Evenflow Golf Shafts Review: How Good Are They?

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Before settling on the most appropriate shafts for your woods and hybrids, it’s important to do your research, as there are so many brands competing for your attention.

One such brand is True Temper, and its Evenflow range of golf shafts is extremely popular with amateur and professional golfers alike. But how good are Evenflow shafts, and what else do you need to know about them?

Uncut Project X Even Flow Riptide CB Cobalt 50g 5.5 Regular Flex Shaft 46'

This article takes a closer look at Evenflow shafts and helps you decide if they’re an appropriate choice for your golf clubs this season.

What are Evenflow Golf Shafts?

Evenflow are graphite wood shafts from True Temper, one of the leading manufacturers of shafts in the game of golf. Featuring the likes of the Riptide MX and the classic Blue, Evenflow shafts are one of True Temper’s most popular models.

Project X Even Flow Riptide 70g 6.0 Stiff Flex Driver/Fairway Shaft Only

There are several shafts available within the Evenflow range, offering you sufficient choice when it comes to correctly equipping your woods this season. For instance, the Evenflow Riptide MX is one of True Temper’s lowest torque shafts and is super lightweight, at just 60g.*

Alongside the Hzrdus Smoke, AMT, and ever-popular Dynamic Gold shafts, those within the Evenflow range are extremely popular with recreational and professional players alike, providing golfers with the edge when it comes to choosing their equipment.

So, if you’re looking for high-performance graphite shafts for your woods this season, read on to find out everything you need to know about Evenflow golf shafts from True Temper.

Are Evenflow Shafts Good?

As is the case with every True Temper shaft, there’s a lot to like about Evenflow shafts. One of the best things about Evenflow is that they feel great and offer excellent energy transfer, ensuring that your swing is as efficient as possible.

The shafts are named as such because they feature technology that produces an ‘even’ bend profile, which is responsible for energy transfer between body and ball. As a result, the feel at impact is smooth and seamless, ensuring optimal swing performance.

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Generally speaking, the Evenflow shafts are extremely lightweight and offer incredible feel and consistency, which, in fairness, can be said about the vast majority of shafts within the True Temper lineup.

Overall, as we’ve come to expect from this leading shaft developer, the Evenflow range performs exceptionally well and is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their woods this golf season.

How Much are Evenflow Shafts?

Evenflow shafts retail for anywhere from $120 – $342, depending on the model that you go for.** For instance, the current price of Evenflow shafts on Golfworks is as follows:

  • Project X Evenflow Riptide MX graphite hybrid shaft – $121.60
  • Project X Evenflow Riptide MX graphite wood shaft – $342.00
  • Project X Evenflow Blue 55/65 graphite wood shaft – $152.00

These prices put Evenflow among some of the more costly models available online, but they’re also considered to be some of the best shafts that money can buy, more than justifying the high price tag.

When replacing the shafts on your golf clubs, you also need to factor in other prices like the cost of fitting (if you’re not doing it yourself), as well as the price of tools and accessories like epoxy to get the job done. So, you need to budget accordingly, as fitting new shafts can be a costly undertaking.

What are the Models in the Evenflow Range?

There are several models in the Evenflow range, as introduced in the table below:

ShaftTempoTrajectory Spin
Evenflow Riptide MXModerateMediumMedium
Evenflow Riptide LXModerateLowLow
Evenflow RiptideModerateMediumMedium
Evenflow Riptide CBModerateMediumMedium
Evenflow BlueModerateMediumMedium

The Evenflow Blue shafts have long been regarded as one of the most energy-efficient shafts on the market and result in a smooth flow of energy flow while boasting excellent distance capabilities. In other words, it’s an all-rounder as far as shaft performance is concerned.

Then comes the super popular Riptide shafts, with multiple variations available. The MX and LX are widely considered the best options, and we run through a comparison of the two below, so you can decide which is more likely to complement your golf game.

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Evenflow Riptide MX vs. LX

The Evenflow Riptide MX is a mid-trajectory shaft that delivers the lowest torque within the Project X Evenflow, 60g series. It comes with a straight taper design and comes with 40-ton fiber, which is ideal for launch control.

The fact that it has such low torque means that it is easy to load and provides outstanding control and stability for its kind, making it a super attractive option for golfers looking for a mid-launch shaft that doesn’t compromise on distance or control.

In comparison, the Riptide LX also features a low degree of torque, but it comes with an additional 14” layer of material within the grip section. This has been included to reduce lag in the swing, offering greater stability and increased energy flow.

It also offers low trajectory and low spin, focusing primarily on distance. So, while they’re slightly different from one another, the Riptide MX and LX offer an outstanding low torque, lightweight shaft for your woods.

How Do I Choose an Evenflow Shaft that is Right for Me?

There are so many things to think about when choosing the ideal shaft for your golf game, which can lead to confusion. However, there are some fundamentals that you need to think about when choosing a shaft, no matter the make and model.

Primarily, you need to consider the flex of the shaft (regular, stiff, for instance), as this is one of the most important factors when determining an appropriate shaft. Next, you should bear in mind the weight of the shaft, as well as its degree of torque.

Thankfully, all of these facts and figures can be found on the True Temper website, alongside detailed information that you can use to ascertain which is the ideal shaft for your game.

While it takes a little bit of research, it’s super important to choose an appropriate shaft for your clubs, as installing an ill-suited model to your clubs can have a big impact on your game.

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Evenflow vs. Hazrdus Smoke – Which is Better?

Evenflow and Hzrdus Smoke are two of the leading models within the True Temper range of shafts, and they’re both trusted by amateur and professional players alike. So, which is better?

Well, they’re both excellent, and it’s difficult to say which shaft outperforms the other. But generally speaking, the Evenflow shafts come with a slightly higher degree of torque and are a little heavier than the Hzrdus Smoke lineup.***

After reviewing both products, it’s really hard to say which is better than the other, as they are both well suited to different golfers. For those looking for extremely low torque and ultra-lightweight shafts, the Hzrdus Smoke shafts are perhaps the better option.

Still, it’s important to review the various components of each shaft within the respective ranges before making your decision, as you need to find the ideal shaft for your golf game.

Who Makes Evenflow Golf Shafts?

Evenflow golf shafts are made by True Temper, one of the leading shaft manufacturers in the golf industry. True Temper is an all-American company with its roots in Memphis, Tennessee, making them a popular brand with US-based golfers.

All True Temper shafts are made in Amory, Mississippi, which has been the company’s manufacturing plant since it opened in 1965.

With so many sports manufacturers outsourcing their production and manufacturing processes to cheaper labor markets, it’s refreshing to know that True Temper produces its Evenflow golf shafts in the United States.

So, if you’re looking for a leading US manufacturer of high-performance golf shafts, True Temper is a brand that you can’t afford to ignore.


If you’ve heard of the True Temper brand, it won’t surprise you to hear that Evenflow shafts are among the very best in the business. They’re super lightweight and feature a low degree of torque, making them an outstanding choice for many golfers.

The bottom line is that Evenflow shafts perform well in lots of aspects, making them a solid choice if you’re looking to equip your woods or hybrids with new shafts this season.


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