Golf Alignment Stick Covers – Why You Need Them!

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Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game. One of the most common things golfers do is buy new equipment in order to help them play better golf.

One of the more obscure pieces of equipment you can purchase is a cover for your golf alignment stick.

This article will discuss the purpose of the golf alignment stick cover, why you should use one, and what materials to look out for in order to best protect the alignment sticks and other items in the golf bag.

Why You Need a Cover for Your Alignment Sticks

If you use golf alignment sticks you will already know how much of a positive difference they can make to your golf game.

They help to align your feet and clubface square to the direction you want to hit the ball. The first time you use them you will be kicking yourself and asking yourself why didn’t I try this training aid before?

Simple by design, and extremely effective so when you get some that work for you it’s definitely time to show the love back and treat them to some good covers that will prolong the life and look much better than the plastic tube that comes with them.

Top 6 reasons why you need covers for alignment sticks:

  1. Protects them from weather damage such as fading from the sun when left loose in the bag.
  2. Keeps them separate from interfering with club headcovers in the bag.
  3. Lots of customized options to match your favorite brand including Titleist, Callaway, Ping, and TaylorMade.
  4. Helps to keep your bag organized and tidy.
  5. Plenty of choices available to match every budget. with bespoke designs on Etsy to cheap synthetic leather on Amazon.
  6. Stops the hard plastic of the alignment sticks rubbing against your clubs.
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Best Covers for Alignment Sticks – Your Options

If you are looking for the best golf alignment stick covers, then we have you covered. We have hand-picked the best of the bunch and put them into this review guide.

For a handmade cover check out Etsy where there are many different styles and designs to choose from.

These are also the most expensive option, but if you have a budget then this is still an option for you.

We personally like the handcrafted real leather covers which are available in chestnut, natural, and black leather.

The Ryder Cup alignment stick cover is also another really popular item and a great way to support the USA!

Alternatively, Amazon has many cheap options in synthetic leather that will work just as well without breaking your bank account.

You can get some great deals here on golf alignment stick covers and they are much cheaper than other alternatives out there.

The downside of buying these online is that it might be hard to find one with your favorite brand or design so keep that in mind when making a purchase decision.

Anyway, we have selected 4 decent covers at prices that will appeal to most golfers starting with perhaps one of the most famous golf brands in the world of golf, Titleist!

Titleist Black Real Leather Golf Alignment Stick Cover

Titleist Jet Black Leather Golf Alignment Stick Headcover

Titleist’s Jet Black Golf Alignment Stick Cover is designed to protect your alignment stick and keep it looking new.

The soft, durable leather cover features a quilted pattern for added style and adds a nice finish of quality to the product.

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It also has an authentic Titleist logo on the front panel, so you can show off your affiliation with the brand.

This well-reviewed cover is made of high-quality leather that will stand up to repeated use when you need to you use your trusty alignment aids on the practice area.

This cover fits most alignment sticks up to 1″ in diameter, allowing you to make sure that your stick is always ready to go when you need it.

Most golfers use their sticks in a variety of weather conditions, so they don’t always stay clean and pristine for long periods of time.

Foldable sticks can also be fiddly and this cover does a great job of securing all types of sticks safely and firmly in your bag.

Craftsman Golf Classic Alignment Stick Cover

Craftsman Golf Classic Well Made Black Leather Alignment Stick Covers Holder 14' Hold at Least 3 Sticks (Black)

This budget cover is made from durable synthetic leather to protect your alignment sticks in all conditions.

It has a classic, minimalist design that will look good in any golf bag. The cover holds two alignment sticks and features high-quality stitching for long-lasting durability.

With 3 colors to choose from including black, grey, white you can find the perfect match for your golf bag without having to worry about branding up to a name such as Ping or Callaway.

The Craftsman cover is a good option for those looking for a low-cost, quality cover that will last them many seasons of golf.

USA Volf Golf Leather Waterproof Alignment Stick Cover

Craftsman Golf Stars and Stripes Red White Blue USA Flag Alignment Stick Cover Case Holder

Add some patriotism to your golf game as you head for the green with the USA Volf Golf Leather Waterproof Alignment Stick Cover.

This faux leather product features a cover made of a soft microfiber inside lining with a waterproof exterior for maximum protection from the rain and to protect your clubs and other items stored in your golf bag.

If you travel frequently then these covers do a good job of adding further cushioning to bags where sometimes loose clubs, tees, shoes, and towels can rattle too much and scuff clubs.

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Air travel can be a worrying time for golfers.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see your bag being thrown around on the baggage trains between transfers.

Thankfully, one cover will store two separate or one fold-up alignment stick snugly in your bag or case.

The soft inner lining helps to reduce pressure points on your valuable equipment as well as waterproof material made for attacking any moisture that might find its way inside your bag or luggage.

Lucky Clover Premium Alignment Stick Cover

Golf Alignment Stick Cover Premium Leather Perfect Cover for Alignment Sticks Classic USA Design Alignment Sticks Holder Golf Club Protector Holds 2 Sticks

This Irish-inspired cover protects your sticks from bad weather and looks amazing.

It holds at least two sticks and has a soft velvet inner lining that will keep them safe from scratches.

The outer layer of the cover is made with premium synthetic leather that is durable by design and will withstand many years of heavy use in the golf bag.

This cover comes in white and green with a lucky day clover logo positioned at the top and bottom of the cover.

Choosing the Right Alignment Stick Cover

If you are looking for a great accessory to have on the golf course, then an alignment stick cover is just what you need.

We hope this article has been helpful in explaining how they work, why it’s important to keep your alignment sticks covered up when not being used, and where you can go to buy one if you don’t already own one!

With so many options out there though, which will be right for you?

Whether you want an easy-to-clean material, one that provides good protection, or just something attractive in color, there are many different considerations when it comes to choosing the perfect golf alignment stick covers.