Dustin Johnson Putting Mat Review – Worth It?

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Dustin Johnson is one of the top golfers in the world, known for his powerful swing and precision putting. His success on the green is due in part to his training regimen, which includes the use of a specialized putting mat.

This mat is designed to help golfers improve their accuracy and consistency, and it has become a popular tool among amateurs and professionals alike.

Crafted from premium materials, the Dustin Johnson putting mat boasts a distinctive design that flawlessly emulates the sensation of a genuine green.

Versatile in nature, it effortlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor use, rendering it an indispensable training aid for golfers across all proficiency levels.

The mat comes with a variety of different putting surfaces, including smooth, medium, and fast greens, allowing golfers to practice their putting on a range of different surfaces.

The Dustin Johnson putting mat has received rave reviews from golfers around the world, with many citing its ability to help them improve their putting skills quickly and easily.

For golfers of all levels, from novices to seasoned players, this mat is an essential tool to elevate your game. Elevate your abilities and unlock your true potential with this indispensable accessory that will propel your performance to unprecedented heights.

Who is Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson, a renowned American professional golfer, was born on June 22, 1984, in Columbia, South Carolina. From an early age, Johnson exhibited exceptional aptitude in golf, swiftly establishing himself as a prodigious talent.

While at Coastal Carolina University, Johnson excelled not only in his academic pursuits but also on the university’s golf team, achieving victory in multiple tournaments. His remarkable skills were on full display, leaving a lasting impression.

PERFECT PRACTICE Official Putting Mat of Dustin Johnson - Indoor Golf Putting Green with 1/2 Hole Training for Mini Games & Practicing at Home or in The Office - Gifts for Golfers - Golf Accessories

Johnson turned professional in 2007 and joined the PGA Tour. He has since won numerous tournaments, including the U.S. Open in 2016.

Dustin Johnson has achieved the top rank in the world of golf on multiple occasions. Beyond the greens, he is recognized for his relaxed demeanor and passion for fishing.

Additionally, Johnson actively participates in charitable initiatives, notably the Dustin Johnson Foundation, which provides support to youth golf programs.

Overall, Dustin Johnson stands as a highly accomplished and skilled golfer, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

Understanding the Putting Mat

A putting mat is a practice tool used by golfers to improve their putting strokes.

PERFECT PRACTICE Official Putting Mat of Dustin Johnson - Indoor Golf Putting Green with 1/2 Hole Training for Mini Games & Practicing at Home or in The Office - Gifts for Golfers - Golf Accessories

It is designed to simulate the feel of a real green and help golfers develop the necessary skills to become better putters. The Perfect Putting Mat has become increasingly popular among golfers as it delivers exceptional performance and quality.

The mat is designed to provide a consistent roll and feedback, allowing golfers to practice their putting stroke and aim.

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It comes in a variety of sizes: Compact to XL, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The mat has a roll-back track and felt turf that simulates the feel of a real green.

The Perfect Putting Mat also comes with an auto ball return feature, which saves time and allows golfers to focus on their practice.

It has standard hole sizes and can be used with a stimpmeter to measure the speed of the green. The stimpmeter speeds can range from 10-14, making it suitable for all levels of golfers.

The mat uses Tru-Roll technology, which ensures a consistent roll and precision. The Crystal Velvet Trueroll technology provides a smooth and true roll, giving golfers the confidence to make more putts.

The mat also has train track alignment, which helps golfers aim and align their putt.

For first-time customers, the Perfect Putting Mat offers a 10% discount. It also comes with laser putting glasses, which help golfers see the line and aim better. The putting mat is effortlessly storable and suitable for golfers of all skill levels.

In essence, a putting mat is a crucial instrument for any golfer seeking to refine their putting stroke. The Perfect Putting Mat stands out as an excellent choice for golfers at any proficiency, offering consistent feedback and an authentic roll.

What are the Features of the Dustin Johnson Mat?

With plenty of competition and hundreds of other golf training accessories available on the market, what are the main features of the Dustin Johnson mat?

Portable: This is a great point of the product as it can be used at home, in the office, or even in the back garden.

The compact version weighs just 6 lbs and can easily be stored in a luggage bag, travel holdall, or backpack.

Different Sizes: Perfect Practice putting mats come in three different sizes, compact, standard, and XL so they are perfect for any room size.

The standard and XL sizes also come with two holes, standard size, and smaller variant to aid your putting skills even further!

Aesthetics: This is one of the best-looking putting mats available with its natural wood finish which means that it will not look like an eyesore if put up at your desk or around your living room furniture!

Alignment Marks: The alignment marks on the putting mat help guide your stroke to ensure a straight putt every time. These marks help your game by improving consistency in your line of sight from ball to hole.

Auto Ball Return: Get more shots in with this great feature as the mat will automatically return your ball so you do not have to go and collect it from off the floor or around furniture!

World #1 Golfer Approved: Dustin Johnson, the world number one PGA Tour pro golfer has approved these mats. This should give you some peace of mind that these putting mats are up to par and perfect for improving your golf game at home.

Choosing the Right Mat Length

Selecting the appropriate length for your putting stroke practice mat is of utmost importance. Several factors, such as available space and personal preferences, influence the choice of mat length.

