Best Foam Golf Practice Balls (Backyard Friendly!)

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Although few things can beat a dedicated practice session out on the range, sometimes you might not have the time or inclination to hop in the car and head to your local club.

If this resonates with you, then you may wish to consider investing in some foam practice golf balls, as they enable you to practice from the comfort of your own home.

Lightweight and easy to control, foam golf balls are an excellent practice aid and provide you with an opportunity to hone your short and long games from home.

Below, we look at five of the best foam golf practice balls that you can buy and explain why they’re perfect for use in your spare bedroom or backyard.

1. Almost Foam Practice Golf Balls

Best practice golf balls on the planet. Perfect for golf training. Solid contact for great feedback. Limited flight for backyard use. Safe for indoors. by AlmostGolf (10 Pack Yellow)

Perfect for use inside or in the backyard, these practice golf balls from Almost Foam make your home practice routine so much easier. Described as ‘limited flight’ golf balls, they mimic the spin, draw, and fade of regular balls.

They are designed to fly 1/3 of the distance of regular golf balls, which enables you to practice anywhere without worrying about errant golf balls causing damage! Each ball weighs 13.5 grams, which is around 25% the weight of a conventional golf ball.

Included with each pack are five golf tees, meaning you can set up and practice in your backyard without digging into your golf bag.

So, whether you’re a beginner golfer or an established player looking to practice from home, these foam golf balls are a great addition to your home golfing setup.

Best for: These golf balls from Almost Foam are perfect for backyard practice with a net, thanks to their lightweight and true performance.

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2. GoSports Foam Flight Practice Golf Balls

GoSports Foam Golf Practice Balls Realistic Feel and Limited Flight Use Indoors or Outdoors, 16 Count (Pack of 1)

GoSports’ foam flight balls have a maximum distance of approximately 110 yards, making them an excellent option if you’re hoping to practice your game but don’t have a great deal of space.

They fly true and mimic the performance of conventional golf balls, so you can practice all aspects of your game without worrying about damaging your surroundings. They feel great, too, meaning they’re perfect for practicing chipping and putting drills inside.

Although lightweight, the foam balls feel solid enough and are long-lasting. After purchasing a pack of 24, you should be set for a very long time and set about practicing your long and short game from any location.

Best for: These foam balls can be used inside or outside and are perfect for practicing all aspects of your golf game up to a distance of 110 yards.

3. 40 Pack Foam Golf Practice Balls

Bac-kitchen 40 Pack Foam Golf Practice Balls - Realistic Feel and Limited Flight Training Balls for Indoor or Outdoor

Offering great value for money and coming in a range of vibrant colors, this forty-pack of foam practice golf balls will help you improve your game from almost anywhere, be it inside or out.

Also included is a mesh drawstring bag, ensuring you can easily transport the balls if you’re heading to the range. The balls are made from a durable and soft resin, meaning they won’t damage furniture or any other household items when you’re practicing inside.

Whether you’re practicing your long game with a backyard net or chipping and putting in your spare bedroom, these super-light and colorful foam balls will get the job done.

Best for: Given their vibrant colors and lightweight feel, these foam practice balls are ideal for children and younger golfers.

4. Ryshin 50 Pack of Foam Golf Practice Balls

REYSHIN 50 Packs Foam Golf Practice Balls-Realistic Feel and Long Lasting Limited Flight-Soft for Indoor or Outdoor Training,Multipurpose Nylon Drawstring Sack and 10 PCS Golf Tees (H01)

Available in traditional white, red, or green, these practice balls from Ryshin feel great and are built to last. As well as the balls, you receive ten golf tees and a mesh drawstring storage back, which is perfect for taking your balls from one practice location to another.

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The balls are made from a non-toxic PU material that is soft, lightweight, and capable of spinning. It also compresses slightly on impact, resembling a conventional golf ball and ensuring your practice sessions mimic your real experiences out on the course.

Given its lightweight design and soft features, this practice ball from Ryshin is perfect for use outside or inside. You don’t need to worry about breakages when you’re practicing your chipping and putting, and your neighbor’s windows will be safe when you’re practicing your ball striking in the backyard!

Best for: Anyone looking to practice their long and short game inside or outside, thanks to the soft feel and lightweight of the balls.

5. Champkey Practice Foam Golf Balls 16 Pack

CHAMPKEY Practice Foam Golf Balls 16 or 32 Pack | Limited Flight Golf Balls | True Spin and Feel Training Golf Practice Balls(16 Pack)

Comprising of 336 surface holes that ensure good distance and spin potential on every shot, these high-performance foam golf balls from CHAMPKEY are another great addition to your home practice setup.

The balls are made from compressed foam and weigh between 8.5-10 grams. Although lightweight, the balls are heavy enough to simulate a real on-the-course experience. For instance, you will find that the balls fly with a great trajectory when you’re practicing your long game.

Although distances vary from player to player, you can expect these foam balls to fly around 50-65 yards. This makes them perfect for practicing your approach play or driving your golf ball into a backyard golf net. All in all, these are excellent for practice and will help you improve your golf game inside and outside your home.

Ideal for: These foam golf balls from CHAMPKEY carry between 50-65 yards and are ideal for practicing your approach play.

Are Foam Golf Balls Good for Practice?

Foam golf balls are perfect for practicing, particularly in your backyard. If you have invested in a golf net, using foam balls is a smart move as you don’t need to worry about errant shots flying into your neighbor’s yard.

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Also, all of the foam balls that we’ve introduced above mimic the flight and performance of conventional golf balls. This means that your practice sessions won’t be hugely different from the shots that you play on the course.

Of course, they don’t go as far, but you can work on your technique and ensure you get the ball flight spot on. Overall, foam golf balls are an excellent addition to your bag if you’re hoping to practice your golf game in your backyard.

How Do You Practice with Foam Golf Balls?

When practicing with foam golf balls, you don’t need to change your setup a great deal as the balls fly true and are similar in all but weight to standard golf balls. The main thing to remember when using foam golf balls is they don’t fly as far, with most capped at around 100 yards or so.

With this in mind, you will need to adjust your expectations, particularly when practicing your long game. When chipping and putting, you might also need to exert a little more force than you ordinarily would, to ensure the ball finds the bottom of the cup.

But remember, people all around the world use foam balls to practice in offices, bedrooms, and backyards. Therefore, while you might have to make slight adjustments, foam balls are a great way to safely and effectively practice various aspects of your golf game at home.


Foam golf balls are popular with beginner golfers and established players alike. Whether you’re practicing your long game with a net in the backyard or hoping to improve your chipping and putting in your office, using foam balls is a safe and practical way of sharpening your golf skills.

Although they don’t carry as far as standard golf balls, their design ensures that foam golf balls mimic the behavior and trajectory of conventional balls, providing you with the perfect opportunity to refine your technique and improve your overall game.