Best Golf Cart Enclosures with Doors: Anti-Wind & Rain!

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What if you’re out on a short trip or on the course and it starts to pour? golf carts are not designed to withstand rain or strong winds and are inherently meant to be used only on a golf course. What if we tell you, we have the best solution for you!

Golf cart enclosures are meant to cover the cart from the top and enclose all its sides. Mainly to protect from the rain, harsh sunlight, and stingy winds. A golf cart enclosure is supposed to protect your cart from dust and splashes as well, once it is parked.

Just like the golf cart covers, we’ve gone one step ahead and shortlisted the top 5 best golf cart enclosures with doors.

These enclosures let you use your golf cart in any condition, whether it’s raining, cold breeze or strong winds are blowing, these zipped enclosures with doors will keep you safe and let you easily your golf cart with ease.

Keep reading to understand more about the details and durability of these golf cart enclosures, and which one you should go for.

1. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure

Classic Accessories Fairway Short Roof 2-Person Deluxe Golf Cart Enclosure, Black with Clear Windows

Fairway Deluxe enclosure is a premium product and a gift for your dear golf cart. Made with top-quality and time-tested material, added flexibility and endurance, and measured to perfection, Fairway Deluxe is one of the best golf cart enclosures that you can get on the market right now.

Classic Accessories have designed the Fairway Deluxe with a lot of features and flexible options to meet all your traveling needs.

With a storage bag with padded handles included, you can now easily carry this enclosure wherever you want.

There are zippered doors that can be rolled back or removed completely, and panels that adjust easily with adaptation to any weather condition. A front clear windshield, made of heavy-duty polyester, with a Quick zip-off option and front pocket storage.

Gardelle fabric made of neoprene and fade-safe material makes it highly weather and tear-resistant. Other features include reflective piping, oversized zipper pulls, strong hooks.

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Overall, it’s a great option to consider while shopping for a golf cart enclosure with doors. It is highly durable, has a sturdy quality, and has enough endurance to withstand harsh weather.

Best for: buyers looking for a golf cart enclosure with foldable panels, long-lasting durability, and compatibility with the majority of the golf carts.

2. Greenline Heavy Duty 300D 4 Passenger Golf Cart Enclosure

Greenline Drivable Golf Cart Enclosures by Eevelle, Heavy Duty 300D 4 Passenger Universal Fit, Black

Greenline Heavy Duty 300D golf cart enclosures are compatible with carts having rear seats facing forward or rearward. These are ideal for active golfers, letting them continue even if it starts to pour or the weather turns for the worst.

Crystal clear PVC windows enable maximum visibility and super tough vinyl doors provide extra protection against the rain, harsh sunlight, and other harsh conditions.

You don’t need any tools for installation, all the panels can be rolled and packed or unpacked within minutes.

Some impressive features include heavy-duty 300D vinyl fabric for extra durability, synergized by Durapel coating technology which makes it weather and UV resistant.

Compatible with most makes and fits 2, 4, or 6 seater golf carts with ease, simply roll it over the roof and get an easy snug fit with elastics. For extra protection, engage the J-hooks for secure locking.

Roll-up doors and panels make installation and usage very easy, glove pull zippers come in handy whenever required.

This is a good product and can be relied upon in tough conditions. With quick caddy storage and EZ pockets, it has all the features you’re looking for.

Best for: the golfers who don’t care about the weather or wind. The heavy-duty fabric and vinyl structure will always keep the cart safe & secure!

3. Golf Cart Enclosure for EZGO with 2 Zipped Doors

10L0L Golf Cart Enclosure 2 Passenger 600D for Universal EZGO TXT/RXV with 2 Door Zippers, Security Side Mirror Openings, Waterproof Portable Transparent Storage Driving Rain Cover

10L0L has offered a great solution to all your golf cart enclosure needs with its latest offering. Super durability and perfect weather resistance, thanks to 420D Oxford polyester fiber and resin door zipper.

Not a single drop of rain or a breeze of chilled wind will ever touch you in your EZGO TXT wrapped in this enclosure.

It is ideal for your 2 seater TXT cart with 58″L x 39.5″W x 55″H dimensions but can be used on most sized golf carts.