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It is imperative to consider these factors in order to make an informed decision.

PERFECT PRACTICE Official Putting Mat of Dustin Johnson - Indoor Golf Putting Green with 1/2 Hole Training for Mini Games & Practicing at Home or in The Office - Gifts for Golfers - Golf Accessories

For those with limited space, a compact edition mat may be the best option. These mats are shorter in length and can be conveniently rolled up for storage.

Their compact design allows for easy storage when not in use. However, it’s important to note that a shorter mat may not allow for as much practice in terms of distance and accuracy.

When practicing on a longer mat, it’s important to focus on your stroke technique and aim for accuracy. The longer length allows for more practice in terms of distance, but it can also highlight any flaws in your stroke.

Additionally, it’s important to choose a mat that is creased to simulate the breaks and undulations of real greens. This will assist you in enhancing your readiness for real putting scenarios, enabling you to better adapt to the conditions encountered.

Overall, when choosing a mat length, it’s important to consider your available space, personal preferences, and goals for practice.

With the right mat, you can improve your putting stroke and accuracy, ultimately leading to better scores on the greens.

Hole Sizes and Their Importance

The size of the hole on a putting mat can have a significant impact on a player’s ability to putt accurately. Smaller holes can be more challenging to putt into, while larger holes can be more forgiving.

PERFECT PRACTICE Official Putting Mat of Dustin Johnson - Indoor Golf Putting Green with 1/2 Hole Training for Mini Games & Practicing at Home or in The Office - Gifts for Golfers - Golf Accessories

When practicing on a putting mat, it is essential to consider the size of the hole and how it may affect your putting stroke technique. A smaller hole can require a more precise stroke, while a larger hole may allow for a more relaxed putting stroke.

While it may be tempting to practice on a larger hole to boost confidence, it is important to practice on a hole size that is realistic to the actual game.

Competing with friends and family on a putting mat with a realistic hole size can help improve putting skills and prepare for real-world scenarios.

Overall, the size of the hole on a putting mat can play a crucial role in improving putting skills. Practicing on a realistic hole size can help develop a more accurate putting stroke technique and prepare for competitive play.

Is the Practice Putting Mat Worth it?

So who is the product aimed at and is it worth the money, also will my putting improve if I use this mat every day?

The old saying that practice makes perfect definitely applies to putting!

No one is born with an innate ability to putt perfectly, it’s something you develop over time.

The Dustin Johnson Putting Mats are a great way of improving your game at home or in the office and will really help improve that putting stroke technique as well as consistency.

You should use this putting mat if you:

  • Need a way to practice putting it at home or in the office.
  • Want to improve your putting technique.
  • Prefer to use a product officially endorsed and used by PGA Pro.
  • Are a golfer with average putting ability that wants more consistency.
  • Are a low handicapper that is serious about turning pars into birdies.
  • Have limited time or space and just want to “hit some balls”.
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Listen to Dustin Johnson talking about his experiences on the famous Augusta course including those tricky puts on the lightning-fast greens.

Product Availability and Purchase Options

The Dustin Johnson putting mat is a favored option among golf enthusiasts seeking to enhance their indoor putting abilities. This product is readily accessible online and can be procured from a variety of retailers, including Amazon.

The mat comes with an automatic ball return feature that makes it easy to practice without having to retrieve the ball after every putt.

It also has alignment lines that help golfers improve their aim and accuracy, ultimately leading to lower scores on the course.

The reduced size and weight of the mat make it easy to store and transport, allowing golfers to practice wherever they go. Boasting superior craftsmanship and resilient materials, this mat is meticulously engineered to endure frequent use without compromising quality.

In summary, the Dustin Johnson putting mat presents a remarkable opportunity for golfers seeking to enhance their indoor putting proficiency. It’s an investment that promises significant improvement and undeniable value.

With its automatic ball return, alignment lines, and reduced size and weight, this product is a must-have for anyone serious about reducing their score on the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the V4 and V5 putting mats?

The main difference between the V4 and V5 Perfect Practice putting mats is the size. The V4 measures 9 feet long and 3 feet wide, while the V5 measures 15 feet long and 9 inches wide. Additionally, the V5 has a wider variety of hole sizes and alignment lines.

Can putting mats improve my putting?

Yes, putting mats can help improve your putting skills. Putting mats offer a reliable surface for honing your putting skills. By practicing on these mats, you can develop muscle memory and enhance your accuracy.

Additionally, many putting mats come with alignment aids and other features to help you perfect your technique.

Which putting trainer is best for indoor use?

The ideal indoor putting trainer will vary based on your individual requirements and personal preferences. Take into account factors such as your specific needs, desired features, and preferred style to find the perfect fit for you.

However, the Dustin Johnson putting mat is a popular choice due to its high-quality construction and variety of features.

Are there any issues with the Perfect Practice putting mat not being flat?

Some users have reported issues with the Perfect Practice putting mat not laying flat, but these issues are generally rare. If you do experience this problem, you can try laying the mat out flat and using a heavy object to hold it in place for a few hours.

Can I iron the Perfect Practice putting mat?

It is not recommended to iron the Perfect Practice putting mat as doing so may cause damage and impact its performance. Instead, if you need to clean it, simply use a damp cloth and mild soap.