Edel Golf Wedges Reviews (These Clubs Any Good?)

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Deciding which wedges to carry in your bag can make or break your round. Even more challenging is deciding which manufacturer to go with, as you’re truly spoiled for choice.

One manufacturer that has been receiving hype for all the right reasons is Edel, which is an American-based company that produces some of the most outstanding wedges in the golf industry.

So, to help you decide if an Edel wedge is likely to help you improve your game, we explain everything you can expect from this innovative and exciting brand and illustrate why Edel is enjoying such a positive reputation right now.

What Are Edel Golf Wedges?

Edel wedges are high-performing clubs that have become increasingly popular in recent times. Central to Edel’s design is their Swing Match System (SMS), which is what creates such an elite golf club for recreational players and elite golfers alike.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Edel makes their highly rated golf clubs…

Everything about Edel is customizable, and their wedges come with movable weights that allow you to fine-tune your clubs to match your performance. While this might sound overly technical, it can make a huge difference to your accuracy around the greens.

To help you decide if an Edel wedge is for you, we take a look at this impressive brand in more detail below.

Are Edel Wedges Good?

Edel wedges have developed a reputation for being among the best wedges available to recreational golfers; they really are that good. Each Edel wedge comes with three weight ports and five weights, which you can adjust depending on your level and what you’re hoping to get out of your wedges.

In addition to adjustable weights, Edel wedges are available in four sole grinds, which are available in every loft. When you play the clubs with the weight in the center position, they generate excellent spin and are perfect for gaining more control around the greens.

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You can buy Edel wedges in lofts ranging from 48 to 60, and they come with high-quality Nippon Modus wedge shafts, which further adds to their elite performance. Overall, we can’t speak highly enough about Edel wedges, and they are certainly deserving of the hype.

Are Edel Wedges Forged?

Edel wedges are forged from 1025 Japanese carbon steel. In other words, they’re made to perfection. What’s more, all the soles are CNC milled to maintain precise specifications, and the full-face grooves feature a laser-engraved surface texture for the perfect feel.

This helps players to generate and retain spin on partial shots or when the weather is far from ideal. When you try out an Edel wedge for the first time, you will quickly realize that these guys have thought of everything and designed the clubs to outstanding specifications.

It’s impossible not to be impressed by the build quality and features of Edel’s wedges, which is the primary reason that the brand has enjoyed such success in recent times.

It wouldn’t be overdoing it to suggest that Edel is among the best wedges that we’ve tried, so there’s no doubt that they can help you with your short game.

How Much Are Edel Wedges?

Edel wedges currently retail at $199.99. This is a little on the high side for a wedge, but you can make the case that the innovative design and construction of the wedges and the fact that they’re built to exceptionally high standards justify the price tag.

Another thing to note is that you’re not just buying an off-the-rack stock wedge. When you order from Edel, you have the option to personalize everything about your wedge, which is another reason that the price is a little higher than you might ordinarily pay for a wedge.

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For instance, you can select your chosen loft, grind, lie angle, length, shaft, and grip. You can even add aesthetic personalizations for $25, which means you can jazz up your Edel wedge if you choose to.

So, while Edel wedges command a fairly sizeable price tag, it’s hard to argue against it. As the old saying goes – you get what you pay for – and you certainly won’t be disappointed when your Edel wedge arrives at your front door.

Where Are Edel Clubs Made?

Edel wedges are built at the company’s headquarters in Austin, Texas. The founder is David Edel, who has been working with PGA professionals for decades, creating bespoke clubs for their games and revolutionizing club design and fitting in the process.

Edel has worked with the likes of Bryson DeChambeau in the past, as well as countless other golfers on the PGA Tour and with those competing in the NCAA.

David Edel is an industry-leading expert and is trusted by professionals throughout the game, and it’s for this reason that his signature wedges have enjoyed such success over the years.

All Edel wedges are hand-built in the United States, which is another reason why they’re so popular with US-based golfers. Given that so many golf companies have outsourced their manufacturing processes to cheaper labor markets, the fact that Edel clubs are produced exclusively in the US is another string to the company’s bow.

Do Any Pros Use Edel Wedges?

Although it’s not clear which pros (if any) currently play Edel wedges, there’s no doubting David Edel’s pedigree on tour. He has worked with Bryson DeChambeau since he was eleven years old and contributed to Bryson’s obsession with equipment design.

David Edel has personally worked with a number of other players on the PGA Tour as well as Bryson, and he is widely regarded as one of the most talented and highly-skilled club designers in the world.

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This is hardly surprising, given the exceptional reviews that his signature wedges have received from players at all levels of the game.

The fact that Bryson has such a good working relationship with David Edel highlights just how talented a club-fitter he is.

So, if he’s good enough for the Scientist, then there’s no doubt that many of us recreational players can benefit from using Edel’s expertly designed wedges.

Edel Wedges vs Vokey (Which is Best?)

Vokey just about pips Edel, there’s very little between them. It is impressive moveable weights and an innovative design that makes Edel wedges unlike any others in the market, and if you can justify the $200 price tag, there’s absolutely no reason not to add an Edel wedge to your bag.

Thanks to Edel’s stellar reputation and the fact that the design and innovation of the wedges are second to none, it’s worthwhile comparing them to another of the golf industry’s most outstanding products – the Vokey wedge.

Titleist’s SM8 Vokey wedges offer six grinds and feature a forward center of gravity that improves accuracy and repeatability. They’re also made by the legendary Bob Vokey, who is undoubtedly the world’s most well-known wedge fitter.

As you would expect from a Vokey wedge, it feels, looks, and sounds like perfection and is nigh on impossible to beat as far as ball striking consistency is concerned. The elevated COG in the SM8 works wonders for higher handicappers and makes it easier to play through the ball.


Boasting design features like no other wedge in the golf industry, there’s a lot of intrigue surrounding the latest iteration of Edel wedges. Not only are they exceptionally easy to strike, but they also look, feel, and sound out of this world.

Although they’re priced a little on the high side, we can’t argue with the build quality of the Edel wedges, and anyone who has ever played them will recognize just how special they are.