Golf 5 eClub Review: The Best VR Golf Game?

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In the not-so-distant past, the only way to play golf with your friends was to head to the local course at the weekend to swing away.

But with advances in technology, things have changed beyond recognition.

Specifically, virtual reality has made it possible to play virtual golf from the comfort of your home while playing with friends, family members, and other virtual players from different parts of the world.

So, in this article, we introduce you to everything you need to know about Golf 5 eClub, one of the leading VR golf games on the market, to help you decide whether it’s worth investing in this year.

What is Golf 5 eClub?

Golf 5 eClub is an immersive virtual reality golf game in which you can learn, practice, and play golf with your friends. By becoming a member of the Golf 5 eClub “virtual club,” you get the opportunity to play golf in a virtual world like never before.

When you play Golf 5 eClub, you can enjoy a truly immersive golf experience without leaving the comfort of your home. The app includes an 18-hole golf course, a driving range, a putting green, and a mini-golf game for the family to enjoy.

Given the impressive rise of virtual reality in recent years, this golf club is one of the leading sports games available on various devices and is a great way to elevate your gaming from home.

So, if you’re keen to discover how to enjoy Golf 5 eClub, read on to find out everything you need to know about this impressive virtual reality golf game.

What Do I Need to Play Golf 5  eClub?

In order to play Golf 5 eClub, you will need to have the appropriate VR equipment, and it is currently available on the Oculus Quest2, for instance.* The Oculus Quest 2 is a VR headset that is packed with games and features, making it one of the most popular models on the market.

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One of the biggest advantages of the Quest 2 is that it is a standalone device, meaning that you don’t need to connect to a PC or a gaming device to use it. You simply connect the VR headset to your phone and play the game.

There are so many games available on the Oculus Quest2, and Golf 5 eClub is one of them, available for $14.99. You can download it on iOS or Android and enjoy the gameplay on your Quest 2.

So, provided that you have a smartphone, access to the internet, and a VR headset, you can enjoy the virtual golf game Golf 5 eClub.

Is Golf 5 eClub Good?

As virtual reality golf games go, it’s fair to say that Golf 5 eClub is one of the best. The developers have paid great attention to detail in their creation of the virtual world in which the game takes place, and it’s the ideal game on which to enjoy the game of golf while refining your skills.

The game is certified by the eGolf Federation, and you can work on your handicap as you play eighteen holes on the game’s virtual course. The game has all of the features necessary for you to enjoy golf in a virtual world and recognizes the huge potential of virtual golf in the future.

 What’s more, Golf 5 eClub maintains an impressive score from several thousand reviews left by verified customers, showcasing the fact that it’s an enjoyable game that has bags of potential for VR gaming fans.

So, if you’re looking for a VR golf game that allows you to enjoy eGolf like never before, Golf 5 eClub is undoubtedly a game worth thinking about this golf season.

How Do You Play Golf 5 eClub?

Golf 5 eClub is super straightforward to play. When you download the game on your smartphone and VR headset, your first job is to create an account, which you can use to link with your friends in the various ‘clubhouses’ available.

Then, you can choose to play the 18-hole golf course with your VR headset or head to the range to work on your technique. You can also opt to play the mini-golf game with friends and family for something a little less serious.

The game is powered by VR technology, and you actually play it through the Oculus Quest 2, as is the norm with other virtual reality games.

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As such, Golf 5 eClub has earned a reputation for being an immersive, enjoyable virtual reality golf game that offers one of the truest tests of eGolf available today.

How Many Courses Does Golf 5 eClub Have?

There is only one eighteen-hole golf course available to play on Golf 5 eClub.** The golf course is called The Dunes, and it has been designed to be a testing championship golf course with realistic and challenging features.

The eighteen-hole golf course is the foundation of the game and enables you to compete against your friends, and other players, or play a round of golf yourself for practice.

As well as the championship course, Golf 5 eClub has a feature-filled driving range that offers multiple practice possibilities, enabling you to work on your short and long game. You can also make the most of the putting green to work on your putting stroke in your spare time.

Lastly, the game also features a mini golf game that is perfect for enjoying with your family and friends. So, while there’s only one course for you to play, there are plenty of features on Golf 5 eClub that make it more than worth the investment.

Does Golf 5 eClub Have a Multiplayer Option?

Yes, Golf 5 eClub has a multiplayer mode, and it also enables you to compete against the computer (CPU). Most players enjoy virtual reality games because of the multiplayer capabilities, and Golf 5 eClub is no different.

You can enjoy playing and chatting with other Golf 5 eClub and your friends *** by heading to the virtual clubhouse. The clubhouse button features at the top right of the main menu and allows you to select which language to communicate in.

Once inside the clubhouse, you have the option of creating a match in order to set up a game with other members.

Alternatively, you can join a game that is already in progress if one of your friends has already set up the match.

So, if you’re planning to play Golf 5 eClub for the social aspect of the game, you can take advantage of the clubhouse feature to play against your friends or other members of the virtual world.

Golf 5 eClub vs. Golf Plus (Which is Better?)

Going on reviews, it’s clear to see that both Golf 5 eClub and Golf Plus are the best virtual reality golf games available. They both feature excellent graphics and are super responsive, which is ideal when it comes to the game’s performance.

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Golf Plus has been around for longer than Golf 5 eClub, meaning that it has more downloads and wider coverage. For instance, it has partnered with the PGA and TopGolf, showing how trusted the game is.

Although both Golf 5 eClub and Golf Plus are excellent VR golf games, the fact that the latter features more than five courses is an advantage to players, as Golf 5 eClub only currently has one eighteen-hole track.

Still, both golf games are excellent options for players to consider and provide excellent graphics and responsiveness when played on the Oculus Quest 2. As such, you can buy both with the confidence that you will enjoy an outstanding VR golf experience.

Recommended Golf 5 eClub Settings for the Best Experience?

Helpfully, Golf 5 eClub comes with the optimal settings configured to ensure that you don’t need to make any adjustments before getting started. You can simply download the game and get started, which saves a lot of hassle.

However, you can make some adjustments to the gameplay, configuring the settings according to your needs from the gear icon that sits on the top right of the home screen.

It’s also important to make sure that you have the latest version of Golf 5 eClub installed on your device – which at the time of writing, is 3.122. Downloading the latest software update ensures that the gameplay is optimal and to your expectations.


Virtual reality technology has revolutionized the world of gaming, and there are now so many ways to enjoy golf and other sports like never before. Golf 5 eClub is one of the best sports games available on the Oculus Quest 2 and is a must for golf fans.

The Dunes golf course is detailed and challenging, offering you the perfect opportunity to compete against your friends for the win. In other words, if you’re planning to play virtual golf, Golf 5 eClub is the perfect choice to get started.

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