Cheap Nike Golf Shoes for Under $60! – Authentic!

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If you’re a golfer looking for the latest in golf shoe technology with an eye on your budget, then this post is for you

Nike golf shoes are designed to be comfortable and durable. They are also available at low prices that won’t break the bank but still contain all the tech you need for high performance on the course whilst still looking great!

We have some of the best closeout deals for cheap Nike golf shoes listed below, lets start with the iconic Vapor Pro golf shoe.

Nike Men’s Vapor Pro Golf Shoes

Nike Vapor Pro (w) Mens Aq2196-101 Size 8 White/Black-Volt

Nike Men’s Vapor Pro is a golf shoe that can withstand the wear and tear of walking across wet grass but are also flexible enough to give you plenty of traction when it’s time to tee off.

These classic shoes feature a waterproof upper, lightweight lunarlon midsole, hybrid outsole for better traction and removable golf spikes.

They ship in both classic white and blue or in black with the famous Nike Swoosh running down the side in white.


  • Waterproof upper for wet weather golfing.
  • Lightweight lunarlon midsole for comfort.
  • Hybrid outsole for better traction on the course.
  • Look good with Nike’s latest fashion styles in a shoe that is also comfortable enough to wear all day long.


  • Only two colors from pick from but for under $60 who cares!

All in all these golf shoes are a good buy because of the good combination of durability, lightweight construction, and well below the recommended retail price for a golf shoe of this quality.

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Men’s Nike Air Anthem Closeout Golf Shoes

Nike Men's Air Anthem Golf Shoes (Medium) (11 D(M), White/Black)

The Nike Air Anthem is a great shoe for golfers because it’s lightweight, has an extra-wide toe that helps prevent blisters, and allows airflow to keep your feet cool.

You’ll also love the rubber outsole with tri-locked scorpion stinger spikes that grip all surfaces securely. Invisible eyelets on the upper enhance breathability.

The shoe’s low heel with Zoom Air is also great for comfort during the added strain throughout the backswing.

And, a soft synthetic leather upper ensures a snug fit that won’t slip in wet conditions.


  • The Nike Air Anthem golf shoe is a classic golf shoe at a low price.
  • These are tough and hard-wearing, ideal for the golfer who wants to get the most out of their shoes.
  • Spikes can easily be replaced on this shoe, further increasing the lifespan of the shoes.


  • Limited sizes available and tell to sell out very quickly.

Overall, for the price point of under $50 for a brand new pair of authentic Nike golf shoes, you can’t go wrong because of the durability, well-designed support, and classic Nike shape.

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Nike Roshe G Men’s Golf Shoe

Nike Roshe G Mens Golf Shoe Cd6065-003 Size 7 Platinum

The Nike Roshe G Men’s Golf Shoe is just another example of them being able to produce an amazing product that is affordable and stylish at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or pro, these shoes will be perfect for any level golfer with their special features including foam midsection, pressure reactive outsole, handy gusset as well as high sidewalls with additional support.


  • Breathable mesh for comfort.
  • Durable construction to withstand the wear and tear of golfing.
  • Flexible traction pods that enable you to wear these shoes off course
  • Big range of colors including black, grey, white and yellow.
  • women can also wear these golf shoes.
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  • These are molded spikeless shoes with short plastic spikes, some might prefer longer spikes for added traction and grip.

Nike Roshe G Men’s Golf Shoes are a great buy for the cheap price. These shoes offer many features that make them perfect for any level golfer including foam midsection, pressure reactive outsole, handy gusset as well as high sidewalls with additional support.

Nike has made these shoes breathable and durable to withstand wear and tear while being flexible so they can be worn off course or in the deep rough.

The wide range of colors available in this shoe is another reason why it makes sense to invest in a pair of these affordable yet stylish golf shoes today.

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Nike Men’s Plain Golf Training Shoes

Nike Baby Boy's Tanjun Sneakers, Black/Black, 10 Toddler

These are not your average Nike sneakers. They are minimalist shoes designed for walking or even running, but they also do the job of providing some cushioning while you play golf.

These shoes have a tough synthetic sole which is great for wet conditions, and they offer hard-wearing outer material so that you don’t need to worry about them getting dirty or scuffed up easily.

Plus, these lightweight shoes come with no spikes, which means that you won’t be destroying the putting greens while trying to sink those tricky 10 feet putts!

The mid-level heel foam cushion provides extra comfort while walking in these inexpensive bargain sneakers from Nike.


  • The cheapest Nike golf sneaker on the market currently.
  • The classic black color with a white swoosh.
  • Authentic 100% Nike product for under $45.
  • Good for playing in hot weather or for golfers who struggle with walking in spiked golf shoes.
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  • These are effectively just sneakers that can be worn on the golf course or at mini-golf.

Nike Men’s Plain Golf Training Shoes are the cheapest Nike-related golf shoe on the market, and they’re a great buy for those who want to walk the course in comfort instead of having to wear spiked shoes all day.

They’re good for hot weather due to the large cushioned heel, plus – they don’t have spikes that can be damaging to well-manicured putting greens.

Being easy on the wallet is also a big plus.

These Nike golf sneakers are authentic and they cost under $45 per pair!

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Ready to Buy the Cheapest Close Out Nike Golf Shoes?

Golfers know that the right shoes are important for their game

But finding a good pair of golf shoes can be hard. You want something that’s comfortable, but also durable and stylish. And you don’t want to spend too much money on them either.

Cheap Nike Golf Shoes are the answer! These shoes have all three qualities- they’re comfortable, durable, and stylish – without costing an arm and a leg and on sale!

Plus, these golf shoes are from a well-known brand that most golfers already know and trust. If you want to go straight for the number one cheapest golf shoe from Nike then check out the lightweight sneakers.

Then, if you like the game you can always upgrade to more expensive models from this brand others like Footjoy, Adidas and Callaway Golf.