Best Golf App That Tracks Shots? Check These Out!

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Are you looking for an innovative way of gaining insight into your ball striking? If so, you’ve probably considered investing in a ball tracking app that enables you to record and review your golf shots.

But with so many apps available for download, how do you select the right one? And which apps actually provide you with a useful insight into your game?

We answer these questions and more in this article as we look at the best apps that can track your shot and help you improve your golf game.

Is There an App to Trace a Golf Shot?

Yes, in order to improve your golf game, you can turn to a variety of golf tracker apps that use GPS to track and record your shots. These apps are mostly cross compatible with both iOS and Android-based devices.

In this post, we introduce the following five apps that may be worth your consideration:

  • Shot Tracer
  • GolfShot
  • V1 Golf Game
  • Game Golf Shot
  • Arccos Automatic Shot Tracking

To help you decide which tracker app is most suitable for your game, we introduce you to the features, pros, and cons of each before giving you our final verdict on the value and functionality of each.

Let’s begin with the Shot Tracer app that is available on iOS and Android.

Shot Tracer App

The aptly named Shot Tracer app is designed to provide you with the pleasure of watching your ball after impact, so you can review the trajectory of your ball as it makes its way to the target.

There are various applications available to download via iOS and one that is compatible with Android.

In addition to the ability to track the flight of your golf ball, you can also save and record videos, which you can then share with your coach and look for ways to improve.

A cool special features option allows you to edit your videos and then upload them to your social media account.


  • Tracing your ball and saving the video is a great way to improve the trajectory of your ball striking.
  • The editing feature allows you to have fun with your videos.
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  • The Shot Tracer App has largely negative reviews on the iOS store, with most users agreeing that it’s glitchy and doesn’t work as often as it should.
  • You have to pay $6 to download the app – there’s no free version available to test it out.

How Good is the Shot Tracer App? 

While the Shot Tracer app is good in theory, the fact that there are so many current negative reviews on the iOS store would suggest that you’re probably better looking into one of the other apps below.

There isn’t even a free trial for you to try out.

Download Shot Tracer App

Golfshot: Golf GPS & Caddie App

The GolfShot app provides a range of features and functions that include auto-shot tracking via your Apple watch, real-time GPS distances and effortless recording of scoring and statistics

There are also award-winning augmented reality features that allow you to view golf holes in a unique way.

Although the app is free to download, you can subscribe to the pro version of the app for enhanced features.

This enables advanced scoring methods and the ability to link your own GHIN number for handicap purposes.


  • A highly rated app that is compatible with the latest iOS software.
  • Much more than just a ball tracing app and will help you improve various facets of your game.


  • The ball tracing is the newest feature to the GolfShot app and is still hit and miss, according to some users.
  • Due to the size of the app and the associated features, it’s a significant drain on your phone’s battery life and mobile data.

How Good is the GolfShot App? 

The GolfShot app is an excellent golf companion app that will help you improve your overall game. At $50 per year, the pro version of the app is worth it to access the unlockable premium features.

Download GolfShot App

V1 Golf Game App

The V1 app essentially provides you with a virtual caddy that is there to assist you with distances and club selection while you’re out on the course.

It links to various smartphones and the Apple watch, and the accurate GPS feature provides you with real-time insights into how to reach your target on the course.

Shot tracking is available on the free version of the app, but you will need to upgrade to the ‘eagle’ subscription in order to benefit from the caddy, which currently costs $120 per year.


  • The free version provides simple shot tracking and accurate GPS distances on more than 40,000 golf courses.
  • Players are generally really happy with the ball tracing element of the app and believe it works really well.
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  • You have to manually input lots of the data yourself (pin positions, etc.), which can be cumbersome for those looking for a quick and easy-to-use experience.
  • You need to pay $120 per year to unlock the caddy experience, which is one of the main draws of the app.

How Good is the V1 Golf Game App?

From a ball tracing perspective, the V1 app is one of the best out there, and it’s free. If you’re hoping to utilize the virtual caddy, you will need to stump up $120 for the privilege.

Download V1 Golf Game App

Game Golf Shot Tracer App

Game Golf is slightly different from the apps introduced above, as it utilizes sensors that you attach to your club grips.

Before taking a shot, you connect your club to the app on your phone, and the sensors track the flight of your ball.

Unlike other golf club sensors, the Game Golf Pro is contactless, meaning you don’t have to consistently remember to tap your phone to record your data.

At $300, it’s a considerable outlay but could be worth the investment if the data it collects proves useful to your game.


  • Ability to collect data from all of the clubs in your bag.
  • The data is stored on the cloud, and you can access it with your coach to review your performance after your round.


  • $300 is a lot of money to pay for a ball tracer, and there are cheaper options elsewhere.
  • The app and sensors don’t have the best reviews online. It seems that the data collection is hit and miss.

How Good is the Game Golf Pro App?

While the Game Golf Pro has the potential to be a great product, its high price and relatively low review scores mean you should try other ball tracers out before investing in this product.

Download Game Golf Pro App

Arccos Automatic Shot Tracking App

Like the Game app previously introduced, Arccos provides you with fourteen sensors that you connect to the golf clubs in your bag.

Impressively, you don’t have to manually tap each club on your phone, as it automatically sends a notification via GPS.

All of your shots are captured in real-time and saved to your app for review. The companion app features in excess of 40,000 courses in 190 countries, offering you an excellent opportunity to track your shots, no matter where in the world you’re playing.


  • The sensors connect with the app seamlessly and ensure you don’t need to worry about remembering to link your club to the app before every shot.
  • The caddie app is highly ranked on the iOS and Play stores thanks to its functionality.
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  • Similarly to the price of the Game app, you need to invest $279 in the Arccos sensors to make use of the app.

How Good is the Arccos Automatic Shot Tracking App?

If you’re looking to trace your shots and gain an insight into your overall golf game, then the Arccos sensors and associated app could prove to be a savvy investment.

Download Arccos Automatic Shot Tracking App

FAQs: Need to Know More About Golf Shot Tracking Apps?

Check out some common questions and answers on the best golf shot tracking apps.

What is the Best Golf Shot Tracer App?

Of the golf tracer apps that we’ve introduced, the V1 app is the most impressive and rated the overall best. The free version of the app allows you to trace your shots effortlessly, and you can upgrade to a paid plan to enjoy even more features.

Overall, it’s a great app to try out if you’re looking for more insight into your golf game.

How Do You Track a Golf Shot?

All of the golf trackers above work by utilizing GPS in order to track your shots. Ultimately, the apps are an excellent way for golfers of all abilities to track their play and then reflect on aspects of their game that they hope to improve.

Without such technology, it would be difficult for recreational golfers to identify subtle ways of improving their overall game.

Is there a Trackable Golf Ball?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a trackable golf ball on the market just yet. But according to Forbes, the Genius golf ball is not far away and will enable you to track the ball to within 1ft of its location.

Whenever it hits the market, you can expect the Genius golf ball to be popular and will almost certainly save you money on lost golf balls in the long run!

Which Golf Shot App Are You Going to Try Out?

Downloading and utilizing a golf app to track your shots is an excellent way to improve your accuracy and consistency.

It also allows you to store your shot history and work with a coach to improve your game in various ways.

The apps that we’ve introduced above are some of the most prevalent that are available for download on iOS and Android and are the perfect place to begin your journey towards a more consistent golf game.