Delray Beach Public Golf Courses (Top Picks!)

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Delray Beach is a stunning area of Palm Beach County and it’s no wonder that many people want to play golf in this beautiful and exclusive city.

You might think that you would have to pay expensive monthly fees for the privilege but that’s not true, in fact, there are two public golf courses in Delray Beach, Florida.

A round of golf at a public course is both affordable and appealing to newcomers to the sport; whilst keen amateurs can focus on lowering their handicap just a short distance from the beautiful, golden beaches of Delray Beach.

Firstly we have Delray Beach Golf Club which is just a 10-minute drive away from the public beach in Delray Beach city.

Then from downtown, a quick drive along Atlantic Avenue takes you to the impressive Lakeview Golf Club, one of the best public golf courses in the area!

To start with, let’s take a closer look at Delray Beach Golf Club and see what’s on offer including tee times, facilities, course information and driving range practice areas.

1. Delray Beach Golf Club

delray beach golf club FL
Originally, Delray Beach Golf was a municipal course that was owned by the city and in the mid-1900s, a nine-hole course was completed.

Today, DBGC is a public course, owned by the JCD Sports Group who also operates other public courses in the state of Florida.

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How Much Does It Cost at Delray Beach Golf Club?

Full round of 18 holes: * From 7AM to 1.30PM costs $57, From 1.30PM to 5PM costs $40 and after 5PM costs $20. The two later charges are reduced because you are paying to play as much golf as you can before the club shuts at 6PM.

* Prices are based on two people sharing a golf cart – there is a surcharge for single players.

There does not seem to be a concession rate for juniors or senior golfers at the course.

If you are thinking about playing regularly at the course then consider taking out a loyalty card. Benefits include 10% off fees, earlier booking times (7 days) and 10% off in the club shop.

Driving Range: The club has a driving range where you can purchase golf balls for hitting in small, medium and large quantities. Prices start from just $5 and the range is open 7 days a week with some downtime for maintenance.

Driving range practice is recommended – there are signs for yardage distances and targets to aim at.

How to Book a Round of Golf at Delray Beach Golf Club?

You can book 5 days in advance through the booking portal. Simply select the dates from the left-hand panel and then move over to the times section. Also, there is an option to select a single player which is at an increased cost.

You can download a scorecard for Delray Golf Club here.


The restaurant has a good selection of healthy snacks and lunchtime treats. With over 20 items on the menu, there is something for everyone and is a great way to relax after a round of golf.

For families, there is a coaching clinic that caters to all including seniors and junior players. Individual sessions can be arranged with club professional, Ronnie Dunayer whose experience in the sports psychology fields is sure to help even the most talented golfer improve.

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Every Saturday morning there is a kids club which starts at around 10.30 AM. The club re-enforces the fundamentals of the game including etiquette on the course and basic golf skills.

Address, Hours and Contact Information

Delray Beach Golf Club, 2200 Highland Ave, Delray Beach, FL 3344.
Tel: (561) 243-7385.
Hours: Monday – Sunday: 6.45AM – 7PM.
Click Here for Directions to Delray Beach Golf Club, Florida.

2. Lakeview Golf Club

lakeview golf club FL
The course was open for business in the early 1970s and since then has grown into one of the most popular public golf courses in Palm Beach County.

Famous for its family atmosphere and fun tournaments, Lakeview is a par 60, executive golf course that will appeal to both the beginner and experienced player alike.

How Much Does It Cost at Lakeview Golf Club?

Full round of 18 holes: Lakeview is one the cheapest public golf courses in Palm Beach County.

Starting from just $25 for walking golfers, rising up to $35 for a shared golf cart of two people and then finally the most expensive price is for a single player (golf cart included) which currently stands at $45.

The prices come down even further for tee times after 1.30 PM – please book online for current tee time availability and price information at Lakeview Golf course.

There are no cheaper prices for juniors or kids.

Is there a Driving Range at Lakeview Golf Club?

It is our understanding there are no current practice facilities or driving range at the course.

How to Book a Round of Golf at Lakeview Golf Club, FL?

No cash bookings, credit or debit card only. The easiest way to book a round of golf at Lakeview, FL is to head over to their website. Alternatively, give them a call at (561) 498-3229.

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You can download a scorecard for Lakeview Golf Club here. (The image is small!).


Unfortunately, there are limited amenities at the golf course. With no restaurant, golfers may be disappointed by a lack of dining options – there is a snack bar though in case you get hungry on the golf course.

But for pure golf enthusiasts, the league setup is impressive. There are various leagues for both men and ladies and every Wednesday there is the 11 @ 3 special (COVID permitting). Join local players as they play 11 rounds of golf plus dinner with a raffle afterward.

Address, Hours and Contact Information

Lakeview Golf Club, 1200 Dover Rd, Delray Beach, FL 33445.
Tel: (561) 498-3229.
Hours: Monday – Sunday: 7.20AM – 6PM.
Click Here for Directions to Lakeview Golf Club, Florida.

Best Public Golf Courses in the Delray, FL Area

Whilst there are only two current public golf courses in the Delray Beach area, Palm Beach County, we hope our listings have inspired you to go and check them out.

With low daily rates and zero membership fees, public golf courses are ideal for city visitors who want to get in a quick round of golf or local players who play golf on a budget.

Last but not least, these two courses will appeal to golfing adventurers who want to try out as many different courses as possible in the state of Florida!

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