Clear Golf Balls Review – Are These Good?

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Golfers are always on the lookout for any edge they can get.

Most people do not realize how much your golf ball can make a difference on the course. Some balls are better suited for distance, while some will provide higher or lower spin depending on your preference.

If you believe the marketing, every golf ball is unique and will provide different advantages on the green.

Do you get what you pay for? That’s up to the individual golfer to decide.

The biggest brand names like Titlist or Callaway will always be popular, but there is a growing number of smaller, independent companies that are introducing quality products to the market.

One of these companies is Clear Golf.

Who is Clear Golf?

Clear Golf is a brand that is under the Clear Sports umbrella and was founded by Garry Singer.

The company markets itself as an ultra-premium golf accessory brand, with some notably high prices for its golf balls.

The current CEO, Ed Brown, is the former CEO of the Patron Tequila company and reinvented the Clear brand when he came on board.

Since then, Brown has managed to sign on former Masters Champion Charl Schwartzel of South Africa to be the brand ambassador.

Clear Tour Black Golf Balls

The flagship product from Clear Golf is its line of Tour Black golf balls.

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These four-piece balls come with a urethane cover and a core made from butadiene and tungsten.

The Tour Black balls come with the fastest ball speed and lowest long game spin out of the balls that Clear offers.

Golfers will find that the ball feels firmer off the tee and is perfect for those who are trying to reach the maximum distance off their tee shots.

Compared to the Clear Tour Green golf balls, golfers may struggle a bit more when they need the right level of spin on a precision shot.

The low spin rate from the Tour Black golf balls can make accuracy in the short game a little more difficult than the Tour Green balls which provide a little more control.

The ball itself is classic white with the red and black Clear Golf logo, as well as some other markings.

A dozen Tour Black golf balls will run you around $60 USD, which is definitely on the expensive side for the golf ball market.


  • The Tour Black is a firm ball to the core and will maximize distance off the tee.
  • Fastest ball speed of any of Clear Golf’s balls.
  • The Tour Black ball offers a higher launch angle and excellent stability in the wind.

Who is the Clear Golf Tour Black for?
The Clear Golf Tour Black balls are for golfers who strive for maximum distance off of the tee.

The Tour Black ball is for those golfers who are less concerned about finesse and accuracy around the greens.


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2. Clear Tour Green Golf Balls

The Clear Golf Tour Green golf balls are the softer sibling to the flagship Tour Black balls.

The penetrating launch angle and higher spin allow golfers to incorporate more accuracy and precision in the short game approach.

The Tour Green balls also come with a urethane cover and a butadiene and tungsten core.

In terms of composition, the Tour Green ball differs from the Tour Black by adding an extra blend of tungsten powder to the mantle layers.

The thinner cover that Clear Golf balls use allows golfers to put a greater velocity off of the clubface.

The Tour Green balls specifically add an extra feeling of control for golfers, especially for those who utilize high spin techniques closer to the green.

The Tour Green is the preferred ball of former Masters champion Charl Schwartzel.

Out of the package, the balls will feel softer, something that is even more apparent off the tee.

For golfers looking for a softer touch to their game, the Tour Green ball is a perfect choice.

Like the Tour Black balls, the Tour Green will cost around $60.00 USD for a dozen balls.


  • The Tour Green ball has the highest spin rate from Clear Golf and provides a nice touch around the greens.
  • The Tour Green is the preferred ball of Charl Schwartzel.
  • The added tungsten powder provides greater interaction between the mantle layers and the core of the ball.

Who is the Clear Golf Tour Green for?
The Clear Golf Tour Green ball is for golfers who prefer to sacrifice distance off the tee for control around the greens.

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The Tour Green ball thrives as a softer ball that hits well off of irons rather than drivers or woods.


Clear Golf Balls FAQ

Want to know more about Clear Golf? Read our handy FAQ.

Are Clear Golf Balls Good?

Yes! Clear Golf balls routinely get high ratings and offer some of the best Trackman distance measurements on the market.

Clear Golf balls are known for their high-quality components and professional feel on all aspects of the course.

They are not cheap, however, compared to other major golf brands such as Srixon, Titleist or Callaway Golf.

Who owns Clear Golf?

Clear Golf is a part of the Clear Sports umbrella which includes Clear Tennis as well. The company was founded by Garry Singer back in 2015 in Upstate New York, the birthplace of the PGA.

Where Are Clear Golf Balls Made?

Like with many other brands, Clear Golf Balls are currently manufactured in China.

Clear Golf Ball Review: Are These Right for Me?

Today, Clear Golf is still a growing brand that is trying to break into the golf ball and accessory market.

This industry is dominated by a few big brand names, which is something that CEO Ed Brown says is an advantage that Clear is attempting to take advantage of.

The Tour Black and Tour Green balls both offer their own benefits.

Golfers looking for the maximum distance should opt for the Tour Black, while golfers in search of finesse and control around the greens should choose the Tour Green.