EZGO RXV Accessories (Best 5 Cool Extras!)

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If you have become disillusioned with the way that your golf cart looks, now might be the perfect time to make some simple upgrades.

One of the most popular golf carts out there is the EZGO RXV, which is favored for its reliability and drive quality. So, if you’re keen to upgrade your cart, there are certain products that you can turn to that deliver outstanding results.

Below, we introduce five upgrades that you can make to your EZGO RXV and explain what you need to know before placing an order.

1. EZGO RXV body kit

EZGO RXV Golf Cart Body Kit, Patriot Blue, 41.5-Inch

There’s simply no better way to boost the appearance of your golf cart than with a full-body kit. This kit is perfect for use on current EZGO gas and electric RXV models and is a great buy if your cart is beginning to look a little tired.

The kit enables you to change the color of your cart while ensuring that the structural integrity of the vehicle remains intact. You can choose from a range of colors (depending on stock availability) to ensure your EZGO RXV looks like a brand-new ride this season!

You’ll be pleased to hear that the body kit is super easy to assemble and doesn’t require any mechanical know-how. You simply affix it by following the simple instructions, and your golf cart will look as good as new – a perfect way to boost your cart’s appearance!

This EZGO body kit is perfect if you’re looking to easily enhance the appearance of your RXV with very little effort.

2. Madjax EZGO RXV 6-inch A-Arm lift kit

MadJax EZGO RXV Golf Cart 6 Inch Lift Kit | A-Arm Lift Kit | Directly Compatible with 2008-2013.5 Electric Models (2013.5-2022 Gas & Electric Models Require Additional Bracket)

While EZGO RXV carts are suitable for use on a variety of terrains, they’re not off-road vehicles as such. So, if you’re planning to take your RXV into the country, it’s a good idea to boost its suspension.

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This 6-inch A-Arm does precisely that and ensures that your EZGO RXV performs beyond your expectations as you take it off-road, no matter the terrain or associated conditions. It’s suitable for clearance up to 23” and comes with grease fittings, making it easy to maintain.

One thing to be mindful of is that if you plan on installing this lift kit on your EZGO RXV, you will probably need a basic understanding of how your cart currently drives. If you’re not confident, it’s a good idea to take it to a mechanic to have them install it on your behalf.

This lift kit is ideal for raising the suspension on your EZGO RXV and enables you to take your cart across numerous terrains without worrying about damage. A great addition!

3. EZGO RXV Golf Cart Custom Dash

Performance Plus Carts EZGO RXV Golf Cart Carbon Fiber Dash Assembly with Locking Doors | Compatible with 2008-Up Models

If you’re looking to personalize your golf cart and help it stand out from the crowd, a custom dash is a great way to go about it. You can choose from several stunning wood grain, or carbon fiber finishes to provide your EZGO with the x-factor that it needs.

This kit comes highly rated, and many users found it extremely easy to attach to their EZGO RXV. The only issue that some people have found is that it requires stronger clips for holding it together, which you can achieve by adding zip ties or something similar.

Ultimately, adding a custom dash is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your golf cart and add that personal touch that makes it your own. Choose a style and color that suits your preferences, and enjoy the upgrade to your EZGO RXV.

This custom dash is another great option if you’re hoping to boost the aesthetics of your golf cart. It’s affordable and easy to install, making it a great option for all EZGO RXV owners.

4. EZGO RXV Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat Kit

Buggies Unlimited EZGO RXV Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat Kit with Steel Frame | Compatible with 2008 & Up EZGO RXV/Freedom RXV Models (Stone)

If you’re keen to add more seats to your ride, this rear flip seat kit is just what you need. The steel frame is extremely sturdy and durable and ensures that you can carry additional passengers without worrying about causing any damage to your cart.

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It is made specifically for the EZGO RXV, so it will fit perfectly with the dimensions of your cart. The polyethylene seat bottom is rot-proof, and the marine vinyl resists the elements. Overall, the seat kit is built to high specs.

Reviewers agree that the seat is really easy to install, and it immediately adds value to your cart. You can choose from several different colors, depending on the aesthetic that you’re going for. Ultimately, this is an awesome addition to any EZGO RXV golf cart.

This rear seat kit is perfect for any EZGO cart owner who is looking to carry more passengers. It’s solid, easy to install, and looks great, making it the obvious choice if you’re looking to increase the capacity of your golf cart.

5. EZGO RXV 3G universal 80” extended roof

3G 80' Black Extended Roof Kit for EZGO RXV Golf Carts 2008+

Depending on how you use your golf cart and in which conditions, it can make sense to extend the roof to offer more protection from the elements. What’s more, you might need to replace the current roof on your cart for whatever reason.

If so, this universal extended roof is a great option to consider. However, you should be mindful that it is only suitable for the RXV model, and it won’t fit any other EZGO cart – this is clearly stipulated in the product description.

Another thing to bear in mind is that this roof rack doesn’t come with assembly instructions or hardware. As such, you might benefit from hiring a professional to attach it for you, which will add considerably to the price of its installation.

If you’re looking for a new roof for your EZGO RXV golf cart, then this extended roof is ideal for you. Just bear in mind that self-assembly without instructions is required.

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What EZGO Upgrades Should I Prioritize?

Primarily, we advise you to focus on the driveability of your cart, so you should look to ensure that all component parts are in good working order for the upcoming season.

The truth of the matter is that you can upgrade your EZGO cart in so many different ways.

If your cart is in good shape, it then makes sense to look at aesthetic improvements that you can make, particularly if you’ve picked up an EZGO cart second-hand.

For instance, the aforementioned body kit is an awesome aesthetic improvement to make to your EZGO cart and will ensure your cart looks the part with minimal fuss on your side.

Also, if you plan on riding your golf off-road more often than not, raising the suspension with an arm lift is another smart move, as you don’t want to cause unnecessary damage.

Ultimately, the fact that you can make so many upgrades to your EZGO cart means that you can effortlessly restore your old golf cart without necessarily buying a new one. This will save you lots of money while ensuring you can drive around in a new-looking golf cart, no matter how long you have owned it!


The EZGO RXV is one of the most popular golf carts out there. If you’ve owned your RXV for a while now or recently picked an older model up second-hand, it might be time to make some improvements to the way it looks and drives.

As you can see from the products introduced above, there are so many ways to upgrade your EZGO RXV without spending a fortune.

Whichever upgrade you opt for, you will find that it improves the way that your EZGO cart looks and feels and will give you the confidence boost you need as you take your cart out this year.