Best Golf Cart Rentals in The Villages, Florida

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If you were looking for the best place to retire with warm weather and scenery, the Villages, Florida will do. But there’s more to it.

This place has some of the most scenic landscapes and unbeatable attractions in the region. As such, it’s a hot spot for adventurous visitors.

When it comes to golf lovers, this is a promised land with all they could hope for. Hosting about 13 championship courses, there’s an abundance of opportunities for everyone. That is, both pro golfers and novices have an option that matches their expertise.

With all the stunning attractions and golf courses spread across the region, it makes sense to rent a car.

This will not only be convenient but also boost your chance of having fun and exploring as much as you can. And thanks to the abundance of golf cart rentals in the region, this is possible.

Let’s look at the top 3 Golf Cart Rentals in The Villages, Florida, and break down the services, prices, and contact details so you can book the most suitable option.

1. The Villages Golf Cars

Are you looking for a golf car for various occasions while you’re in The Villages, Florida? Well, the Villages Golf Cars has got what you need.

Also, they’re among the largest ATV rental company in the region. What’s more, their fleet comprises the latest and best quality golf carts at your disposal.

Therefore, if you have an eye for the latest models, visit the Villages Golf Carts. All their models are from 2018 and above, comprising EZGO gas, Club Car, and Yamaha.

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In addition, some come with rain enclosures for when the Florida weather turns bad.

Another notable feature is their competitive daily rates that allow you to spend less on quality service. And if you’re staying in the region for a while, the weekly or monthly plan will save you more cash.

To your advantage, there are options of golf carts you can choose from. They include 2-seater, 4-seater, and 6-seater golf carts. Unfortunately, due to limited fleet inventory, you cannot reserve a golf cart. They only allow walk-ins.

Daily Rates/Cost to Hire: 2-seater at $25, 4-seater at $45 and 6-seater at $50 (subject to change).

Address 1: Magnolia Plaza: 2081 Everglades Lane, The Villages, FL 32163.
Phone: 352-751-3360

Address 2: Brownwood: 2636 W Torch Lake Dr, The Villages, FL 32163
Phone: 352-205-8909

Address 3: Lake Sumter Landing, 1075 Old Camp Road, The Villages, FL 32162
Phone: 352-753-6750

Address 4: La Plaza Grande, 910 Bichara Blvd, The Villages, FL 32159
Phone: 352-750-3410
Web Address:

2. Village Discount Golf Carts

Finding a reliable golf cart in the Villages can be tricky during high season.

Luckily, if you are going to stay for over a month in this region, you’ve got a chance of reserving a comfortable golf cart at a low price with Village Discount Golf Carts.

Their fleet includes 2 and 4 passengers’ golf carts that are fully equipped to handle the terrain in this region. Also, they come with a full tank saving you from the hassle of refilling it.

To enhance their customer services even further, they’re providing 24 hours support. So, if you’re facing difficulties anytime, feel free to reach out for quick assistance.

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Other services include free delivery of the golf cart when you arrive to a location of your choosing. There’s also free pick-up when your stay comes to an end.

Notice though that Village Discount Golf Carts rents only golf carts to individuals over the age of 30, making it a rental service in this area that limits customers to a certain age group.

Furthermore, one must have a valid driver’s license and continuous auto insurance coverage.

Rates/Cost to Hire: Reach out for details on up to date rental rates
Address: Santa Fe Crossing Plaza, 8590E. CR 466 (northern), The Villages, FL (0.5 miles eastern side of Morse Blvd or one-mile northeastern side of Lake Sumter)
Phone: 352-644-3638
Web Address:

3. Masters Golf Cars

If you’re hosting an event in The Villages, Florida, then Masters Golf Cars are the best partner to opt for.

They not only serve individual needs but also have a fleet of golf carts for events. Through delivery services, you will get your golf cart anywhere in The Villages.

Their golf carts include two-seater, 4-seater, and 5-seater allowing you to chose what fits your events or party size.

And with their love for local events like Ocala, they’re at the forefront by renting golf carts for easy movement. Therefore, when you’re reserving a golf cart for specific events, ensure you mention that.

They’ll deliver the golf cart to you at the event or your current address in The Villages.

Their golf carts are also fully equipped for comfort and reliability. Further, they also have a ready professional crew to assist you whenever necessary.

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To guarantee the safety of all clients, the experienced staff double-checks the golf carts before renting them out.

Other key features include free repair services if your golf cart breaks down during the term of your lease. And when you rent their golf cart, it comes with a full tank.

Daily Rates/Cost to Hire: Reach out for current daily / monthly rates
Address: 12885 US-441, Belleview, FL 34420
Phone: (352) 307-0111
Web Address:

The Villages, Florida is a place of wonders with striking natural and manmade attractions. The great weather and scenic landscapes happen to be the hot spots that draw people to this region.

But most importantly, golfers love this place because of the great option for golf courses. And with the help of golf carts, navigating this region is a lot easier.

From what we’ve covered earlier, you have three top golf cart rentals in the Villages, Florida. They include Masters Golf Cars, Village Discount Golf Carts, and The Villages Golf Carts.

They all cater to individual needs, but some accommodate special circumstances like events and parties where your guests can be transported in style!

Also, while some offer daily rates, there’s one that sticks to monthly offers. And thanks to these differences, you can find a rental company that fits your needs.

So, if you stop by the Villages, Florida, reach out to any of these three for amazing golf cart rental services.