Best Golf Cart Steering Wheels (That Look Cool!)

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There are several ways to boost the aesthetics of your golf cart, and you can do so without spending a fortune. One of the best ways of cranking things up a notch is to order a brand-new steering wheel for your cart.

But as you might be aware, there are many different steering wheels out there for you to choose from, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before pressing ahead with a purchase.

To help you, we introduce you to some of the coolest golf cart steering wheels in this article that are easy to install and inexpensive, so you can upgrade your golf cart in style this season.

1. MOSNAI EZGO Steering Wheel Fit Golf Cart

EZGO Steering Wheel Fit Club Car EZGO Yamaha Universal Golf Cart Steering Wheel Club Car DS and Precedent (Black Steering Wheel)

This racing-style steering wheel is perfect for EZGO golf carts and really looks the part. The black brushed surface comes with aluminum spokes and will immediately upgrade the interior of your standard golf cart.

We love the premium PVC grip that enhances the feel of the steering wheel, and the ergonomic design ensures the cart feels great when it’s in your hands. Although the custom steering wheel adaptor is sold separately, it’s relatively easy to design, making it a great choice if you’re not overly handy.

Although it’s perfect for EZGO carts, you can also install this steering wheel on a range of Club Car and Yamaha models, but it’s important to read the terms and conditions before ordering.

If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish racing-style steering wheel for your EZGO golf cart, this black aluminum wheel from MOSNAI is just what you need to boost the interior of your cart.

2. GREENCHOOSY Golf Cart Steering Wheel

GREENCHOOSY Golf Cart Steering Wheel for EZGO Club Car and Yamaha blue2

This 13” golf cart steering wheel is perfect for EZGO and Club Car models and looks and feels great. It’s a universal fit, so you won’t have any issues with replacing the stock steering wheel on your current cart.

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Although it comes in black and grey as standard, you can also upgrade your purchase and order the steering wheel in classy red, blue, or white to give the interior of your cart a little extra boost. Again, the grip is PVC based and feels classy to touch.

Be mindful that to attach this steering wheel to your cart, you will need to order the adaptor separately, but it’s another great option if you’re not particularly pleased with the stock steering wheel of your Club Car or EZGO golf cart.

With several colors and designs to choose from, this golf cart steering wheel from GREENCHOOSY promises to upgrade the interior of your cart and doesn’t require a great deal of know-how to install successfully.  

3. Classic Golf Cart Steering Wheel

CLUBRALLY Golf Cart Steering Wheel, Generic for Most Golf cart EZGO Club Car Yamaha-Wood Brown

For something unique and vintage, this golf cart steering wheel is perfect for a range of makes and models.

We love the vintage wooden design that comes as standard, which will help you rock your golf cart in style, whether you use it on the course or out and about in your community.

If the wood finish isn’t to your liking, you can opt for black or red as an alternative. However, the stylish wood finish is unlike anything else we’ve come across and is an awesome option if you’re looking to personalize your golf cart.

The textured outer grip ensures you won’t experience any issues when driving your cart, and it’s abrasion-proof and anti-slip, making it a good choice for carts used in warm weather conditions. All in all, another great option if you’re hoping to pimp your golf cart!

This vintage golf cart steering wheel oozes class and promises to transform the interior of your cart. So, if you’re looking for a steering wheel that is unique, you can’t go wrong with this popular product.

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4. Dr. Acces Golf Cart Steering Wheel

Golf Cart Steering Wheel for most golf carts use on EZGO Club Car Yamaha steering wheel-Black

Last but not least, this black and silver steering wheel is another great option to consider if you’re looking to upgrade the aesthetics of your golf cart. It comes as a 13” wheel as standard and needs to be installed on your cart with its associated adaptor.

It’s similar in appearance and value as the other steering wheels that we’ve introduced in this article and is also relatively easy to install.

One advantage is that it’s slightly thicker than some of the other wheels, making it a good choice if you want something that offers a little more grip.

The beauty of replacing the stock steering wheel on your golf cart is that it’s a really easy and cost-effective way of enhancing the interior of your cart.

Provided you order the correct adaptor, this steering wheel will give you a stunning upgrade with very little investment and effort.

As is the case with all of the steering wheels we’ve introduced in this article, this wheel is classy, easy to install, and affordable. Overall, it’s a great option for anyone looking to upgrade the interior of their golf cart.

Are All Golf Cart Steering Wheels the Same?

As you can tell from this article, not all golf cart steering wheels are the same. However, they do all share some characteristics, which is helpful when you’re choosing the right steering wheel for your make and model of the cart.

While every manufacturer provides instructions regarding which brand a steering wheel is suitable for, you will find that most can be used on the likes of EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha models with very little issue.

But if your cart is from a different manufacturer, you will have to check the small print carefully.

The main differences between the golf cart steering wheels that you can buy online are aesthetic. You can choose from slightly different designs, color schemes, and materials, so it’s worth looking through your options until you find something you like.

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Also, the vast majority of golf cart steering wheels that you can buy online don’t come with an adaptor included, so you will need to order one separately to proceed with the installation.

Helpfully, the steering wheels introduced above all enable you to purchase an adaptor as an add-on, so you don’t have to go looking for the right equipment elsewhere.

What Size is a Golf Cart Steering Wheel?

Most golf cart steering wheels come with a 13” diameter as standard. The likes of EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha carts all adhere to this size guide, making it relatively simple to order an upgrade or replacement steering wheel as and when you please.

Note that the diameter of the steering wheel itself isn’t particularly important, and you can order a smaller or bigger wheel if you wish.

However, it is important to consider the size of the adaptor, and you need to choose a steering wheel that is compatible with your golf cart.

As such, make sure you read through the manufacturer’s guidelines and terms and conditions in detail, as you don’t want to be left with a steering wheel that you can’t install on your cart.

This is particularly important if you don’t have a cart from one of the big manufacturers.


Ordering a new steering wheel for your golf cart is an excellent way of enhancing the cart’s aesthetics without forking out a great deal of money. You can buy a steering wheel and the associated adapter for less than $100, which can add an element of personalization to your cart.

Just make sure that the steering wheel that you choose is compatible with your cart, and don’t forget to order an adaptor to go with it.

Hopefully, you now have all the information you need to order a new steering wheel for your golf cart, and you can take the first steps toward enhancing the interior of your vehicle.