get your local dealer to quote you.

Timing is everything on eBay so it’s best to start your search as soon as possible; check out these two reasons why eBay is recommended by Windtree Golf:

1. Strong Anti-Scamming Policy

eBay used to have a terrible reputation for online scams.

Today they are much more robust and have a very good buyers policy.

In short, if you don’t get what the product description indicates you are entitled to a full money-back refund.

This is why it’s crucial to read over the description very carefully.

2. Choice and Feedback System

The search function is your friend here.

Type in the keywords that best describe what you are looking for, for example, “golf carts for sale with dump bed”.

You can then narrow your search by distance, brand, condition, and price.

Found something you like? Great!

Now it’s time to ask all the questions and check the seller’s feedback.

You will find quite a few cart dealers that operate on eBay – this is good because they will want to have a high feedback and review score in order for their customers to buy with confidence.

We advise you not to buy a used golf cart from a seller with zero feedback.

Visit eBay.

Bonus: Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has become a convenient destination for buyers to sell their products to people in the Facebook community.

This digital marketplace has played a vital role in diversifying the e-commerce channel and has recently expanded its network to allow merchant selling.

In fact, it’s one of the best places to buy golf carts with bespoke customizations such as a tipping bed.

Check out this example Facebook search for Golf carts near Arizona with the dump bed modifier.

Visit the Facebook Marketplace.

If you’re looking for a golf cart with a dump bed, we’ve compiled the four best places to start your search.

You can find these carts on Facebook, eBay, ATV Trader and Safer Wholesale or Custom Cart Connection.

These are some of the most reputable sites that offer quality products at affordable prices- so it’s worth taking a look!