Golf Cart Snow Plowing Guide (Is it Even Safe?)

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One of the best things about golf carts is that they can be used in various situations for various purposes. But can you use a golf cart as a snow plow?

In this golf cart snow plowing guide, we run through everything you need to know about taking your golf cart out in the snow and introduce you to some essential safety tips to ensure you don’t get stuck out in bad weather!

Can You Drive a Golf Cart in the Snow?

Yes, you can drive a golf cart in the snow. However, you will need to make some adjustments and add some safety features to your cart to ensure that you don’t get stuck or have difficulty driving in the snow.

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Opting for winter tires is a must, and it’s also a good idea to invest in a good snow plow for your cart, mainly if you live in an area where heavy and deep snowfall is a severe concern – more on this shortly.

You also need to consider the road conditions or track you’re driving on; if the ground is too soft beneath the snow, your cart may get stuck.

As a result, you should consider the conditions and amend your cart accordingly before taking it out in the snow.

So, read on to discover what you need to know about driving your golf cart in the snow, as well as tips on converting your cart into a snow plow, should the conditions necessitate such amendments.

Will a Golf Cart Plow Snow?

A golf cart can be transformed into an effective snow plow. However, to plow snow safely in a golf cart, it’s crucial to buy a purpose-built snow plow that enables you to do so safely and efficiently.

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Another important consideration * is the depth of the snow you’re planning to plow. Of course, golf carts are relatively low to the ground and can only really deal with a foot or so of snow.

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If you try and plow super deep snow, your cart will almost certainly get stuck.

As mentioned, it’s also a good idea to invest in winter tires for your golf cart with added tread, as they will prevent your cart from slipping on the ice.

After all, golf carts have been designed for use in the summer, so they’re not accustomed to driving in snowy conditions!

But provided that you make the necessary adjustments and invest in a purpose-built snow plow, there’s absolutely no reason why your golf cart can’t clear the snow from your drive during the winter months.

What Do You Need to Plow Snow Safely on a Golf Cart?

To transform your golf cart into a snow plow, there are some non-negotiable adjustments that you need to make to your cart, including:

  • A purpose-built snow plow that is an appropriate size and weight for your golf cart. Most golf cart snow plows are around 48-50 inches.**
  • Winter tires with additional tread to prevent your cart from slipping on the snow and ice. 
  • A winch system enables you to plow up and down, changing the direction of the snow plow and clearing the snow in your path. 

While you can plow snow with various golf carts, gas-powered carts typically do better in inclement weather, as they have more power and are not reliant on batteries. 

That being said, provided that you make the necessary adjustments, you can plow snow in an electric golf cart – make sure the batteries are fully charged before heading out.

Do They Make Snow Plows for Golf Carts?

Yes! You can buy snow plows for golf carts from various online stores and golf cart retailers. As mentioned, they come in different weights and sizes, and the dimensions of the plow that you invest in will depend on the cart you own.

Nordic Plow NP49SGEZ 49 in. Plow for EZ-GO Golf Cart

Some snow plows are universal fits, while others are made specifically for EZGo, Yamaha, and Club Car models.

It’s essential to read the operating terms and specifications to ensure that you order a snow plow that is appropriate for your cart.

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You can spend between $500 and $2,000 on a snow plow for your golf cart, depending on the specifications and build quality of the plow you order.

As such, it’s a fairly sizable investment and should not be made lightly.

Consider how frequently you’re likely to use the snow plow before weighing up whether or not it’s worth ordering one to clear the snow from your driveway.

What About Golf Cart Snow Plow Kits?

Instead of buying a snow plow on its own, you can invest in a golf cart snow plow kit to make your life easier when attaching the plow to your cart. In addition to the plow, kits typically include the following accessories:

  • Dual headlights
  • Heavy-duty poly blade
  • Rubber blade cutter
  • LED light bar with mount
  • Power angle kit

Snow plow kits are available from retailers such as Golf Cart King, and you can find kits suited to a whole host of makes and models.***

Naturally, the most significant advantage of buying a snow plow kit is that operating it makes your life easier.

But you should also be mindful that these kits are relatively expensive, so again, you should weigh the pros and cons of buying one before adding it to your golf cart this winter.

Can You DIY a Golf Cart Snow Plow?

Depending on your skillset and mechanical know-how, it could be possible to DIY a golf cart snow plow. 

However, it’s not something you should undertake lightly, as it’s a relatively complex project that requires a lot of attention to detail!

At the very least, buy a purpose-built snow plow for your golf cart, and you can make the necessary adjustments without purchasing a complete plow kit.

Doing this can be cheaper, but it will require a fair amount of time and effort.

Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you whether you decide to DIY a snow plow, but our advice is to invest in a snow plow kit to make your life easier, particularly if you have a lot of snow to shovel this winter!

Are there Golf Carts with Snow Plows for Sale?

Yes, absolutely! While many golf cart owners look to buy snow plow kits to add to the cart they currently own, an alternative is to buy a golf cart with a snow plow already attached.

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There are several places to search for golf carts with snow plows – is the ideal place to begin your search. It features a massive range of golf carts and UTVs with various modifications, including snow plows.

Alternatively, you can look on marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist to see if any snow plow golf carts are for sale in your local area.

This can save on shipping costs and allows you to test out the cart before committing to a purchase.

So, if you want to buy a golf cart with a snow plow attached, there are many options available to you, and it’s just a matter of researching the relevant sites.

Will I Need Snow Tires and Chains for My Golf Cart?

Snow tires are essential if you’re planning to drive your golf cart in the snow. After all, the current tires on your golf cart are designed to go on dry grass and don’t have much tread.

Fortunately, you can easily buy snow tires for golf carts with extra tread, and they’re a great option if you’re worried about slipping or your cart getting stuck in the snow and ice.

As for chains – this is a judgment call. Some golf cart owners opt for chains instead of buying new tires, as they can be attached and removed as and when required.

In our experience, specific winter tires work better than chains, but it’s up to you.

But the bottom line is that if you plan to take your golf cart out in inclement weather, you need to make the necessary modifications or risk being stuck out in the snow!


Provided that you make the necessary adjustments to your golf cart, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t use it as a snow plow. Even several snow plow kits are available for golf carts, making it extremely easy to adjust your cart accordingly.

So, if you’re planning to use your golf cart in the snow this winter, follow the safety tips outlined in this article and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your cart operates safely in the snow.


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