Cushman Golf Carts Guide (Sales, Dealers, Parts!)

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With so much competition in the market, and everybody portraying their products as the best, the first-ever golf cart buying experience can be really daunting. The market is saturated with various options, and cheaper alternatives seem like a great option as well.

If you’re exploring the market to buy a golf cart and confused about which one to go for, are electric golf carts better or gas-driven would be dependable?

You’re concerned about sales, services, and parts of the golf cart and want the best product with solid aftersales coverage! All these questions are genuine, so let us help you with this decision.

Cushman is one of the top manufacturers of golf carts in the market and boasts a graceful history that spans more than a century.

Watch the video below to find out all about the Cushman brand and its history!

If you’re planning to get a quality golf cart and the backing of the manufacturer in terms of sales and parts, Cushman should sit at the top your wish list.

What is a Cushman Utility Golf Cart?

Cushman Utility is a range of state-of-the-art golf carts that are built for heavy hauling and payload carrying. These are primarily used for the maintenance and renovation of golf courses and are highly reliable vehicles.

Available with either gas-powered or battery-driven motors, a Cushman utility golf cart is offered in various trims. The latest Lithium powertrain, extended cargo bed, lifted suspension, and rugged tires.

The utility range of Cushman golf carts is the best-in-class mobility option available in the market right now.

Just like golfers, Cushman has a perfect solution for golf course management as well.

Are Cushman Golf Carts Good?

In one word, Yes! Cushman golf carts are great. Not because there is a whole collection for personal, utility, and commercial purposes, but the quality of products and availability of top features.

Cushman had been serving the customers for more than a century now, looking after the individual as well as corporate clients. With a range of vehicles and solutions for everyone, Cushman sits at the top of the golf cart pyramid.

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Whether you want a personal golf cart for maneuvering around on the golf course, a heavy-duty hauler for maintenance purposes, or a commercial-grade vehicle for towing or other purposes, Cushman has got you covered.

These qualities and features make the Shuttle golf cart range by Cushman, best in class:

  • Option for 2,4,6 or 8 seater golf carts.
  • EFI gas or electric options.
  • Extended bed and heavy load carrying capacity.
  • Limited-slip differential for better traction and maneuvering.
  • Weather accessories for convenience and protection.

What is the Current Range of Cushmans?

Cushman has a range of products, belonging to different categories and catering to the needs of different customers. It includes personal vehicles (golf carts), and commercial vehicles, that include utility, food & beverages, and towing solutions. The Cushman products are priced in the range of $8,500 – 14,500.

Based on the type and intended use, products can be classified into multiple classes.

Let’s have a look at the current range of Cushman’s:

  1. The vehicles used for personal transport include the shuttle range and have the options of 2, 4, 6, or 8 seater golf carts with different powertrain and accessories.
  2. The Utility range includes heavy payload haulers and carriers, primarily used for maintenance purposes.
  3. The Refresher series includes the carts used for hauling drinks and eatables onto the golf course or other pitches, wherever required.
  4. Titan and Miser are the burden carriers, used primarily for commercial purposes by corporations.
  5. The tow tractors are also available, used for pulling heavy payloads and luggage. TUG is a popular product by Cushman.

Although the new Cushman carts can cost you more than $8,500, you can easily get a used model for less than $6,000.

Are Cushman and EZ-GO the Same?

Although both the companies are owned and run by Textron, inherently they are different entities and have their own management and operations.

Both Cushman and EZ-GO are part of Textron Inc., a manufacturer of different types of mobility solutions and other industries, such as aviation, EVs, engines, and industrial machinery.

Cushman was acquired by Textron in 2002 and all the operations were handed over to the management of Textron. While EZ-GO had been a part of Textron since 1960 and manufactured all their products under the same umbrella.

Though both the companies belong to the same family, they focus on different types and genres of products.

Cushman primarily manufactures and sells hospitality and utility vehicles, with a major focus on electric mobility and durable performance. Whereas, EZ-GO makes and sells recreational electric vehicles and golf carts.

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How Can You Tell What Year a Cushman is?

The correct way of telling the production year or model of a Cushman golf cart is by checking the serial number/VIN, stamped on the metal plate.

If you’re trying to figure out what year your Cushman is, try to look for the serial number. The Cushman golf carts have a six-digit serial number, followed by a dash, and the four numbers, for example, 123456-7890.

Cushman’s usually have the serial number engraved on a metal plate, placed on the dash around the lever or brake. It could also be located under the driver’s side seat, or on the metal side rail right under the floorboard on the driver’s side.

Look for the two digits after the dash, as they depict the year of manufacturing. For better understanding, if the serial number says 123456-0717, it means the production year is 2007. So, your Cushman golf cart is a 2007 model.

Cushman Golf Carts Parts: Where to Buy?

It is recommended to buy parts for your golf cart from the authorized Cushman dealership in your area, or source them from the main distributor located in Georgia. It is also important that you buy and use only the OEM parts and not the cheap aftermarket alternatives.

If you need a spare part or an accessory for your Cushman golf cart, the company has got you covered with its nationwide network of dealerships.

To get started with replacement parts, head over to the official parts and accessories web page to narrow down your search.

Located in all the major cities and states, and equipped with upgraded equipment for the proper maintenance of your golf cart, the company-certified dealership is your go-to place for parts and accessories.

It is also crucial that you use the services of the company-certified technicians for the maintenance and fitting of parts/accessories.

You should also use the OEM parts only, for enhancing the performance and lifespan of your Cushman golf cart.

If you cannot go to a dealership, all the OEM parts are available for online purchase and shipment to your doorstep.

Where Can You Find Cushman Carts for Sale?

You can find the whole range of new and used Cushman golf carts at authorized dealers or private showrooms as well. There is a solid network of Cushman dealers in the country and you are always covered, whether is a new purchase or looking for a used golf cart.

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If you’re looking for a used Cushman golf cart for sale, it is ideal that you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from a company outlet.

It comes with a limited warranty and is inspected thoroughly by the factory technicians before putting up for sale. Though it might cost you a hundred bucks more, you’d also be buying peace of mind.

Apart from company dealerships, there are many private dealers and showrooms that sell Cushman golf carts, and in a very good price range.

A few examples include Power Equipment Solutions located in Ohio and Indianapolis and Advantage Golf Cars located in Florida.

What About Cushman Carts Dealers?

Cushman has a nationwide dealership network to look after the customers, in terms of sales, parts, and services. There are Cushman-certified dealers in every state and all the major cities and counties of the country.

Use the Find a Dealer option on the Cushman website to find a dealership near you!

The company headquarters are located in Augusta, Georgia. Which also functions as the major distributor of the products, parts, and accessories.

If you’re looking to buy a Cushman golf cart or in need of aftersales services, you can also search for a nearby Cushman carts dealer on the official website and head down there for the best services and ownership experience.

Cushman: Recommended and Reliable Golf Carts

With over 100 years of experience in manufacturing and selling vehicles, mobility solutions in world wars, and refined technological advancements with time, Cushman really is in a league of its own.

With state of the art manufacturing facility, top-of-the-line products, a complete range of mobility solutions, and an endless list of accessories, you cannot go wrong with a Cushman golf cart.

With the options of gas or electric carts, heavy-duty capability, multiple passenger carriers, industrial vehicles, and the option to customize your golf cart the way you want, you are getting the best product.

You are also buying peace of mind along with the Cushman golf cart as they have stood the test of time, are highly reliable, and in case something goes wrong, you’re always covered with an extended warranty.

Dealership support is also unparalleled and you always get the best service and treatment at a Cushman facility. So, if you’re planning to get a golf cart, Cushman should be among the top choices.