Extra Wraps on Golf Grips (Does They Actually Work?)

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As well as choosing the size of grips to use on your golf clubs, you can also decide to use wraps underneath your grip. This allows you to control the fine margins associated with your golf equipment, helping your game in the process.

But what exactly are golf grip wraps? Why should you use them? And do any professional players use extra wraps on their grips?

This article explains everything you need to know about extra wraps on golf grips and helps you decide if it’s a good approach for you.

What are Golf Grip Wraps?

Wrap golf grips refer to the number of wraps of tape that you should have underneath your golf grip. If you’ve ever re-gripped a golf club, you will know that the number of wraps you use will affect the thickness of the club.

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The amount of golf grip wraps you use is all down to personal preference, as every golfer is different. The key thing to remember is that the club needs to feel comfortable in your hands at the point of address.

As a general rule of thumb, golfers with larger hands are more likely to benefit from including more wraps underneath their grips, and the adverse is also true.

Ultimately, located underneath the golf grip itself, the wraps of tape will increase or decrease the diameter of your grips, which is why it’s such an important factor to consider. Read on to find out more about choosing the ideal number of wraps for your golf grip.

What Does Adding Wraps to a Golf Grip Do?

Adding wraps changes the diameter of your golf grip. When re-gripping a golf club, you can choose how many wraps of tape to include before affixing the new grip on top. As mentioned above, every player is different, so it’s hard to generalize about what’s best.

Therefore, when re-gripping your golf clubs, you need to think carefully about how thick you want your grips to be. Not only will this influence the amount of tape you use, but it will also help you decide which grip to go for.

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Adding tape to your golf grip is also important because it holds the new grip in place and ensures you don’t have any issues when it comes to executing your golf shots.

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Whether you add one, two, or three layers of grip tape, the rubber grip will stretch over the tape when you come to install it, which ultimately increases the thickness and diameter of your golf clubs.

How Do You Add Wraps to the Golf Grip?

The best way to add wraps to your golf grip is to ask a club-fitter to do it for you. This is because the process involves removing your current grips before installing new ones.

While you can re-grip your own golf clubs, it’s a fiddly process if you’ve never done it before, and it’s easy to get it wrong.

However, taking your clubs to your local club pro or club fitter is a way of re-gripping your clubs without the hassle. You will typically have your clubs back in a couple of days, and it usually costs between $5-$10 per club.

If you want to re-grip your clubs yourself, you will have to remove your current grips with a knife before re-wrapping your clubs with as much tape as you decide is appropriate. You can then use adhesive to affix your new grips to your golf club.

Again, it is possible to add wraps to your golf clubs yourself, but considering how affordable the process is, we’d recommend taking them to your club pro to save yourself the hassle.

How Many Wraps Do I Need on My Golf Grip?

It’s entirely up to you how many grips to include underneath your golf grip, but most people have anywhere between 1-4 wraps. One wrap won’t add a great deal of thickness to your grip and is ideal for thicker, jumbo grips.

However, if you have standard-sized grips, adding several layers of tape underneath is an effective way to thicken the grip without upgrading to jumbo grips. You will find that most grips are capable of stretching over several layers of tape, so you can add as much as you see fit.

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Choosing the right-sized grip for the size of your hands is super important, as it will influence how well you connect with and strike the ball.

The simple act of re-gripping your clubs can have a hugely positive impact on the way you strike the ball, so it’s worth consulting a club-fitter or professional to ask for advice.

Are Wrap Grips Better?

Wrapping tape sits underneath the grip of your golf clubs, so it’s not a case of whether or not it’s better than those that aren’t wrapped. This is because the grip that you affix over the wrapping will determine how good your grip actually is.

For instance, adding several layers of wrapping tape underneath substandard grips won’t be as effective as investing in a premium jumbo grip. However, adding a couple of layers of wrapping to a midsize grip can be an effective way to increase the thickness of your grips if you’re not sold on oversized or jumbo grips.

As we’ve emphasized throughout, the key thing to remember is that every golfer is different. Some players prefer using grips with several layers of wrapping, while others opt for relatively thin grips that offer more feel.

Therefore, we’d recommend considering your preferences before getting your grips wrapped, as you don’t want to end up with a grip that is too thin or thick for the way you like to strike the ball.

Golf Grip Wrap Size Chart: What Do I Need?

The main factor to consider before deciding on the best grip for your golf clubs is the size of your hands. In golf, the easiest way to determine this is based on your glove size. This handy chart will help you choose the ideal grip size for your hands:

Hand size (crease to fingertip) Glove size Grip size
5’ – 6.5’Men’s small/women’s mediumUndersize
6.6’ – 7.5’Men’s medium/women’s largeStandard
7.6’ – 9.0’Men’s large/Women’s XLMidsize
9.1 – 10.0’Men’s XLJumbo

Golf wrap comes in handy if you want to increase the size of your grip. For instance, a couple of wraps of tape underneath a standard grip will turn your grips into midsize.

Professional golfers use wrap underneath their grips to move between sizes and to fit the precise measurements of their hands.

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While recreational golfers don’t need to worry about the fine margins as much, it’s still good to know that you can use grip tape to your advantage.

Golf Grip Wrap Tape – What Should I Use?

If you’re planning to use wrap tape underneath your golf grips, you should invest in specialist grip tape. It’s inexpensive and gets the job done as far as improving the grip of your golf clubs is concerned.

Golf grip tape is double-sided and is really easy to affix to your golf clubs. But again, if you’re not confident with DIY projects, you could always take your clubs to a local club fitter, who will be happy to work on them on your behalf.

Ultimately, re-gripping your golf clubs is a great option, as it’s an affordable way to get more life out of your clubs. New grips will improve your ball striking and will help you shoot lower scores out on the course.

Do Any Pros Use Grip Wraps?

Lots of professional golfers utilize grip wraps to ensure their grips are the perfect size for their requirements. Bryson DeChambeau famously controls every aspect of his equipment, and he is known to use grip wraps under his jumbo grips.

Interestingly, the vast majority of professional golfers use the same grips from Golf Pride, albeit in different sizes. When personalizing their equipment, they will almost certainly take advantage of grip wraps to ensure the sizing is perfect.

No matter whether you’re a beginner golfer or an elite Tour pro, utilizing grip wraps can be an effective way of ensuring your golf grips are the right size, which is bound to help your ball striking consistency.  


Using wraps underneath your grips is an effective way of ensuring they’re the ideal size for your golf game. It’s particularly helpful if you’re between grip sizes, as it allows you to make slight adjustments where necessary.

While you can attach wrap grips yourself at home, we’d recommend taking your clubs to a fitter, as they will do the work in no time at all, and it’s a super affordable process.

Ultimately, when used correctly, golf wraps can be a great addition to your golf clubs and are likely to help your ball striking consistency when you’re out on the course.