Best Golf Ball Finder Glasses Reviews – Do They Work?

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If you play golf, then you know how frustrating it is to lose your ball on the course. It’s even worse when you have to wait for someone else to find it and give it back.

You can easily spend hours trying to find a lost ball if you don’t have the right equipment or knowledge of where they land.

Golf ball finder glasses will make finding those balls much easier than before. We review four different brands of these glasses and here are our top 4 picks for this year.

MAVINZ High Definition Golf Ball Finder Glasses

MAVINZ High Definition Golf Ball Finder Glasses are designed for golfers who want to see where their ball goes.

maivnz High Definition Golf Ball Finder Sport Glasses for Men Women Golf Sport Sunglasses Golf Sport Eyewear(Black/Green)

They’re made with high-quality lenses that block 95% of blue light and provide superior optics so you can clearly see your target.

The glasses come in two sizes and three colors, making them perfect for anyone looking for a new pair of glasses or wanting to improve their game on the course.

They’re made with a durable polycarbonate lens and are 2.0mm thick so they won’t break easily.

Plus, you’ll be able to see everything close up with their anti-reflection coating and scratched protection


  • Good contrast between blue sky, green grass, and white ball.
  • 2.0mm polycarbonate golf lens for protection of eyes.
  • Meets ANSI, EN ISO standards to ensure safety.
  • Affordable and high quality.
  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight.


  • The lenses are quite dark which may not appeal to everyone
  • These are very light, high winds could be an issue.

Overall these are good golf ball finding glasses that are very comfortable and have a great contrast to differentiate between similar colors.

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They are not as expensive as leading brands such as Oakley or Maui Jim but offer good visibility on the golf course.

O2O Golf Ball Finding Sunglasses

The O2O Golf Ball Finding Sunglasses are designed to help you see your golf ball clearly and make it easier for you to find your ball on the course.

O2O Golf Sunglasses Sport Sunglasses for Golf Ball Men Women Youth Golf Ball Finder Glasses
These golf sunglasses can filter out harmful UV rays and glare, provide strong protection for your eyes.

The frame is made of a durable material, which is crucial when playing golf as you tend to be taking them off and on many times during your round.

The lenses are not mirrored but they do help you see the ball better, and make your eyes less susceptible to glare on sunny days.

These sunglasses have a UV 400 protection filter which protects against harmful rays that can cause eye injuries and skin cancer.


  • The frame is made out of high-quality German plastic.
  • Blocks 100% harmful UV rays and eliminates glare.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for golfers!
  • Enhances color contrast so you can find your ball easily.
  • Can be used for driving, fishing, and other sports.


  • The nose section is quite big, can be a little uncomfortable.
  • Ships in dark colors only, dark brown and black.

Whilst these glasses are not quite as good as the MAVINZ they do provide a good solution for golfers.

They have a thin frame so they will not feel too heavy, and their lenses provide decent color contrast in order to help locate a lost golf ball quicker than normal.

GrinderPunch Golf Ball Finder Locating Glasses

These glasses are designed to help golfers see with more clarity on the golf course.

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Golf Ball Finder Locating Glasses - Sports Style Blue Lens Sunglasses for Men (Yellow)
They feature a UV protection coating and will darken dark objects and brighten light-colored objects, making it easier for you to find your ball when lost in the deep rough.

The lenses of these grinderPUNCH Golf Ball Finder Locating Glasses have been treated with a special UV coating that further darkens dark-colored objects while brightening light-colored ones.

This allows you to find your ball in tall grass, sand, and light rough much quicker than the human eye alone.


  • See better on the golf course.
  • 100% UV Protection protection.
  • Bright yellow color – stands out from the crowd.
  • Easily fits in your pocket or bag!
  • Handy microfiber bag for easy lens cleaning.


  • Cheap-looking and a bit gimmicky.
  • The blue lens is very bright, some may prefer a more neutral color such as black, gray or brown.

These glasses are fun and offer serious protection from the sun.

We liked the high contrasting color lenses but the color is very stark and might not be for everyone.

Also, they seem a bit flimsy when compared to other models in our review but this fun item would make a good golfing accessory gift for a friend or family member.

ThumbsUp Golf Ball Finding Glasses

The ThumbsUp Golf Ball Finding Glasses are designed to help you find your wayward golf balls.

Golf Ball Finding Glasses
These specially tinted glasses have blue lenses that illuminate anything white, including golf balls.

The big frame is made of plastic and the arms are flexible. The pouch included in protecting the glasses is a good place to store them when not in use.


  • Well packaged product.
  • The blue lenses highlight golf balls clearly in the rough.
  • Free protective pouch included.
  • A great gift for a golfer.


  • They are big chunky glasses, a bit comical.
  • No UV protective rating.
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These glasses are decent enough but with no UV rating how do we know they offer adequate protection from the sun?

Also, they look kind of funny.

This could be a good thing if you are looking for a quirky golfing gift idea for a loved one.

Do Golf Ball Finding Glasses Really Work?

The 4 sunglasses reviewed are no miracle items that are going to locate your golf ball in seconds but they do provide a decent chance of finding the ball in light or heavy rough for instance.

It takes a bit of time and practice to use these glasses properly but they do work well under certain conditions and enhance the light so if you are playing with a yellow, who or green ball they will pick them out fairly quickly.

Also, modern sports glasses are designed to protect you, and there are good reasons why you should invest in a good pair.

Benefits of wearing golfing sunglasses on the course include:

  1. Golf sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun.
  2. Protects against glare that can obscure a player’s view of the ball.
  3. Reduces risk for eye fatigue which leads to headaches and eyestrain.
  4. Reduce harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer or cataracts.
  5. Provide protection from wind, sand, and fog on golf courses
  6. Protects against flying insects like bees or wasps while playing golf outside.

The best golf ball finder glasses are the MAVINZ. These meet ANSI, EN ISO standards for safety and offer a great contrast between blue sky, green grass, and white balls.

They’re also affordable and high quality with an extremely comfortable fit.

Don’t let your game suffer because of poor visibility any longer; try them out for yourself on the golf course!