Cazador Golf Carts Reviews: Speed & Reliability?

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Are you currently considering buying a new golf cart but don’t know which brand to opt for? If so, you’re certainly not alone! There are so many makes and models within the American market, which makes it challenging to know which to opt for.

One of the lesser-known manufacturers of golf carts is Cazador. Although they’ve been around for a while and produce a range of utility vehicles, the company doesn’t receive the same amount of attention as the likes of EZGO and Yamaha.

So, to help you decide whether or not a Cazador golf cart is for you, we take a look at some important facts relating to Cazador UTVs and explain everything you need to know about their high-performing golf carts.

Is Cazador a Good Golf Cart Brand?

Although you might not have heard of Cazador, the company is responsible for producing high-quality, well-reviewed, American-made golf carts that are available for a great price when bought new.

Manufactured in Texas, Cazador carts are popular with golfers who are keen to make their life easier out on the course, but they’re also a great option for those looking for a street-legal utility vehicle.

Let’s find out some more details about Cazador golf carts, starting with their price.

How Much Do Cazador Golf Carts Cost?

Cazador golf carts retail between $6,000 – $7,000, depending on the stock availability of your chosen retailer. Produced by Cazador Motor Sports, you have a choice between an Eagle 200 and an Eagle EV, and they also produce a range of other compact utility vehicles.

When you consider the price of the latest golf cart models from some of the biggest names in the market (Club Car, Yamaha, and EZGO, for instance), the price of Cazador golf carts represent good value for money.

If you’re happy to pick up a Cazador golf cart second-hand, you could save even more money on the retail price, but you should be confident of the cart’s overall condition before investing in a used model.

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Where are Cazador Golf Carts Made?

Cazador golf carts are made at the company’s headquarters in Carrollton, Texas. But as is the case with many other golf carts available on the US market, certain aspects of production and manufacturing are outsourced to China.

This enables Cazador to keep their prices down, which is reflected in the typical retail price of their latest golf carts.

This is a fairly common practice in the industry, as many golf cart producers and retailers are looking for ways to keep their prices competitive.

Helpfully, if you encounter any issues with your Cazador cart and need to pick up replacement parts, you can browse the parts inventory on the Cazador website/

This means you can easily find what you need without taking your cart back to where you bought it from.

Who Owns Cazador Golf Carts?

Cazador golf carts are owned and manufactured by the Cazador Motorsports Corporation, which is based in Carrollton, Texas. You can buy Cazador carts directly from their showroom, but they don’t have a designated online store.

Many other golf cart dealers throughout Texas and further afield stock Cazador carts, however, so you will be able to find what you’re looking for if you get in touch with a dealer in your area.

If you’re looking to invest in a golf cart that has been produced by an American company, but you don’t quite have the funds available to buy an EZGO or Club Car model, then a Cazador golf cart is certainly a good option to consider.

How Fast is a Cazador Golf Cart?

Cazador golf carts have a top speed of 25mph. This is fairly fast when you consider that most golf carts maintain speeds of between 12-15 mph, particularly when they’re being used out on the golf course!

One of the reasons that Cazador packs an additional punch is because it’s actually a cross between a golf cart and a utility vehicle (UTV).

The 4-stroke engine provides low-end torque power and allows you to accelerate on all sorts of surfaces and inclines.

Therefore, Cazador carts are an attractive option for those of you looking for something that is a little more powerful than a bog-standard golf cart, which is particularly ideal if you’re planning to use it out on the street as opposed to just on the golf course.

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Are Cazador Golf Carts Street Legal?

Cazador golf carts have all of the necessary safety features to be regarded as street-legal low-speed vehicles. But you should realize that you need to add the required accessories in most instances, as the carts aren’t typically sold street-ready.

You will need to add a windshield and other component parts to get your Cazador cart ready for the road, but safety features like headlights, indicators, and seat belts come installed as standard.

For a golf cart to be deemed as street legal, it requires the following:

  • A license plate and VIN number.
  • A horn.
  • A speedometer.
  • Seat belts, DOT-approved tires, and windshield wipers.
  • Working headlights, brake lights, and turn signals.
  • Interior and exterior-mounted mirrors.

While golf carts with the above features are street legal in most states, there are exceptions, so you should check with the relevant authority before making a purchase.

If you’re scouring the used cart market for a Cazador golf cart, it’s a good idea to ask the seller if they’ve used the cart on the road and whether they’ve added any safety features to it.

If you don’t ask the question, you might find that you have to invest in various safety features before you can take your cart out on the street.

How Do You Change the Oil on a Cazador Golf Cart?

To keep your Cazador golf cart running at its peak, you will need to regularly check and change its oil. The good news is that this process can be done in six simple steps starting with draining the old oil.

Drain the Existing Oil

Locate the drain plug on your golf cart’s engine and remove the plug with a wrench or spanner. Place a bucket underneath the engine while the oil drains out.

Inspect the Plug

As your oil is draining, inspect the plug to check it’s in good condition. There should be a small ring on the plug which prevents the oil from leaking. Check it’s free from tears or scrapes, and replace it if necessary.

Return the Plug

Once you’ve successfully drained the engine’s oil, return the plug and tighten it in place.

Locate and Replace the Filter

Toward the back of the engine is your oil filter. Locate it and place the drip bucket underneath.

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Then, gently unscrew the filter until it comes loose before discarding the old filter.

Use a rag to wipe clean the surface from which you’ve removed the old filter. Then, taking your new filter, grease its gasket with some oil before fixing it in place.

Open the Seat and Remove the Dipstick

Locate the dipstick underneath the main seating compartment of your cart, and leave it to one side.

Add Oil and Check the Level

Using a funnel, add the oil to the tank. Then, use the dipstick to ensure you have added the required level of oil for your cart.

While changing the oil on your Cazador golf cart is relatively simple, if you don’t feel confident doing so, you could always take your cart to your local dealer and ask them to perform a service on your behalf.

Are There any Cazador Golf Cart Accessories?

If you’re hoping to make your Cazador street legal or would like to customize it in any way, the good news is that there are lots of accessories that you can order to enhance the appearance and functionality of your cart.

For instance, Cazador’s golf cart accessories include:

  • Beats 180 windshield
  • Chrome rims
  • Golf cart cover
  • Current User manual available to download
  • Dump bed replacement kit
  • Wheel removal tool
  • Front metal bumper
  • Golf bag holder
  • Snowplow kit
  • Cab enclosure
  • Roof

All of the accessories are individually priced, but you could end up spending hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars on customizing your Cazador golf cart.

While some of the accessories will enhance the aesthetics of your cart, others are helpful from a practical perspective and will enable you to take your Cazador golf cart out onto the street.

Cazador Golf Cars: Good Price, Reliable, and USA Made!

While Cazador golf carts might not be as prevalent as those of their high-profile competitors, they are undoubtedly a great option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, feature-rich golf cart from an American company.

New Cazador carts (Eagle 200 and an Eagle EV) retail between $6000 and $7000 a piece and are capable of a top speed of 25mph.

When compared to other brands, this represents excellent value for money and provides you with the chance to purchase a street-legal golf cart at an affordable price.