Club Car DS Golf Cart Guide: 7 Critical Facts

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Club Car has been manufacturing reliable golf carts for decades and has established itself as an industry leader. One of their most popular models is the DS, which has been prevalent since the 1980s.

But what is it that makes the DS so special? What speed is the DS capable of? And where can you pick up a DS for an affordable price?

In this article, we take a deep dive into the Club Car DS and explain why you should consider this reliable model if you’re currently in the market for a golf cart.

What Does the DS Mean on Club Car Golf Carts?

If you see DS on your Club Car golf cart, it stands for Dom Saporito. Dom was a vehicle designer at Club Car during the 1980s. He was instrumental in the design and development of the DS model and was honored by Club Car, who decided to name it after him.

The DS is one of Club Car’s most popular golf carts, but it isn’t quite as technologically advanced as the Precedent, making it a budget-friendly option for people who don’t want to spend the big bucks on the very best cart on the market.

In the sections that follow, we take a look at the Club Car DS in detail and explain why this golf cart has remained so popular over the years.

What Years are the Club Car Ds?

The Club Car DS golf cart was produced between 1980 and 2014, meaning that the last models to enter the market were manufactured in 2014. Having been produced for more than thirty years, there are a lot of Club Car DS models in circulation, particularly at used dealerships.

It’s one of Club Car’s most popular models, but the addition of the Precedent to the Club Car fleet has given golfers more choice when it comes to choosing their preferred cart.

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During the 1980s, Dom Saporito’s design was incredibly popular at golf courses throughout the United States, as people were impressed by its ease of maintenance and longstanding durability. It’s fair to say that the DS became the flagship car of the golf cart industry.

Club Car also introduced the Carryall II in the eighties, which became the first modern-day utility vehicle on the market. The DS and Carryall would remain exceedingly popular for the next three decades, highlighting the build quality and performance of these golf carts.

How Do I Know if My Club Car is Precedent or DS?

There are lots of differences between the Club Car DS and Precedent, so you can easily discern which model you have. Firstly, you can check the position of the serial number on your cart.

On the DS, the serial number can be found below the passenger side glove box (1982 – 2005 models) and behind the gas pedal (2005 and later models). On the Precedent, the serial number is located inside the glove compartment on the passenger side.

Another notable distinction is that the Club Car doesn’t come equipped with an electronic score card, which is present in the Precedent. This is in keeping with the fact that the Precedent is a higher-tech option than the DS, given its development from the 2000s onwards.

So, while the Club Car DS and Precedent share many similarities, it’s easy to tell the difference between the two. And if you’re looking for a modern golf cart with the latest tech, the Precedent is probably the better choice for you.

Is the Club Car DS a Good Golf Cart?

Since emerging in the 1980s, Club Car DS golf carts have been renowned among the best in the business. While they might not be as technologically advanced as some other models, they’re exceptionally reliable and budget-friendly.

In fact, if you’ve ever rented a golf cart at a course, the chances are that you’ve driven a Club Car DS. It’s a trusted and affordable model, which makes the DS ideal for golf cart fleets. That being said, the DS is also a great option for individual owners.

Whether you buy a new or used DS, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a top-of-the-range golf cart that will perform extremely well out on the course. You can also drive the DS off course, although you will need to make some adaptations to ensure it’s roadworthy.

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Ultimately, the Club Car DS is one of the most prevalent golf carts at courses throughout the United States. Since the 1980s, the DS has deserved its place at the top of the tree, and you can buy a DS in the confidence that it will perform to your expectations.

How Fast Will a Club Car DS Go?

The Club Car DS has seven-speed settings, and the electric model can travel up to 19mph. If you invest in a gas-powered Club Car, the top speed your model can achieve is 15mph, with some restricted to 12mph.

Therefore, contrary to popular belief, the electric Club Car DS is actually faster than the gas model. People often assume that gas-powered carts can travel faster than their electric counterparts, but the adverse is often true.

This perception is likely a result of the fact that gas-powered carts have a little extra kick and feel that little bit more powerful than electric models. Still, you can travel an extra 4mph in the electric DS, so it’s the better option if you’re looking for a speedy cart.

Also, electric golf carts are cheaper to maintain and better for the environment, making them a better all-round choice than gas-powered carts. The fact that they’re also faster is certainly an added bonus.

How Can I Make My Club Car DS Faster?

You can make your Club Car DS go faster by de-restricting its speed. One way to do this is to add more torque to your golf cart. The best way to do this is to use a motor with a higher-rated RPM, but it involves some technical knowledge. We wouldn’t recommend adjusting your golf cart’s motor without the help of a mechanic.

If you’ve noticed that your golf cart is a little sluggish and not achieving the speeds that it once did, you might consider replacing its batteries. This is particularly important if you’ve purchased a used Club Car DS and haven’t replaced the batteries before.

For an overview of how to make your DS better – check out this video:

Another maintenance tip that can increase the speed of your golf cart is correctly inflating your tires. Again, if you’ve had your golf cart for a while and you don’t perform regular maintenance, the simple act of inflating your tires can have a big difference on the vehicle’s overall performance.

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So, to make your Club Car DS go faster, make sure you maintain it regularly. If you want it to exceed its 19mph top speed, we’d recommend taking it to a trained mechanic to help you adjust the motor’s torque.

Club Car DS for Sale?

As one of the most popular golf carts of the past few decades, you can buy a Club Car DS from multiple locations and sources. You can use wholesale sites like ATV Trader* to find used DS carts for sale, and you can pick up a great deal.

* source.

Another option is to use marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist to conduct your search online, as they typically have a range of options available. You will regularly see the Club Car DS listed for sale, and you can pick up models from the mid-eighties all the way through to 2014.

Alternatively, head to a golf cart dealer in your state and enquire about the availability of the Club Car DS. Even if they don’t currently have any in stock, the dealer can take your number and let you know as and when one becomes available.

The fact that the Club Car DS has been so popular over the years means that you shouldn’t have any issues picking up a used model. You will also be able to bag yourself a bargain, allowing you to buy a golf cart without breaking the bank.


Club Car is an industry-leading golf cart manufacturer and has been at the forefront of the industry since its inception. Named after one of the company’s chief engineers, the Club Car DS has been around since the 1980s, and several iterations have been released in the years since.

Often used as a fleet vehicle, the DS is reliable, affordable, and easy to maintain. In other words, it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a golf cart, but you don’t want to pay over the odds for the newest model.