Extended Roof for Golf Cart? (EZ-GO, Yamaha, Club Car!)

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Golf carts are Amazing vehicles, they drive us around on the game day, help with all the gear and accessories, and serve multiple purposes. Although they are highly customizable and loaded with features, there still remain some grey areas that need to be addressed.

One thing that most golf cart enthusiasts and owners scratch their heads about is the extension for golf cart roofs and tops. The questions they ponder most upon are: how and where to get an extended roof for golf carts? Can they get a homemade extension for the golf cart roof (DIY)? What is the length of the extension?

If you’re wondering about the same thing, read on! We have got all the answers for you. Getting a standard golf cart roof extension, designing and making an extension yourself, and where to get a proper item that’s best for your golf cart and would last a lifetime.

Stay tuned to know everything about an extended roof for golf carts, features and benefits of some popular products in the market, and some other important aspects.

How Do I Extend the Roof of My Golf Cart?

The ideal method to extend a roof on a golf cart is to buy a standard extension from the market and fit it “bolt-on” on your cart. If you want to do it yourself (DIY), get precise measurements, design and make a lightweight sub-frame, and screw your self-designed roof to it.

The best and easiest way is to shop online. Log on to Amazon or craigslist and buy a standard golf cart roof extension, that would fit your cart bolt-on and without any alteration or modification.

These extensions are made of durable and lightweight material and do not affect your golf cart’s performance.

The other way is to pick your tools and measuring tape and get to work. Design and make the extension out of fiber yourself and fit it into your golf cart.

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Be wary that you’d have to install a sub-frame as well, to support this extension.

Club Car Extended Roof

3G Universal 80' Black Roof Kit for Club Car DS Golf Carts 1976-1999

The lightweight 80” roof extension kit is specific for Club Car golf carts and designed with convenience and utility for the buyers.


  • 80″ roof with metal stabilizing bars. 
  • A set of rear candy canes – 39 3/8″ L x 11.25″ W
  • A front mounting bracket.
  • Pre-drilled holes for easier installation.
  • ¾ inch thickness of metal tubing.


  • Replaces the original top and provides shelter for all the passengers.
  • Thermoformed, lightweight material with scratch-resistant properties.
  • Designed to easily fit double-take, track-style enclosure.
  • Very easy to install, thanks to a front mounting bracket.
  • Candy canes provide extra support.

Easy to install, offered with all the required accessories, and made of durable material, it is the ideal, standard extended roof that you can get for your Club Car DS golf carts.

EZ-GO Golf Cart Extended Roof

3G Universal 80' Long Track Top Golf Cart Roof- TAN

This newest extended roof is a sun guard that provides a unique shade solution that will give your EZGO a custom look. It is designed for recreation, community, and even commercial purposes.


  • 80″ frame, 4 – Passenger easy installation.
  • Steel 1″ tubular frame.
  • Ultra low-profile design.
  • Universal mounting locations.
  • Constructed from black exterior grade 600D PVC-Coated poly canvas.


  • High UV resistance and protection against the weather.
  • Mold/Mildew resistance and tear resistance.
  • Para-cord included for easy and quick fitment.
  • High strength material used, quite long-lasting, and durable.
  • Provides extended shade and rain protection for rear-seat passengers.

This assembly includes a full 1” tubular steel frame with customizable mounting points for different model configurations. The roof is made of 600D, PVC-Coated poly canvas material for superior weather & mold protection. It also features a reinforced nylon webbing perimeter for strength and durability. 

Yamaha Golf Cart Extended Roof

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The 80-inch custom extended roof for Yamaha golf carts is specifically designed for recent models. It provides great protection against sun, debris, and rain to the rear passengers and is durable.


  • 3/4-inch metal tube frame.
  • 2x metal rear candy frames.
  • 80″ roof length, super durable PVC material.
  • Front mounting bracket with custom holdings.


