Golf Cart Muffler Repair and Replace Guide

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As a golf cart owner, you’re probably aware that lots of things can potentially go wrong, particularly if you have an older model gas-powered cart.

With that in mind, we introduce you to everything you need to know about replacing and repairing the muffler on your gas golf cart.

We explain how best to undertake the task and recommend the best place online to buy new and used mufflers, depending on your budget.

Can You Put a Muffler on a Golf Cart?

Adding a muffler can be a great way to reduce the noise that your golf cart makes, specifically for gas golf carts. Most gas carts have a muffler installed as standard, but it could be a good idea to replace it if it’s not doing a great job at limiting the noise of your exhaust.

Yamaha Exhaust Muffler (1985-1995) G2, G8, G9, G11, G14 Golf Cart

Muffler silencers are available for Yamaha golf carts and other popular makes and models. Yamaha golf carts have a great reputation for their performance and durability, but one of their downsides is the noise that they produce.

As such, purchasing a muffler for your gas golf cart can be a great way to reduce its noise, ensuring that you can drive your cart out on the course without disturbing other players when they’re lining up for their shots.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about golf cart mufflers, including how to tell if they’re bad and how to replace them if required.

How Do I Know if My Golf Cart Muffler is Bad?

Unfortunately, a muffler doesn’t last forever, and there are a number of signs that you need to replace it. * First and foremost, you might notice that your golf cart is louder than usual, and there is a noise akin to roaring when you press the accelerator pedal.

Yamaha Exhaust Muffler (1985-1995) G2, G8, G9, G11, G14 Golf Cart

In many instances, this means that there’s a hole in your muffler, and it could have been caused by moving over bumpy terrain. Another common problem with golf cart mufflers is that they can become clogged in some instances.

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If your golf cart has a clogged muffler, you might experience gas leaks and poor acceleration at lower speeds, and you may even notice that the smell of the fumes is more pronounced than normal.

All could signify an issue with your golf cart muffler.

Naturally, if you suspect that there’s an issue with your golf cart muffler, you should check it yourself or take it to a golf cart mechanic to help you repair the damage before it causes any problems with your cart’s drivability.

Will Installing a Muffler Make My Golf Cart Quieter?

Absolutely! A muffler is a key aspect of your golf cart’s exhaust system, and it is located at the rear of your vehicle. Its primary job is to dampen your vehicle’s emissions as well as soften the noise coming from the engine.**

Yamaha Exhaust Muffler (1985-1995) G2, G8, G9, G11, G14 Golf Cart

As mentioned, most gas golf carts have a muffler installed as standard, and it’s something that’s integral to its performance. Electric golf carts, on the other hand, don’t come with mufflers.

If you’re driving a relatively old golf cart or if you notice that your engine is louder than it ought to be, the first thing you should check is whether there are any holes in the muffler or if you can see that it’s damaged in any way.

Once you’ve diagnosed the problem, you can ask a mechanic to fix up the muffler you currently have on your golf cart, or you can order a new one.

Either way, installing or repairing a muffler on your golf cart will make a big difference to the noise coming from its engine.

Is It Hard to Replace a Golf Cart Muffler?

Replacing a muffler on a golf cart isn’t overly complicated, but it’s not necessarily something that every golf cart owner wishes to undertake. Of course, whether you replace a muffler yourself or not depends on your confidence and knowledge of the mechanics of your cart.

To replace a muffler on a golf cart, you will need the necessary tools to elevate your golf cart off the ground, as well as a hacksaw or something similar to remove the current muffler from the cart.

Next, you will need the knowledge and tools in order to weld the replacement muffler in place before sealing it with a lubricant.

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For some people, this is a relatively straightforward task, but for others, it presents a headache.

Therefore, if you’re not confident or experienced with mechanical repairs, it makes sense to take your golf cart for a service to get the muffler replaced.

You don’t want to create more problems for yourself by botching the job!

How Hot Does a Golf Cart Muffler Get?

As an important part of your golf cart’s exhaust system, the muffler will get very hot when you use your cart. In fact, it is likely to be too hot to touch, so you need to be careful when you’re about to work on your muffler and should leave your cart for sufficient time before touching it.

If you think that your muffler and exhaust are overly hot, it could be due to an issue with your golf cart’s motor or engine.

This is particularly true if your muffler gets hot instantly, practically as soon as you start your cart’s ignition.

There are several reasons why your muffler could be overheating, and it’s likely due to something being clogged.

The muffler has a system of internal baffles that are key to regulating the flow of fumes from your engine.

Therefore, if you suspect that your golf cart muffler is overheating, it could be a sign that there’s an issue with the motor, engine, or exhaust itself, and it’s something that you should get checked out by a mechanic.

Buying a Golf Cart Muffler Replacement

Helpfully, there are lots of places to buy a golf cart muffler replacement online if you wish to work on your golf cart yourself. One of the best places to buy a replacement muffler is Walmart, where you can buy replacement mufflers for Yamaha, Club Car, and EZGO models.***

You will need to check the make, model, and year of your gas golf cart before ordering the correct replacement, as there are various sizes and models available on the Walmart online store.

If you don’t want to buy a muffler yourself, you could always reach out to a mechanic to buy one on your behalf before working on your golf cart. But buying one from Walmart is a great way to save money on parts.

With the replacement muffler in hand, you could then take it to a mechanic to fix it for you, meaning that you only need to pay for labor, avoiding a markup on parts that is commonplace on a mechanic’s bill!

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Can You DIY a Golf Cart Muffler?

You can, at least theoretically, make a golf cart muffler yourself. But the question remains – why would you want to? You can easily order a replacement muffler for a great price from Walmart and other online stores.

Realistically, you should only look to undertake a DIY muffler project if you’re an experienced mechanic with the knowledge and skills to carry out the job. You will also need to source the necessary tools and parts to get the job done, which could be more hassle than it’s worth.

While we’re certainly not advocating against DIY projects, building a muffler from scratch isn’t something that everyone will be able to do.

So, if you’re not an experienced mechanic, we recommend leaving the job up to a pro, as a DIY muffler project is likely to be more hassle than it’s worth!

What About Used Golf Cart Mufflers?

To save some money when it comes to replacing the muffler on your golf cart, you can look online for a used muffler. There are various used golf cart online stores to search, offering you lots of places to find the parts that you need.

Failing that, eBay is always a great option for replacement golf cart parts, and you can find both used and new options on the marketplace.

However, if you’re planning to buy a used golf cart muffler, you need to be careful where you buy your parts from.

The last thing you want is to be stuck with faulty or damaged used parts!

So, provided that you buy your used parts from a trusted online source or supplier, there’s no reason why you can’t buy a replacement muffler for your golf cart.


If your golf cart muffler is damaged or aging, it’s important to replace it. After all, driving a golf cart with a damaged muffler will be noisy, which isn’t ideal for you or your fellow golfers.

The good news is that it’s relatively easy for a mechanic to replace your golf cart’s muffler, so it’s a job that you should schedule as soon as possible to breathe some fresh life back into your gas-powered golf cart.