Golf Cart Headlights Not Working? (Do This!)

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You may have noticed that the headlights on your golf cart have gone dim or flicker at times. Only the golfers can understand the frustration behind faulty headlights, not only does it become impossible to operate in low light conditions.

But you’re also legally required to have perfectly working headlights on your golf cart for it to be road legal.

There might be several reasons behind your golf cart headlights not working, it might be a short circuit or a blown bulb.

Let’s understand why the headlights on your golf cart have malfunctioned, where is the fuse for headlights located on a golf cart, why do they get dim, and how to put lights on some well-known golf carts like Yamaha, Club Car, and EZ-GO.

Why Won’t the Headlights Work on My Golf Cart?

There could be several reasons behind your golf cart’s headlights not working. It could either be a blown headlight bulb, a blown fuse, faulty headlight switch, a bad circuit, a blown voltage reducer, or dead batteries.

Golf cart headlights are made of different parts, working together to make a complete circuit that produces light. If any of these parts stops functioning, the headlights on your golf cart won’t work.

A fuse is a part that makes sure that optimal voltage goes to the headlights. If you’ve noticed the flickering or dimming of your golf cart headlights before they completely stopped working, most probably the fuse is blown.

A circuit is made of a cluster of wires that supply the lights. If you got your golf cart repaired and somebody made alterations in the wiring, there’s a possibility that the fault is in the circuit.

There’s also a chance that the actual bulb which illuminates and produces lights has blown. There could be several reasons, such as short-circuiting or extra-voltage.

Another common reason could be a faulty headlights switch. Sometimes, the switch doesn’t receive optimal current and fails to work, rendering the headlights useless.

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Some other common reasons include dead batteries and a blown voltage reducer that regulates the power supply to the lights. 

Where is the Fuse for the Lights on a Golf Cart?

Depending on the golf cart brand, the fuse can have a different location. The most common locations of the fuse on a golf cart include – the side of the controller, rear inner fender, in a box under the driver’s seat, or behind the dash.

It is important to know the location of the fuse box on your golf cart so that you can easily inspect and replace it, in case the fuse is blown. Each company designates a specific location to the fuse box, for easy accessibility and ease of replacement.

In the majority of the Yamaha golf carts, the fuse-box can be found on the left side of the controller, the inner fender on the driver’s side, and below the cup holders. 

The location of the fuse in EZ-GO golf carts could be under the steering wheel cover, below the driver’s seat, and under the engine hood. 

In the Club Car golf carts, the fuse box is present behind the dash, on the side of the battery, and under the seats.

How Do You Wire Lights on a Golf Cart?

If you’re planning to install a new pair of headlights or replace the older one on your golf cart then following a 6 step-by-step guide on how to wire lights on your golf cart will help you get the job done in the quickest and easiest way.

Step 1: Make sure that you’ve disconnected the black wire from the battery’s negative terminal. Also, install a toggle switch to operate your lights.

Step 2: Using a ring terminal, connect one lead of the inline fuse holder to the positive terminal of the battery. Now connect the other lead of the inline fuse holder to the middle terminal of the toggle switch, using a connector.

Step 3: Using a 16-gauge wire, connect the positive connection of the headlights with the second terminal of the toggle switch with a connector.

Step 4: Cover all the joints and connections with Teflon and electrical tape. Also secure the wiring with nylon wire ties.

Step 6: Adjust and secure the toggle switch properly and reconnect the negative terminal of the battery.

Test the lights and connections by switching the toggle up and down.

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Why Are My Golf Cart Lights Dim?

The most common reason behind the dimming of golf cart lights is the loose wiring. A loose connection or faulty joints can be the culprits behind your golf cart’s dim headlights. Another problem could be in the bulb, replacing this component first should be the first thing to try.

A faulty or an old, worn-out bulb also flickers and loses its illuminating power over time.

There could be other reasons behind your golf cart’s dim lights, including fuse panel issues, faulty accelerator, and bad solenoids.

Any problem with the fuse panel, such as rusting, or overheating can cause an interrupted power supply and dimming of the lights. If the accelerator is failing on your golf cart, it may draw too much power from the batteries.

If you notice the dimming of light while accelerating, it is probably a bad accelerator.

Some other reasons include a faulty solenoid – a component that allows a smooth electrical current flow in the golf cart, and a faulty voltage reducer that fails to transmit enough voltage to the lights.

How Do You Put the Headlights on an EZ Go Golf Cart?

You’ll require a set of tools, a toggle switch, a wire harness, and a special connector to put the headlights on an EZ GO golf cart. 

If your EZ GO golf cart didn’t come with a pair of headlights from the factory, you’d have to install them yourself. Follow these points to understand how to put the headlights:

  1. Decide the location of headlights (most probably front bumper) and mark the areas for holes, to screw and secure the lights.
  2. Drill the holes, while you do so, make sure that the battery’s negative terminal is disconnected.
  3. On the driver’s side dash, make a hole for the toggle switch.
  4. Make a secure connection of the battery, inline fuse holder, and the toggle switch, and connect the headlights to the switch.
  5. Secure the headlights in their place and tightly screw the toggle switch.
  6. Reconnect the battery terminals and test the lights by switching the toggle ON and OFF.

How Do You Put Lights on a Club Car Golf Cart?

Follow this step-by-step guide to understand the headlight installation process on a Club Car golf cart;

  1. The first step is to install the switch for lights. Make a hole in the driver’s side dash after you’ve disconnected the battery terminals.
  2. Connect the light switch to the battery harness and make a connection with the fuse panel.
  3. Then you install the headlights. The Club Car golf carts have a removable bumper and a proper space for lights. Simply secure the light to the frame with screws and connect it to the switch.
  4. Make a secure connection with the battery and fuse panel, located under the driver’s seat.
  5. Reconnect the battery terminals and test your lights by using the switch.
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How Do You Put Lights on a Yamaha Golf Cart?

Learn to install the headlights on your Yamaha golf cart by following these steps;

  1. Just like EZ GO golf carts, you’ve to drill the holes for the lights and there is no specific frame for them. Carefully mark the outline for the light and drill the frame.
  2. Remove the seats and the carpet to place and adjust the wire harness and make secure connections. Make sure that the batteries are disconnected.
  3. Drill a hole on the dash for the toggle switch and make the connection with the lights, fuse box, and batteries.
  4. Secure all the joints with electrical tape and secure the wire harness with nylon wire ties.
  5. Check the connection and headlights by using the toggle switch. 


Golf cart headlights are crucial for usage during the dark hours and are legally required to be fit for the golf carts to be road regal. Golf cart headlights can usually stop working or become dim over time, creating a problem for the owners.

There could be several reasons behind the faulty headlights, such as loose wires and connections, faulty accelerator, bad solenoid, blown fuse or bulb, weak batteries, and a faulty switch.

All of these problems can be fixed by either repairing or getting the headlights replaced. It is important to make a secure wire connection of the lights with the inline fuse holder, batteries, and toggle switch using a connector.

To install lights on your Yamaha, EZ GO, or Club Car golf cart, park your golf cart in tow, and get all the required tools along with required components.

Drill the frame and holes for the lights and toggle switches, make secure connections using a high-quality wire harness, and secure the wires with nylon ties to the golf cart frame. Make sure you use only OEM or other certified products.