Chippo Golf? (Is this the Same as Cornhole?)

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Chippo Golf is an innovative and super fun game that you can play with your family and friends. It has become extremely popular in recent times and is a great way to pass the time while working on your short game.

But how exactly does Chippo Golf work? What do you need to know about the rules of the game? And how does it differ from standard Cornhole?

In this review, we take a much closer look at Chippo Golf and provide you with a detailed explanation as to why this super fun golf game has enjoyed such success in recent times.

What is Chippo Golf?

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017, Chippo Golf launched an innovative backyard golf game. The main feature of the company is a Chippo Golf board, but they also manufacture a range of other golf products and apparel.

Chippo - Golf Meets Cornhole! The Revolutionary New Golf Game for The Beach, Backyard, Tailgate, Clubhouse, Office and Man cave!

The Chippo board features a mat with three holes and a stand. You set the Chippo board up in your yard or at any other venue and practice by chipping the balls into the holes. It’s a super simple yet incredibly effective practice solution.

You can also buy golf balls, wedges, and a whole range of other golf goodies and apparel from the Chippo store. The company has established itself as an innovative brand with an impressive selection of golf practice gadgets.

But how does the Chippo game work? And what else do you need to know about the brand? Let’s take a closer look at Chippo Golf, so you know what to expect.

How Do You Play Chippo?

The beauty of Chippo is that it’s extremely simple to play. You begin by setting up the boards fifteen feet apart, with the chipping mats just in front of each. You then split into two teams and begin chipping toward each board – simple!

Chippo - Golf Meets Cornhole! The Revolutionary New Golf Game for The Beach, Backyard, Tailgate, Clubhouse, Office and Man cave!

In terms of scoring, you get one point if you hit the board, three points if you drain your shot in the larger hole in the center, and five points if you manage to get the ball into one of the smaller holes at the top of the board.

If you manage to bounce the ball off the mat onto the board, you receive an extra two points as a bonus. You can play multiple variations of Chippo, from matchplay to Cornhole Style, where points cancel themselves out.

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However you go about it, playing Chippo is a great way to have fun with your friends and family while getting in some serious chipping practice at the same time.

Is Chippo Golf the Same as Cornhole Golf?

Chippo marketeers brand the game as “the glorious lovechild of golf and cornhole,” which gives you a pretty good idea about the format of the game and the source of its inspiration.

Chippo - Golf Meets Cornhole! The Revolutionary New Golf Game for The Beach, Backyard, Tailgate, Clubhouse, Office and Man cave!

As such, Chippo is very similar to Cornhole, but instead of using bean bags and your hands, you chip a golf ball with a wedge. But the goal of the game is the same – to land as many points as possible by hitting the board or chipping the ball through each of the holes.

In fact, you can play Chippo by following classic cornhole-style scoring. You take three shots in a row and tally your total score. Your opponent plays next, and the winner of the round is the only person who will score.

Ultimately, the premise of Chippo is based on Cornhole, and it’s a wonderful backyard game to play with your family. But as mentioned, we also think it’s a great way of practicing your short game while having lots of fun!  

How Do You Set up A Chippo Game?

Chippo Golf is extremely easy to set up. Your first job is to position the boards roughly fifteen feet apart, with the chipping mat in front of each board. The boards come with a stand, so make sure they’re tilted toward one another.

Chippo - Golf Meets Cornhole! The Revolutionary New Golf Game for The Beach, Backyard, Tailgate, Clubhouse, Office and Man cave!

Amazingly, that’s all you have to do! If you want to add to the complexity of Chippo, you can change the angle of the boards or even position them further away than fifteen feet, but it’s entirely up to you.

You will also need to decide how to split yourselves into teams. We’d recommend a 2v2 format as this tends to work really well, but you can play Chippo with more players if you wish. You should also decide on a way of keeping score.

Given that Chippo is so easy to set up, you can move it around your yard or pack it up in the car to take with you on a weekend camping trip, as it’s super portable. Ultimately, it’s a great game to play with family and friends.

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How Do You Keep Score in Chippo?

We’ve touched on this already, but there are several ways to keep score in Chippo. The first is to play match play, where you take three shots in a row and combine your total score. The player with the highest score wins the “hole” and goes one up.

Chippo - Golf Meets Cornhole! The Revolutionary New Golf Game for The Beach, Backyard, Tailgate, Clubhouse, Office and Man cave!

You can also play Cornhole style, which is cancellation scoring to 18. Here, you take three shots in a row and tally your score. You only count the best score on each hole, and the winner is the first team to reach or exceed eighteen.

Another option is to play one-on-one, also known as six balls. This is the best way to play a one-on-one version of Chippo. Here, you take six shots in a row before your opponent tries to beat your total.

You can have fun with scoring in Chippo and mix things up to keep things interesting. But it’s important to agree on a scoring system before starting, and you should develop a way of noting the scores, particularly if you’re playing as a big group.

Is Chippo Golf Hard to Play? (Good for Beginners?)

With all things considered, it’s fair to say that Chippo is relatively easy to play! Of course, it requires a certain level of skill to become good at it, as is the case with all backyard games. But with practice, you will certainly get there.

Chippo - Golf Meets Cornhole! The Revolutionary New Golf Game for The Beach, Backyard, Tailgate, Clubhouse, Office and Man cave!

Competent golfers certainly have an advantage over people who have never picked up a lob wedge before, but you don’t need to be a single-digit golfer to enjoy Chippo!

In fact, you will find that kids who have never hit a golf ball in their lives regularly beat their parents, who spend every weekend hacking their way around a golf course!

Overall, Chippo is easy to set up, straightforward to understand, and relatively simple to get the hang of. As such, it’s the perfect game for beginners!

Can You Use Real Golf Balls with Chippo?

Technically, you can use real golf balls with Chippo. However, the balls that come with the set are not as hard or heavy as normal golf balls. You can also buy AlmostGolf balls from the Chippo online store if you need to buy replacements.

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AlmostGolf balls are renowned as the number one off-the-course golf ball and provide Tour quality playability. While you will certainly notice the difference between these and standard balls, you will soon get the hang of them.

So, there’s nothing wrong with playing Chippo with real golf balls, but it’s not advised, particularly when you’re playing with kids. As such, if you need to buy replacement balls, opt for AlmostGolf balls instead of the real deal for your Chippo set.

How Do You Make Your Own Chippo Golf Board?

If you’re a dab hand at DIY, there’s technically nothing stopping you from manufacturing your own Chippo golf board. You can replicate the Chippo design by carving holes into a piece of wood and positioning it on a stand.

You will also need to come up with a chipping mat, but you can easily buy a small square of fake grass that will serve the purpose. Then, all you need is to buy AlmostGolf balls and a wedge, and you’re all set.

In theory, you could make your own Chippo Golf board in no time at all, but the time and effort that goes into its production isn’t something that a lot of people can be bothered with, which is why Chippo is so popular.

Whether you make one or buy one, we think you’re going to love Chippo. It’s the perfect backyard or beach game to play during the summer months and will help you work on your short game at the same time.


The bottom line is that there’s a lot to like about Chippo Golf. It’s simple, easy to play, and fun for all the family, making it the perfect backyard game to enjoy when the weather is nice.

We hope you now have all the information that you need to decide whether Chippo Golf is a savvy investment for your family, and we hope it provides you lots of laughs as you compete with your nearest and dearest this summer!