ClubCorp Golf Membership (Worth the Cost?) 

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ClubCorp membership has long been regarded as one of the most exclusive ways to join a network of golf courses and country clubs in the United States.

With several hundred ClubCorp venues spanning multiple states, you might be wondering if a membership is worth the cost?

To help you decide, we answer some key questions about ClubCorp membership and introduce you to this unique and intriguing way of enjoying the various golf courses in your area.

What is ClubCorp?

ClubCorp is the largest operator of privately owned golf and country clubs in the United States. Presently, ClubCorp owns and operates more than 200 clubs. Their reach spans 30 states, and they also have a presence in Mexico and China.

The company was formed in Dallas, Texas, in 1957, and there are currently around 430,000 ClubCorp members. The premise of ClubCorp is unique and is aimed to provide golf and country clubs members with an unparalleled level of customer service.

Checkout the video below for a more visual introduction to ClubCorp life and what membership can bring you.

What’s more, ClubCorp members regularly donate money to charities and community initiatives throughout the US. Their annual fundraising efforts are broad to a head at the nationwide charity classics, played out at different member courses.

As well as golf and country club membership, members have access to more than 1,000 affiliate hotels, resorts, and entertainment venues, spanning several industries. Ultimately, there are so many benefits to ClubCorp membership, as we explore in more detail below.

How Much is a Club Corp Membership?

ClubCorp membership costs between $200 and $600 per month. While they don’t disclose their fee structure directly on their website, members can choose a tier level based on features. When you become a member of ClubCorp, you have access to the courses that are part of the group in your local area.

Green fees are covered as part of membership, but you are required to pay cart fees. If you own a golf cart, you still have to pay a trail fee of around $15.

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Again, while ClubCorp doesn’t disclose the cost of the membership directly on their site, some members have revealed details of initiation fees that cost around $2,500 to join the premium program in the first place.

Junior memberships are also available (for people under the age of 35), with an initiation fee of $200 and monthly dues of $250. One thing to note is that ClubCorp classifies their clubs differently, so some are ‘semi private’ while others are ‘premium’ and completely private.

Naturally, the cost of your membership is determined by your level of access to clubs in your area.

Are ClubCorp Memberships Transferable?

Going by the terms and conditions* on ClubCorp’s website, a ClubCorp membership is not transferrable. The terms clearly stipulate the following: “Associate Club benefits are non-transferable and cannot be assigned or offered to anyone else.”

This is as clear as day and is something you will need to consider before signing up for a membership, particularly given the fact that it is so expensive.

One thing that’s worth noting is that you can transfer your membership between tiers when your renewal date comes around. So, if you find yourself using your membership more or less than you would like, you can transfer it to another tier.

Our advice would be to check out the ClubCorp golf courses in your community and understand what tier they’re classed as before signing up.

This will give you an excellent opportunity to select the right membership level for your needs and hopefully rule out your need to transfer your membership in the first place.

Website link for updated T&Cs. *

What Clubs Are Part of Club Corp?

There are ClubCorp golf and countries in 30 states, and you can find a complete list of the participating clubs on “Find a Club” at their official website. Some of the most notable clubs that are members of the ClubCorp network include:

  • Anthem Golf and Country Club, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Bay Oaks Country Club, Houston, Texas
  • Brier Creek Country Club, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Granite Bay Golf Club, Granite Bay, California
  • Jupiter Country Club, Jupiter, Florida

Website link for “Find a Club”.

The best way to locate golf clubs within the ClubCorp network is to use the club finder already introduced. This is an important step because you need to make sure you have access to clubs that are close to your home.

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Alternatively, membership is an ideal option for those of you who regularly travel for work, as you can stop in at various locations up and down the country and make use of the world-class facilities while you’re away from home.

Many cities across the states boast a ClubCorp facility, including Salt Lake City and Birmingham, Alabama. The beauty of this golf club network is that you’re never far away from a club you can use, which is part of the allure of joining the scheme in the first instance.

Does Club Corp Have an App?

Yes, ClubCorp has a free app available on Android and iOs. Although it doesn’t have the best reviews, it’s handy for members to use. In addition, you can quickly look for clubs and other services in your local area while accessing various other member-only discounts.

The app itself is called Club Life, and it enables you to:

  • Schedule tee times at your member courses
  • View any upcoming events on a personalized calendar
  • Access the member directory and update your profile
  • Pay your bills and view your statement of membership

It’s a members-only app and shouldn’t be used by anyone who isn’t a paying member of the ClubCorp network. You will need to submit your membership credentials before signing up and creating an account on the app.

However, given the app’s reviews on the PlayStore and AppleStore, it’s probably best to manage your ClubCorp membership from the dedicated online portal that you can access via desktop.

The last thing you want to do is struggle with an unresponsive app that makes booking tee times far more stressful than it needs to be!

ClubCorp App for iOS (App Store)

ClubCorp App for Android (Google Play)

Who Founded ClubCorp?

Robert H. Dedman founded ClubCorp in 1957. Inspired by his vision that golf and country clubs should be accessible to all Americans, he started the company in Dallas, Texas. Gradually, more and more clubs bought into Dedman’s vision, which is how the ClubCorp network expanded across many US states.

Although Dedman passed away in 2002, his legacy has continued, and ClubCorp has gone from strength to strength in recent times, broadening its network and adding overseas clubs to the ClubCorp family.

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There’s no doubt that Dedman’s vision is unique, and there are very few other networks like it in the United States. It has been so popular because of the exceptional quality of service that members provide at all ClubCorp facilities and the fact that members from all walks of life are welcome.

ClubCorp has come a long way since its humble roots in Dallas, Texas, and is now the leading golf and country club membership scheme in the United States.

Does ClubCorp Own Their Own Golf Courses?

ClubCorp owns or operates a network of 204 golf and country clubs in the United States. One of their most significant recent acquisitions came in 2019 when they added seven golf courses to the ClubCorp family.

While golf clubs are ClubCorp’s primary focus, the company also has an impressive collection of country clubs that offer other activities, including swimming, tennis, and other sports.

What’s more, ClubCorp also operates a range of city clubs designed to serve their business clients as they travel for work. Many of their city locations are primarily hotels, gyms, and high-class dining venues instead of golf courses.

One of the things we really like about ClubCorp is that they allow their clubs to retain their unique identities and charms.

They don’t transform their clubs into corporate entities devoid of personalities, allowing golfers to experience a true test out on each of their courses.

Another string to the ClubCorp bow is the fact that they have signed various affiliate partnerships with dining venues, stadia, and other entertainment locations.

Ultimately, this means that ClubCorp memberships have a broad range of facilities to choose from – not just golf courses.

Overall, Is a Club Corp Membership Worth the Cost?

So, is ClubCorp membership worth the $200 – $600 monthly cost? We would have to say that it probably is, providing you can afford that sort of money. They have an impressive network of golf courses, country clubs, and city venues for their members to enjoy.

We love the fact that ClubCorp members receive the very best service, and there’s no doubt that joining the network can enhance your overall golfing experience.

Becoming a ClubCorp member is a great way of spicing things up as you don’t need to play the same course time and time again. That’s a winner in our book!