Is Golf a Boring Sport? – Read the Verdict!

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Is golf boring? For many, it may seem like a sport that is not worth your time. But the truth is, golf is one of the more popular sports in the United States!

In this blog post we will discuss whether or not golf is actually boring and why you should play or watch on TV if you have never tried it before.

In fact, let’s ask different people what they think about golf!

Is Golf Boring to Play?

Golf is a sport that requires skill and patience. It’s not for everyone, but it still has many fans (including everyone at Windtree Golf!)

Golf can be fun to play and some people find it relaxing.

For others, they may feel bored or frustrated while playing golf. Do you think golf is boring? If so, why do you think this?

The no camp, first from Mike…

” Well, I’ll tell you what: golf is NOT boring to play.

I know people say it is when they see the game on TV but that’s not how it really is.

I’ve been playing for years now and let me just tell you all about a round of golf from my perspective.

It starts with getting up in the morning to grab breakfast – maybe an egg white omelet with fruit and yogurt or something like that.

Then maybe some coffee because we’re going to be out there for many hours so staying energized is key!

Head into work, get through our day at the office (or school), head back home and change clothes before heading over to the clubhouse where we meet up with friends and hit some balls, its a great sport! ” – Mike.

Lucy tends to agree….

” I’m sure it might seem a bit boring to some people. but really, golf is super fun to play!

If you have someone that knows how to teach you the game and how to use the different clubs properly, then you should give it a try.

We used to take my nieces out for one or two rounds when they were visiting from Texas.

They loved it so much that they even bought their own set of clubs when they got home! “

Dean also loves playing the sport…

Golf is not as boring as you think, I promise. It’s a very peaceful sport and can be quite fun when played with the right group of individuals. The game has been around for centuries so it must have some merit to it right?

Also, If you just want to play by yourself, then it’s not so bad because there isn’t really anyone else competing with you. You can take as long as you want and no one will tell you to hurry up and finish the game. So in my opinion, golf isn’t such a pointless or uninteresting sport after all!

For balance, people who think golf is boring to play…

Sarah hates playing golf..

Golf is one of those games that people seem to like, but honestly, it’s not for me.

I was always envious when my cousins or friends told me they were going golfing on the weekend.

But after playing for a couple of hours at a time with them and watching what goes into it, I couldn’t see the appeal anymore.

It just seemed so pointless to me. And there wasn’t really anything fun about being outside in 100-degree weather while swinging around this stick all day either- kind of hard work if you ask me!

Randall is quite forthright with his opinion on golf…

I hate to say it, but I have a confession to make.

Golf is boring. There’s no getting around that fact. It doesn’t matter how many times I find myself at the driving range or on the putting green, the hours go by without any entertainment value whatsoever.

The only thing worse than playing golf is watching golf on TV!

Frank is also not a fan of golf…

For as long as I can remember, golf has always been my dad’s favorite pastime.

It was a ritual for us to pack up the car and go on an outing with him once or twice a week to a different course where we would play eighteen holes.

It was so boring! We could never get anything done in that time frame because it took hours to finish just one round of golf; not even including the time spent driving there and back again, which usually meant that you weren’t home before dinner time.

I didn’t mind going when I was younger but now that I’m older and have more things competing for my free time like NFL or college basketball.

is golf boring to watch on tv

Is Golf Boring to Watch?

Let’s be honest golf is a sport that many people find boring to watch.

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But it doesn’t have to be! With the right perspective, you can enjoy golf and appreciate it for what it really is.

What do other people think about watching golf?

Jean loves watching on TV…

I like golf on TV. I don’t know why, but it’s really soothing.

Maybe because the camera is always on the perfect angle and there are no cuts to people’s reactions or weird sound effects in between shots.

Plus, how can you not get caught up in the drama of a match?

The commentators are pretty cool too and they’re not talking over each other like they do on other sports.

Mark has good memories of watching golf..

I love watching golf. I’ve watched it on TV since I was a kid and my dad would always let me tag along if he was watching a tournament.

He has the most incredible collection of golf memorabilia in his basement from all over the world that he brought back from when he traveled for work, but I still like to watch golf on tv even though we don’t have cable anymore.

It brings back memories and doesn’t cost anything – so go green!

Casey relaxes when the golf is on…

I love golf. Ever since my grandfather taught me how to play years ago, I’ve been hooked.
It’s an extremely relaxing pastime for me, and it always reminds me of good times with him.

Plus, when I watch the PGA on TV after a long day at work, it’s like being there in person- without any of the annoying people or sunburns!

Why Some People Find Golf Boring to Watch on TV

For some, there is nothing worse than watching golf on TV.

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Rick is clearly not a fan…

I always get asked by friends why I don’t watch golf on tv.

My reply is usually something to the effect of “It’s so boring.”

It’s hard for me to understand how other people can sit there and watch it, but they do.

The camera will spend a lot of time watching the player putt, then we’ll cut back to another player who has more than likely not made their shot yet.

Chuck doesn’t understand why people like golf…

I’m sorry, but I find watching golf on tv to be terribly boring.

The announcer’s drone on about the different players and their outfits, there’s always a commercial break in between shots, and all of them are wearing those ridiculous hats.

It’s not even that interesting to see who wins at the end because it’s usually one of the favorites or someone you haven’t heard of before.

I can understand why people would like it if they were actually playing golf in person since then they’d have something to compare it with.

But when you’re just sitting around in your living room watching these guys swing away on some nice green grass…what could be so interesting about that?

More scathing remarks from Jessie…

Golf is a sport that I usually don’t watch on tv. Why? It’s really boring.

You would have to be watching for hours and hours just to get through it, which defeats the purpose of watching tv in my opinion because you can turn it off after 30 minutes if you’re not interested anymore.

All golfers do is hit something and walk over to where they hit it from and more often than not hit the ball in the sand, also many pros seem fat and overweight – how are they even classed as sportsmen?

Over to You – Tell Us What You think About Golf!

We all have different opinions and thoughts about sports. Whether you think golf is boring, or if it’s one of your favorite games to play, we’re interested in what you have to say!

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Some people love golf and some find it boring and there seems to be little in the way of middle ground!