Foresight Golf Simulator Price (Cost Worth it?)

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When you begin your research into the best available golf simulators for home and commercial use, you will almost certainly come across Foresight Sports’ golf simulators.

Their GCQuad launch monitor has long been trusted by some of the best golfers in the game, and their impressive offering of accompanying golf simulators is equally impressive.

In this article, we explain how much a Foresight golf simulator costs and introduce you to the various options available from this leading golf simulator brand.

What are Foresight Simulators?

Foresight Sports offers launch monitors and simulators for home and commercial use. Foresight offers players the opportunity to design their own simulators, ensuring that all desired features are included in their home or business golf setup.

All the simulators within the Foresight range are powered by their GC line of launch monitors, enabling you to enjoy the simulator indoors as well as take your launch monitor outside to practice on the range while tracking your metrics.

These simulators utilize FSX 2020 software that provides exceptionally realistic gameplay, ensuring that Foresight simulators are backed by outstanding graphic performance.

So, read on to find out everything you need to know about Foresight simulators and decide if this leading brand of simulators is a good fit for your golf game this season.

What are the Current Models in the Foresight Range?

Something that makes Foresight simulators unique is the fact that you can build your own simulator, thanks to the company’s dedicated app.*

Rather than buying a ready-made simulator for your home or business, the app enables you to configure a simulator based on your exact preferences.

You have full control over the environment, components, and add-ons that you wish to include in your simulator package, ensuring that the model that you build is completely tailored to your exact requirements.

However, one constant in all Foresight simulator models is the launch monitor itself. You can opt for the popular GCQuad, GC3, or GCHawk, depending on your budget and preferences.

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Ultimately, having complete control over the simulator that you create for yourself is something unique in the industry and is one of the main reasons why so many golfers turn to Foresight ahead of other simulator brands.

How Much Do Foresight Simulators Cost?

As a result of the build-your-own simulator concept offered by Foresight golf, the price of a simulator completely depends on its design and features.

Foresight indicates that you can spend anywhere from $1,000 to $70,000 on a golf simulator, highlighting the fact that you can create a simulator to suit your budget.

However, Foresight** has also recently launched its sim-in-a-box model, which begins at $10,500. As the name suggests, the sim-in-a-box comes ready-made for ease of setup and use and consists of a launch monitor, software, screen, and mat, ensuring that you have everything you need to get started.

The other options in the sim-in-a-box range include the following:

Product Price
Birdie Package$15,499
Birdie Plus Package$16,499
Par Package$17,449
Eagle Plus Package$26,000
Small Eagle Package$27,499
Albatross Package$33,995

To give you an idea about what you can expect, the Albatross Package includes:

  • GCHawk launch monitor
  • Full simulator setup – frame, impact screen, projector, turf strip, hitting mat, and computer cart.
  • Gaming-optimized desktop computer
  • FSX 2020 software
  • 25 world-class golf courses to choose from
  • FSX play and FSX pro
  • Skill drills
  • Fairground gaming suite

So, if you don’t want to design your own simulator, you can opt for a Foresight sim-in-a-box for anywhere between $10,500 and $33,995, depending on your preferences and budget.

Are Foresight Simulators Worth it?

Foresight simulators are undoubtedly worth it. While there are lots of brands that offer golf simulators, Foresight’s unique design-your-own-sim concept is unique, providing you the opportunity to choose every aspect of your home simulator.

We also love their sim-in-the-box packages, as they provide you with a super simple solution if you don’t want the hassle of creating a simulator from scratch, meaning that Foresight truly has something for everyone.

The price point of Foresight simulators is competitive, offering players a viable home or business solution without spending $50,000+ on a fully optimized golf simulator.

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So, Foresight simulators present golfers with an excellent option, as they’re comparatively affordable and come equipped with a wide range of features.

Foresight Golf Courses: Where Can I Play?

There are several generic courses available for players to enjoy when they purchase a Foresight golf simulator. You can upgrade to certain standard courses like Bala, Abu Dhabi, and Bear Claw for a relatively low one-off fee.

Foresight also offers players the opportunity to play a range of premium courses for a one-off price, including***:

  • St Andrews Old Course – $500
  • Pebble Beach – $500
  • La Jolla Pines – $250
  • Colonial Country Club – $250
  • Real Club Valderrama – $250
  • Wentworth Club West Course – $250
  • Harbour Town Golf Links – $250

So, depending on your budget, you can equip your home golf simulator with some of the best golf courses in the world! Foresight also offers course bundles that you can buy, making it slightly cheaper to access their range of premium golf courses.

How Much Does the Foresight Software Only Cost?

If you want to buy the Foresight software in isolation, you can do so for $3,000.

The software is regularly updated, and updates are available for $500 to people who have already invested in the Foresight software.

The Foresight software is compatible with the GC2, GCQuad, or GCHawk monitor and requires a PC that operates Windows 7 or later.

As mentioned above, you can upgrade your software by adding premium courses to your collection.

Foresight’s FSX 2020 software is widely regarded as among the best in the business, offering golf simulation in 4k quality. The on-the-course experience is second-to-none, while the premium Foresight monitors ensure exceptional accuracy.

So, if you’re looking for premium golf simulation software, Foresight’s FSX 2020 solution is a great option at $3,000.

Foresight Simulator for Sale (Cheaper Options?)

There are several places to buy Foresight golf simulators for sale. If you want to take advantage of the build-your-own-sim feature, you will need to buy your simulator directly from Foresight Sports.

Alternatively, Foresight sim-in-the-box packages are available from Costco, making them an excellent option for US-based customers.

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Costco always provides excellent value for money, and the addition of Foresight simulators to their growing golf range is a bonus for golf fans.

If you don’t want to buy a brand-new Foresight simulator, you can look for a used launch monitor online. eBay typically offers a decent range of used golf simulators from different brands, so you can check for the current availability of Foresight monitors.  

Ultimately, there are several places to buy a Foresight golf simulator, but your best options are to go directly to Foresight Sports or buy a simulator from Costco.

Foresight Golf Simulator vs. Trackman

Foresight’s GCQuad and Trackman’s launch monitors are both excellent options if you’re looking to improve your game with a home golf simulator. That being said, there are some differences to consider.

Trackman 4 utilizes Doppler Radar technology to capture ball flight, while GCQuad uses quadroscopic camera technology.

Although they use different approaches, they both produce remarkably accurate metrics and data sets that are super accurate.

This being said, Trackman 4 is known to provide more comprehensive ball flight data than the GCQuad, as it captures the entire ball flight.

For this reason, Trackman is more popular among professional golfers.

In order to see your measurements with a Trackman, you need to pair it with your smartphone or a tablet.

However, the Foresight GCQuad has an on-monitor display, showing your data in real-time.

So, while there are differences between the GCQuad and Trackman, the reality is that they’re both excellent launch monitors/simulators and are excellent choices if you’re planning to take your golf game to the next level.


Foresight’s GCQuad is one of the most popular launch monitors in golf, and the company’s sim-in-a-box options are attractive for home and commercial use, as is their unique design-your-own sim option.

Foresight simulators have an excellent reputation in the golf industry, as they’re known to be extremely accurate while boasting a whole range of features that provide an incredible virtual golfing experience.

So, if you’re on the fence about buying a Foresight golf simulator, we’d say go for it – they are a great option and will provide you with unlimited golfing fun from home.


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