Best Golf Cart Wheel Spacers (for Handling & Stance!)

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There are so many accessories and parts that you can buy for your golf cart, which promise to upgrade your cart in different ways. One product that is popular with golf cart owners is wheel spacers, which improve the handling and stance of golf carts.

In this article, we introduce you to four products that you can consider if you’re looking to make this upgrade to your cart. They’re affordable and high quality, and they’re relatively easy to install yourself.

We round things off by answering some FAQs about wheel spacers to help you decide whether they’re a good investment for your golf cart.

1. Yamaha Golf Cart Wheel Spacers (RockTrix)

RockTrix 2 inch Wheel Spacers (4x4 Bolt Pattern, 68.5mm Bore, 12x.1.25 Studs, Cone Seat Nuts) Compatible with Yamaha Golf Carts (Widens Track by 4 inches) - 50mm 4x101.6 4pcs

If you’re looking for wheel spacers for your Yamaha golf cart, look no further than these machined spacers from RockTrix. Made from aluminum, they are 55mm wide and feature a 4×4 bolt pattern, ensuring they look great and serve their purpose at the same time.

By adding wheel spacers to your golf cart, you increase the clearance to allow the installation of wider rims on your cart, which can improve handling, stability, and the aesthetics of your vehicle.

These spacers have been CNC machined to exact specifications and are built with aerospace billet aluminum. In other words, they’re a rock-solid product that can add a lot to your golf cart.

In terms of installation, it’s relatively straightforward to fit these spacers to your golf cart, but if you don’t have any experience with auto parts, it might be a good idea to hire a professional to help you out.

Overall, these aluminum wheel spacers from RockTrix are a great option for your Yamaha golf cart and will enhance the design and handling of your vehicle.

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2. EZGO Golf Cart Wheel Spacers (Orion Motor)

Orion Motor Tech 4x100 Wheel Spacers, Golf Cart Wheel Spacers Compatible with EZGO EZ GO Golf Cart Club Car ATV, 2' Wheel Spacers 1/2'-20 Studs, Set of 4

When buying accessories and parts for your golf cart, you need to make sure that you buy from trusted manufacturers with whom you have a great deal of confidence. Orion is a brand that you can trust, with a proven track record for high-quality parts and accessories.

These wheel spacers are designed specifically for EZGO golf carts and will improve the handling, stability, and control of your golf cart. The 4-lug wheel adapters are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and are corrosion-resistant, making them a durable option.

The unique slots on the rear of these wheel spacers ensure ease of removal and reduce damage during use, making them a great option for people looking for a durable and long-lasting product for their golf cart.

Again, while they are easy enough to install for people with the skills and knowledge, if you’ve never replaced any parts on your golf cart before, it might be worth hiring a professional to help you fix these wheel spacers on your golf cart.

So, overall, they’re a great option for all EZGO cart owners looking for wheel spacers to improve the performance of their carts.

3. Club Car Golf Cart Wheel Spacers (ATV Engineering)

2pc Golf Cart Wheel Spacers 3' (1.5 inch per side) 4x4 to 4x4 EZ GO EZGO Club Car Golf Cart

Another great option for your golf cart is these wheel spacers from ATV Engineering. They are CNC machined for high performance and boast aerospace-grade aluminum, assuring their durability and strength.

They are comprised of a 4×4 vehicle bolt pattern and are finished in polished aluminum, ensuring they look great when attached to your cart. While they’re advertised as parts for EZGO carts, it’s important to confirm compatibility with your vehicle before ordering, which you can do by contacting the manufacturer directly.

After all, you don’t want to order the wrong size! Also, these spacers are available in three different sizes – 1’, 1.5’, and 2’, so you will need to check the dimensions against your make and model of the cart to ensure you have picked the right spacers.

We love the finish of these spacers, and from an aesthetic point of view, they will help to enhance your golf cart. But as mentioned, just make sure to check the dimensions so that they fit your cart before placing your order.

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4. 2 Inch Golf Cart Wheel Spacers (Titan Wheel Accessories)

4pc 2' Thick | 4x4 to 4x4 Wheel Spacers fits EZ GO fits EZGO fits Club Car Golf Cart

Our last recommendation is this wheel spacer from Titan Wheel Accessories. They are designed to fit most EZGO and Club Car models and are comprised of a 4×4 vehicle bolt pattern, as is standard with most wheel spacers.

Each spacer measures 50mm thick, which is appropriate for most carts. But again, you will need to consider the compatibility of your golf cart before ordering, which you can do by contacting the manufacturer directly.

These wheel spacers come highly rated by customers and are particularly popular thanks to their excellent durability and impressive design features. Like the others previously introduced, professional installation is advised, particularly if you don’t have experience with auto parts.

The bottom line is that all four of the wheel spacers introduced above would be a great addition to your golf cart. Just be sure to check the dimensions and compatibility before ordering, as you don’t want to be stuck with wheel spacers that aren’t suitable for your vehicle.

Do I Need Wheel Spacers on My Golf Cart?

Wheel spacers are not an essential item on golf carts, and it’s better to regard them as an optional extra. Their purpose is to widen the overall stance of your cart, which can improve handling and stability when you’re out on the course.

They also look great and are a super affordable way to upgrade your golf cart. Given the number of accessories that are available to golf cart owners, you can easily become overwhelmed with what is out there.

So, wheel spacers can certainly upgrade your golf cart, but if you don’t want to install them, you certainly don’t need them!

What Do Wheel Spacers Do for A Golf Cart?

As the name suggests, wheel spacers increase the distance between your golf cart wheels. As a result, the stance of your golf cart widens, which can improve its handling and stability when you’re driving on the golf course or on more difficult terrain.

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In terms of mechanical upgrades, wheel spacers are a really affordable and easy way to boost the performance of your golf cart. Some golf carts come with spacers already installed, while others supply them as an optional extra.

If you’re keen to improve the drivability of your cart, you can opt for one of the four spaces introduced above, though your choice will largely depend on the make and model of your cart.

How Do You Put Spacers on a Golf Cart?

Fundamentally, wheel spacers are relatively easy to install on your golf cart. You can bolt them on top of the existing lugs on your wheels, and you just need to make sure that they align before tightening the screws.

However, if you don’t have any experience with fitting spare parts and accessories to your golf cart, we know that fiddling with your tires can be daunting. As such, feel free to reach out to a professional mechanic in your area, who will be able to fix the spacers on your cart in no time at all.

Just call them up and ask them how much they will charge for labor before going. While it shouldn’t cost you much, you will need to factor it into the price of your purchase before deciding if wheel spacers are a viable upgrade to make to your cart.


Wheel spacers are a popular way for golf cart owners to improve the way that their cart drives and handles without undertaking significant upheaval to their cart’s design. However, it’s always best to get wheel spacers professionally installed, particularly if you’re not confident with such projects.

The four products that we’ve introduced above will serve you well if you’re looking to upgrade your golf cart this year, but you will need to check their compatibility with your cart before ordering.

If you’re unsure, it’s best to reach out to the manufacturer directly to ask for advice before placing your order.