  • Extended shelter for all the passengers, replaces the original roof assembly.
  • Thermoplastic molding, lightweight and scratch-resistant material.
  • Designed to easily receive and fit the enclosure, via track-style receptacles.
  • A front mounting bracket makes installation very easy and quick.
  • Rear candy canes add extra support.
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Manufactured using high-grade PVC material and thermoplastic processing, it is one of the best and easiest solutions you’d get for your Yamaha golf cart. Easy to carry, lightweight, durable and simple to install, you don’t have to worry about your rear passengers and the roof’s installation.

Universal 80 inch Golf Cart Roof

3G 80' Universal Black Golf Cart Roof

The universal 80″ golf cart is designed and aimed to fit all your needs, on all your golf carts. No matter which make or model you own, this universal roof extension will likely fit your golf cart, without any alterations or modifications.


  • A tubular frame of 1 inch thickness.
  • High-grade and scratch-resistant PVC material.
  • A range of customizable colors.
  • Pre-drilled holes and front mounting bracket.
  • Rear candy canes are included in the package.


  • Extended shade and protection for rear passengers.
  • Lightweight material manufactured by thermoplastic processing, with enhanced scratch-resistant properties.
  • The design allows a double-take, track-style enclosure to be fitted easily.
  • Front mounting bracket makes installation easier.
  • Candy canes support the roof at the rear side.
  • No need to alter or modify the OEM roof frame structure.

The whole kit is designed to fit the majority of the carts, has the necessary accessories in the package, and has a sturdy build quality.

How Long is an Extended Golf Cart Roof?

Although custom-designed and fabricated roofs are available, there are standard sizes manufactured and sold. The standard-sized lengths on extended golf carts are 80″, 84″, 88″, and go up to 120″.

In reality, an extended golf cart roof can be any size, as it depends on the length of the cart, number of seats, and requirement of the owner. Custom-made roof extensions do not have a specific length and would be made as required.

Standard golf cart roof extensions are made with certain aspects in consideration, and various golf cart models in mind. To fit the majority of the carts and be usable for most of the buyers, the length of the extended golf cart roof is kept at 80”, which can go up to 120″ for longer carts.

How Do You Measure a Golf Cart Roof?

There are 4 main different ways to measure a golf cart roof. You can search the dimensions online, check the owners’ manual for details, measure it yourself with a measuring tape, or take it to the store where you plan to buy a cover, or extension and let them do it professionally for you.

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If you decide to measure the golf cart roof yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Park your cart at a level ground.
  2. Measure from front to rear across the maximum length of the roof across a straight line, and exclude any bends or contours.
  3. Measure the width in a similar manner across a straight line, from left to right. Do not include the side mirrors or any lower body extensions.
  4. You can also take a detached roof and measure it for ease.

What About a Homemade Golf Cart Roof Extension?

It is not easy, but you can save a lot of money by making a golf cart roof extension yourself (DIY) at home. With proper tools and machines, required material, and correct measurements, you can make a roof extension for your golf cart yourself.

There are pros and cons of having a homemade golf cart roof extension, let’s have a look:


  • Cheaper to build which saves you money.
  • Can be designed and fabricated as desired.
  • No need to pay for extra accessories that come with standard roof extensions.
  • Can potentially be turned into a business as custom cart accessories are in high demand.


  • Takes a lot of time to make one and get all the required materials.
  • Homemade extensions are generally not so lightweight.
  • To get the DIY extensions installed, some alterations have to be made to the golf cart’s frame.
  • These may add a lot of weight to the cart and affect the performance.
  • These usually do not comply with safety standards.

Get Ready to Accessorize Your Cart with an Extended Roof!

Golf cart extended roofs are really a hot topic in the market. Designed to protect the rear passengers from sun and rain, there are plenty of options available in the market.

With standard 80” size, sturdy build quality, scratch, and environment resistance, these customizable roof extensions are becoming common with every passing day. Have a metal tubular frame, rear candy canes, and a front mounting bracket for quick installation.

Although you can build a DIY roof extension for your golf cart at home, it is advisable to get a standard built extension of your desired size, for optimal usage and longevity.