Dixon Golf Balls Review: A Serious Option?

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In the United States alone, more than 300 golf balls are lost every single year. This is a big problem for several reasons, and it’s bad news for the environment.

With that in mind, let us introduce you to Dixon – the producers of a range of environmentally friendly golf balls for recreational players.

In this article, we explain what makes Dixon Golf Balls unique and help you decide if they’re a viable option to add to your bag this season.

1. Who is Dixon Golf?

Dixon is a golf company with a mission to produce the best performance, eco-friendly golf balls available on the market. Their earth, wind, fire, and spirit golf balls are regarded as excellent options, and they have become increasingly popular in recent times.

Dixon Wind Eco-Friendly Max Distance Golf Balls (1 Dozen)

Several golf brands are becoming aware of the environmental impact of their products, and Dixon is leading the way when it comes to sustainable practices.

One of the key characteristics of Dixon Golf balls is the fact that they’re manufactured with heavy earth salts, as opposed to heavy metal fillers.

This significantly reduces the environmental impact of their production processes, helping Dixon establish its place at the forefront of eco-innovation in the golf sector.

But what can you really expect from Dixon’s range of eco-friendly golf balls? Read on to learn everything there is to know about this impressive brand and its unique approach to golf ball manufacturing.

2. Are Dixon Golf Balls Legal?

Yes, Dixon Golf balls are legal. They are regarded as Tour quality and are legally permitted by the USGA and R&A, meaning that you can play Dixon Golf balls in any tournaments that you participate in at your local golf club.

Most golf balls that are marketed to recreational players are USGA conforming, but it’s always a good idea to check for yourself, particularly if you’re dealing with a brand like Dixon that isn’t as well known as others in the golf industry.

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If you’re unsure of a golf ball’s legality before buying it, you can check the USGA conforming list for yourself.* This is a smart step to take, particularly when you buy golf balls from a brand that you haven’t heard of before.

But whether you opt for the earth, wind, fire, or spirit golf balls within the Dixon range, you can rest assured that they are USGA and R&A legal, making them perfectly acceptable to add to your golf bag this season.

3. Are Dixon Golf Balls Any Good?

Given that Dixon Golf balls are primarily marketed as an eco-friendly alternative to mainstream golf balls, they’re sometimes regarded through a narrow lens. But in reality, there’s a lot to like about Dixon Golf balls when it comes to performance.

No products found.

Though produced from eco-friendly materials and by following environmentally-friendly practices, Dixon hasn’t compromised on quality, with each of the balls within the range scoring highly in independent tests.  

When you’re considering the best Dixon Golf balls to add to your bag, you can make your decision based on compression, spin, and launch angle, as each of the balls offers something slightly different based on a player’s preferences.

But due to their environmental credentials and the fact that they’re manufactured to extremely high standards, Dixon Golf balls are a great option for recreational golfers and perform impressively out on the golf course.

4. How Much are Dixon’s Golf Balls?

Each of the balls within the Dixon range is available at a different price point, and you can find the current range listed in the table below:

Golf ball (dozen)Price

At $74.99, Dixon’s Fire golf balls are more expensive than Pro V1s, which certainly raises some eyebrows among recreational golfers. The fire is made specifically for golfers with swing speeds of more than 100mph, offering firm compression and high spin.  

As such, the Dixon Fire golf ball is a good option for elite golfers hoping to maximize their distance. For recreational players, the more affordably priced earth, wind, and spirit golf balls are more than suitable and are a decent option to consider.

5. What Compression are Dixon Golf Balls?  

Each of the golf balls in the Dixon range has different compressions, as introduced below:

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Golf ball Compression
Earth80 (medium/soft)
Wind110 (firm)
Fire90 (firm)
Spirit65 (soft)

The compression of a golf ball is important, as it is an indication of how much a ball compresses upon impact and is directly related to how far you can hit the ball in question.

What’s more, balls with lower compression tend to feel softer at the point of impact and typically do more in terms of spin and control, while balls with higher compression feel hard at the point of impact and are designed for maximum distance.**

No products found.

So, when you’re planning to buy a new pack of golf balls, it’s worth checking out the compression of the ball in question, as it’s a good idea to opt for a ball that is well suited to your game and preferences.

6. What Are Dixon Golf Balls Made of?

The key component of Dixon Golf balls is heavy earth salts, which is in stark contrast to the heavy metals used by most golf ball manufacturers. This is what enables Dixon to brand their golf balls as eco-friendly, as earth salts are naturally occurring.

Dixon also claims that their golf ball is biodegradable and made from recycled products, meaning that the ball that remains lost in and around golf courses won’t have a long-term negative impact on the surrounding environment.

Another impressive aspect of Dixon’s production is that they offer a trade-in policy, inviting players to return their balls when they are worn out in exchange for a discount on new purchases.  

While this is an attractive proposition in theory, in reality, most recreational players lose balls frequently and are unlikely to be able to take advantage of the trade-in policy offered by Dixon!

7. Are Dixon Golf Balls Suitable for Beginners?

Of all the balls available in the Dixon range, we recommend the Wind golf ball as the ideal choice for beginners. It’s perfect for players with slower swing speeds, and its firm core supports maximum distance off the tee.

Equally, the Dixon Spirit is a good option for players with moderate swing speeds (less than 100mph), so it could also work well for beginner golfers.***

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The soft compression ball also features medium spin, which offers an element of greenside control to beginner golfers.

The one ball to avoid if you’re a beginner golfer is the Dixon Fire, as it’s designed specifically for players with swing speeds in excess of 100mph.

It’s also significantly more expensive than the other balls in the Dixon range, which isn’t ideal for beginners who regularly lose golf balls.

So, these can be suitable for beginners, but it makes sense to choose the Wind or Spirit golf ball, as they are the most suitable options for new golfers to try out.

8. Where are Dixon Golf Balls Made?

Dixon Golf Balls are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. The company is widely regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of eco-friendly golf balls, and their range is miles ahead of the competition in terms of environmentally suitable options.

The fact that Dixon is a US-based company is another reason for players to consider them ahead of certain other manufacturers.

But it’s not necessarily a deciding factor for all, given that many of the component parts of most golf balls are sourced from different parts of the world.

Although Dixon might not be as popular a brand as the likes of Callaway, Titleist, and TaylorMade, particularly in regards to golf ball production, they’re making inroads into the mainstream.

The brand is likely to win lots of new admirers as more people become interested in environmentally friendly products in the near future.

So, with all things considered, Dixon is a brand that’s well worth thinking about if you’re looking for eco-friendly golf balls that are made in the United States.


Given that there are so many brands to choose from when it comes to selecting the ideal golf ball for your game, Dixon is a brand with a distinct difference.

The fact that Dixon’s golf balls are environmentally friendly is their standout feature, and they represent a great alternative to many of the mass-produced golf balls that consist of heavy metals that are bad for the planet.

So, if you’re keen to play a golf ball that performs well and is good for the environment, Dixon is the brand for you this season.


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