Dustin Johnson Putting Mat Review – Worth It?

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Putting is the most important part of golf, but it’s also one of the hardest to practice.

You can’t spend all day at a driving range or on a putting green and even if you do have some space for practicing your putting in your backyard, you need something more realistic that’s where the Dustin Johnson putting mat comes in – but what is it and does it actually work?

What is the Perfect Practice Putting Mat?

So, you want to improve your golf game? Well, why not start by putting on a new mat at home or in the office. Dustin Johnson has teamed up with Perfect Practice to produce a putting mat that helps you get that perfect stroke.

The Perfect Practice 2.0 perfect putting mat gives you an opportunity to practice anywhere with any surface.

PERFECT PRACTICE Putting Green - Indoor Golf Putting Mat with 2 Hole Training for Mini Games & Practicing at Home or in The Office - Gifts for Golfers - Compact Edition

It’s small enough that you could easily bring it along when traveling for work or play so that wherever there is a flat surface available (carpet, office, conference room, even outside on the patio will work) – there is also a place to improve your putting game!

This highly reviewed portable putting mat has been used by thousands of people around the world and is even endorsed by fellow pros such as Vijay Singh, Matt Wolf, and Jimmy Walker.

This mat is aimed at golfers who want to get good at putting without having to go out and buy expensive lessons from a PGA qualified coach or drive down to the local practice facility.

What are the Features of the Dustin Johnson Mat?

With plenty of competition and hundreds of other golf training accessories available on the market, what are the main features of the Dustin Johnson mat?

Portable – This is a great point of the product as it can be used at home, in the office, or even in the back garden.

The compact version weighs just 6 lbs and can easily be stored in a luggage bag, travel holdall, or backpack.

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PERFECT PRACTICE Putting Green - Indoor Golf Putting Mat with 2 Hole Training for Mini Games & Practicing at Home or in The Office - Gifts for Golfers - Compact Edition

Different Sizes – Perfect Practice putting mats come in three different sizes, compact, standard, and XL so they are perfect for any room size.

The standard and XL sizes also come with two holes, standard size, and smaller variant to aid your putting skills even further!

Aesthetics – This is one of the best-looking putting mats available with its natural wood finish which means that it will not look like an eyesore if put up at your desk or around your living room furniture!

Alignment Marks – The alignment marks on the putting mat help guide your stroke to ensure a straight putt every time. These marks help your game by improving consistency in your line of sight from ball to hole.

Auto Ball Return – Get more shots in with this great feature as the mat will automatically return your ball so you do not have to go and collect it from off the floor or around furniture!

World #1 Golfer Approved – Dustin Johnson, world number one PGA Tour pro golfer has approved these mats. This should give you some peace of mind that these putting mats are up to par and perfect for improving your golf game at home.

PERFECT PRACTICE Putting Green - Indoor Golf Putting Mat with 2 Hole Training for Mini Games & Practicing at Home or in The Office - Gifts for Golfers - Compact Edition

Is the Practice Putting Mat Worth it?

So who is the product aimed at and is it worth the money, also will my putting improve if I use this mat every day?

The old saying that practice makes perfect definitely applies to putting!

No one is born with an innate ability to putt perfectly, it’s something you develop over time.

The Dustin Johnson Putting Mats are a great way of improving your game at home or in the office and will really help improve that putting stroke technique as well as consistency.

You should use this putting mat if you:

  • Need a way to practice putting it at home or in the office.
  • Want to improve your putting technique.
  • Prefer to use a product officially endorsed and used by PGA Pro.
  • Are a golfer with average putting ability that wants more consistency.
  • Are a low handicapper that is serious about turning pars into birdies.
  • Have limited time or space and just want to “hit some balls”.
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Listen to Dustin Johnson talking about his experiences on the famous Augusta course including those tricky puts on the lightning-fast greens.

FAQ – What You Should Know About the Practice Perfect Mat

Q: Can left-handers use this mat?

A: Yes, the mat is designed for both right and left-handed golfers of all abilities. The auto ball return can be limited to two feet so that it doesn’t get in the way of a left-handed player’s stance.

Q: How long are the 3 different sizes?

A: Compact: 8 foot, Standard: 9.8 foot, XL: 15.6 foot. The width of the mat is around 1 foot.

Q: Are these made in the USA?

A: According to customer feedback, these are manufactured in the USA.

Q: What is the best surface for these mats?

A: You can use these mats on carpets, kitchen tiles, hardwood or anywhere else that is flat.

Q: How do I clean the mat?

A: Simply go over the mat with a household vacuum. This will bring the mat back to life but do not use the mat outside in the rain as it can damage the crystal velvet material.

Q: What about speed – how fast are these mats?

A: A stimp rating is used for measuring the speed of greens on a golf course. The Dustin Johnson golf practice mats have a rating of between 9 and 10. If you lay these on a thick carpet they will play slower than when they are used on a hard floor.

PERFECT PRACTICE Putting Green - Indoor Golf Putting Mat with 2 Hole Training for Mini Games & Practicing at Home or in The Office - Gifts for Golfers - Compact Edition

Over to You – Are these the Best Putting Mats?

The Perfect Practice Version 2.0 putting mats have helped thousands improve their putting game, and now you can too.

These portable, lightweight, and natural wood finish practice mats are the perfect solution to improving your golf skills when at home or in the office.

We’ve reviewed all of the features that make this product a must-have for aspiring and professional golf players alike – if it’s good enough for Dustin Johnson who are we to argue with?

With 3 different sizes available, these putting mats are a great investment that will have you knocking in putts like your favorite pro.