It has double zippered doors on both sides, making entry and exit very easy and 4 underbody hooks ensuring the proper security of the enclosure. This design also allows for the installation of side-view mirrors and can also replace the front windshield, reducing the cost of repair or damages.

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It also has a transparent patch on the back for your taillights, handy for when you need to see whos on your tail!

With a 420D PVC coated oxford and PU water-proof layering, your golf cart is in good hands against rain, snow, dust, wind, scratch, and other harsh environmental situations throughout the year.

Packing and carriage are also effortless, with no tools required and easy assembly due to foldable panels.

Overall, it is a great product with added convenience and usability for golfers.

Best for: EZGO TXT owners who are looking for an enclosure with great features and up-scale protection against harsh conditions.

4. Doorworks Hinged Door Golf Cart Enclosure

Jet Black Golf Cart Cover – EZGO RXV Sunbrella Canvas Cart Cover – Doorworks Hinged Door Golf Cart Enclosures,Fits Golf Bags, Swinging Hard Doors, Utility Box or Rear Facing Seat Jet Black

This top-tier luxury golf car enclosure is the one to highlight on the wish list. With some innovative features, flexible design, and added amenities, it is one of the best golf cart enclosures available right now.

This one-of-a-kind sunbrella cart cover is made of top-quality canvas material which is waterproof, does not fade, and is resistant to tear and rip.

It has an innovative air-tight hinged door design that comes with 2-Sided Zippers in the door windows, and rear window.

This premium cart enclosure is offered with an exclusive Standout Latch design that allows the doors to remain securely open when the cart is being driven. Doors can switch from the locked open position to closed quickly and effortlessly, and can easily be removed when desired.

The rear side of this portable golf cart enclosure is compatible and easily fits with golf carts having rear-facing seats, a utility box set up, or a golf bag.

A sturdy sub-structure is made from a powder-coated aluminum frame with a tough black coating, which prevents rusting. By following the instructions, this enclosure is easy to install, thanks to the Doorworks’ patented method.

The doors can also be completely removed, providing a great solution for hot summer weather.

Overall, it is a great, lightweight, and highly modifiable enclosure that can adapt to your needs. It would resist tough weather conditions and other harsh environmental factors as well.

Best for: people who like to use their golf carts in hot weather and want an enclosure that can be used with doors open and is sturdy in build quality.

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5. Marine Grade Hinged Door Golf Cart Enclosure

Black Golf Cart Cover – Doorworks Hinged Door Golf Cart Enclosures – Club Car Onward, Precedent or Tempo Vinyl Cart Cover, Swinging Hard Doors, Fits Golf Bags, Utility Box or Rear Facing Seat

Another well-reviewed product from Woodworks, the marine-grade hinged door enclosure is a good quality golf cart cover. It comes with a durable build quality, different modifications, and represents real value for money.

This is specifically meant to fit the Club Car carts and offers a perfect snug fit, keeping you and your vehicle safe.

This enclosure is made of high-quality marine-grade vinyl which makes it waterproof and protects against fading, ripping, and other damages.

The doors are designed to be kept open or shut with a locking mechanism. The doors and rear windows are zippered on both sides for maximum comfort and climate control.

This cart cover has a unique latch solution, that lets the drivers keep their doors open securely, even when the cart is moving. Doors can be switched from the locked open position to a closed one in no time, and can easily be removed and kept away when not needed.

The cover adapts perfectly to your cart and on the backside as well with any added seats or modifications.

Overall, it is a good choice and has even better durability with added weather protection, thanks to the marine-grade vinyl material used.

Best for: golfers who need tougher and more weather-resistant golf car enclosure, with the additional comfort of modification and convenience of usage.


Golf cart enclosures are great products for your cart and a must-have if you drive around in inclement states in the US.

Made of tough and durable material, optional modifications, and ease of usage even when the golf cart is being used – make these enclosures a great accessory.

There are various types of golf cart enclosures that have doors, windows, and windshields, and can be used with multiple makes and models. Two-sided sturdy zippers, latch mechanism for the usage of doors, and tough hooks to keep the cover secure. 

If you’re looking for a golf cart cover, must have a look at the above-mentioned products and choose the one that suits you best. With a 3-years warranty, usage of tough material, and easy adaptability, you’d never be disappointed with your investment.