Cut Golf Balls Review: Are They Even Legal?

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The golf ball market is a busy place, with so many brands competing for your attention. One relative newcomer to the space is Cut Golf, a brand that offers ‘the best damn golf balls for under $20.”

But what’s the deal with Cut golf balls? Are they any good? And are they legal?

Here, we take a closer look at Cut golf balls and explain what you need to know about this impressive brand before deciding if they’re a good option for your golf game this season.

What are Cut Golf Balls?

Cut golf balls are a brand of balls that are becoming super popular with recreational golfers. They are known to be extremely affordable, as Cut employs a direct-to-consumer model that eliminates some of the costs associated with traditional retail.

CUT DC Golf Balls Atomic Yellow (CUTDC-YELLOW)

In terms of performance and design, Cut golf balls * are on par with some of the leading brands in the game, with some reviewers even suggesting that they can rival the Titleist Pro V1 for feel and performance, particularly around the greens.

One significant difference between these balls and other golf balls available on the market is the color.

Cut balls are an extremely bright white, which isn’t necessarily a problem; it’s just something to be aware of.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about them as we help you decide if they’re a good option for your golf game this season.

Are Cut Golf Balls Legal?

Yes, Cut golf balls are legal as they adhere to the specifications listed by the USGA and R&A in terms of golf ball development.

Predominantly, illegal balls are those that are self-correcting or have other gimmicks but Cut golf balls are very much designed with competition in mind.

Cut Grey Golf Balls, 3 Piece Urethane (One Dozen)

Of course, it’s always better to check the legality of a golf ball before playing it, particularly if you regularly play in club competitions.

The last thing that you want is to be disqualified for playing an illegal ball after shooting a good round!

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To take the guesswork out of which golf balls are and are not legal, the USGA publishes and regularly updates its list of non-conforming golf balls.**

Therefore, when new balls – like Cut – come to the market, you can quickly run through the USGA list to check they’re legal.

This is always a better option than chancing a golf ball that you think might not be permitted in competitive golf, and it only takes a few minutes to find balls that don’t conform to tournament standards.

Are Cut Golf Balls Any Good?

For the price, it’s fair to say that Cut golf balls are a good option for recreational players. While we don’t think they will necessarily make any strides at the elite level of the game, Cut balls are an attractive proposition to recreational golfers.

Cut Grey Golf Balls, 3 Piece Urethane (One Dozen)

One of the benefits of the balls within the Cut range is distance, as they seem to travel much further than many equivalently priced golf balls are capable of.

The trajectory of Cut balls is ideal, flying at a good launch angle and achieving great distance.

But as is the case with many budget-friendly golf balls, we found that the Cut balls didn’t do a great deal in terms of spin, and they weren’t as easy to control as some softer balls available on the market.

However, given the impressive price point and the smart design of these golf balls, it’s fair to say that Cut is a great option for recreational golfers to consider, particularly if you don’t want to break the bank for a new sleeve of golf balls.

The Range of Cut Golf Balls?

There are several golf balls within the Cut range, offering something slightly different for all players. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Cut DC – At the time of writing, the Cut DC is the newest in the lineup. It comes with 105 compression and features a dual-core construction for maximum speed and impact/
  • Cut Blue – The Cut Blue golf ball appeared on the 2018 and 2019 Golf Digest ‘Hot List’ and comes with 90 compression. Ideal for optimal distance/
  • Cut Grey – This is a 3-piece construction golf ball designed specifically for players with moderate swing speeds. Compression of 80.
  • Cut Red – 2-piece construction balls that are ideal for players with lower swing speeds. Great starter ball with a compression of 60.
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As you can see from the above descriptions, Cut golf balls are available for a great price, particularly the Cut red balls that offer outstanding value at just under $13 as well!

Cut Blue Golf Balls, 4 Piece Urethane (One Dozen)

While they won’t do a great deal in terms of spin, at just over $1 a ball, you can’t argue!

What Compression Rating is Cut Golf Balls?

The compression of the balls within the Cut range varies from ball to ball:

  • Cut DC – 105
  • Cut Blue – 90
  • Cut Grey – 80
  • Cut Red – 60

Golf ball compression is important as it’s a measure of how much the ball compresses upon impact.

Low-compression balls require less club head speed to compress optimally, while balls with higher compression are better suited to players with faster ball speeds.

Therefore, as a general rule, beginners are better suited to low-compression golf balls, while more experienced players with faster swing speeds benefit from balls with higher compression.

As such, within the Cut range, the Red and Grey balls are ideal for beginners, as they have comparatively low compressions and will help you get started on the course.

Cut Golf Balls vs. Vice?

There are many similarities between Cut and Vice golf balls, as they’re both innovative brands that are focused on providing quality balls at affordable prices. The Vice Pro, for instance, is widely regarded as an alternative to some of the leading brands on the market.

What’s so impressive about the 3-piece Vice Pro is that it offers excellent spin control and feel, which is unusual for golf balls at this price point. In contrast, Cut balls feel slightly harder than the Vice Pro.

In terms of price comparison, Cut golf balls are slightly cheaper than Vice (the Cut Red is considerably cheaper) and are a good option for beginners and recreational players looking for a cheaper ball to play during practice rounds.

With all things considered, it’s fair to say that there’s not a huge difference between Cut and Vice, as they’re both direct-to-consumer brands that offer good quality golf balls at reasonable prices.

As such, you can get started with either and be confident in their performance on the golf course.

Are Cut Golf Balls Suitable for Beginners?

Cut golf balls have been built with beginners in mind. The Cut Red balls – at $12.95 for a dozen – are perfect for beginners. They’re cheap, meaning you don’t have to worry as much about losing them, and they have low compression, meaning they’re suitable for low swing speeds.

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If you want a little more control over your ball as a beginner, you can upgrade to the Cut Blue ball, which has slightly higher compression, while still being suitable for players with moderate swing speeds.

It’s also available at a good price point.

The Cut DC and Cut Grey balls are better suited to more experienced players, particularly those who are going after distance above greenside control.

But given the price associated with getting started in golf and the fact that Cut golf balls are so well-priced and are relatively easy to play, we think they’re a great option for beginner golfers.

Where are Cut Golf Balls Made?

Cut Golf is an American company founded by Sam Uisprapassorn.*** The company is based in Costa Mesa, CA, which is where the company distributes and retails its golf balls.

As is the case with the vast majority of golf products available on the market, it’s likely that component parts – and perhaps even some of the manufacturing – of Cut balls take place abroad, but it’s not clear if this is the case.

What we love about Cut Golf is that it’s very much an American brand, and the company has an entrepreneurial spirit, competing against some of the biggest brands in the industry.

So, if you’re looking for a good quality golf ball from an American brand, Cut Golf is a ball you need to think about playing this season.


The standout thing about Cut Golf is that they offer good quality golf balls for a fraction of the price as some of the biggest brands in the business.

At $12.95, it’s hard to beat the value that their Cut Red balls offer to new players, making them an excellent choice for beginner players.

The bottom line is that Cut is a brand worth considering, and you can save yourself hassle and money by opting for Cut golf balls this season.


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