Casual Golf Attire For Ladies? This What You Should Wear!

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If you are golfing for the first time, it is important to know what to wear. You want to look good while playing your game and not worry about anything else.

In this write up you will get a quick overview of what casual women should be wearing when golfing so that they can play to the best of their abilities while looking good at the same time!

As a woman should you be wearing formal golf clothing such as blouses, polo shirts, or turtlenecks when playing golf or is there room for a more casual type of golf attire?

Let’s start with some good tips on casual wear and whether or not you are allowed to wear it at the golf club.

What Casual Wear Should a Female Wear to Go Golfing?

A female should be wearing simple, but stylish casual golf clothing such as branded sports tee shirts, sleeveless shirts with a collar, crisp leggings, or a skort when the weather is warm and long trousers, a long-sleeved sports shirt, and a casual sweater in colder weather.

Scruffy sportswear, jeans, or cheap leggings are simply not acceptable when playing golf, in fact, many golf clubs will not allow you on the golf course or inside the clubhouse without sticking to the rules on proper dress for ladies.

In recent years, however, there has been a shift in allowing golf members to wear non-golf attire.

You can now wear golf trainers or sneakers on the course instead of traditional golf shoes. Be sure, however, to wear clothing that is comfortable and also fashionable.

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Ladies: What to Wear When Golfing for the First Time?

Your first time golfing can be quite daunting so you want to feel relaxed and comfortable while at the same time feeling confident enough of not having to worry about what other people are thinking about you and what you are wearing!

Ladies that are golfing for the first time should stick to safe and wear semi-formal golf attire. This includes capri pants, a smart blouse, a short skirt, skort or golf shorts, and either pair of golf shoes or trainers that are in good condition.

You should avoid clothing that is too tight or restrictive because this can affect your golf swing as well as clothing that is too short or has a low neckline.

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Can Females Wear Leggings for Golfing?

Yes, leggings have become a regular part of the female golfer’s wardrobe and it is now acceptable to wear them on the golf course instead of golf tights. However, they must be smart and not saggy. Thin leggings that show underwear are not acceptable golf course attire for females.

Thankfully there are some good golf brands such as Callaway Golf, Aubrianna, Athleta Women’s, PGA Tour, and Sofibella that all stock recommended golf leggings that are suitable for golf.

Top Tip: Look in the offseason for the best deals on women’s golf clothes, including leggings. New product lines generally become available in Spring so January is a good month to buy discounted golf gear.

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Can You Wear a Tennis Dress To Play Golf?

You can wear a tennis dress to play golf but make sure it is not too short or tacky looking. A good rule to stick to is would you be comfortable wearing this to a business meeting? You can always wear leggings or tights underneath a tennis dress if you are concerned.

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The dress should be in good condition with no rips or tears and should not be revealing or too tight. Golf attire for women its a little bit tricky because you are balancing showing some skin but not too much.

A simple, classic tennis dress is the safest bet for women who are playing golf.

Some names to check out that meet these criteria are Halara Golf, Athleta, Nike Victory and Marc Jacobs if you wanted a designer golf dress to play golf.

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How Should a Women’s Golf Shirt Fit?

A women’s golf shirt should fit properly and be fitted but not tight or restrictive. Remember, golf is a sport that requires lots of arms, shoulder, neck, and head movements so a golf shirt that allows you to swing the club without restriction is paramount.

You also do not want to wear an oversized shirt as this can make you feel uncomfortable and get in the way of the club as you swing it. This is

For fashionistas: The bottom of a golf dress shirt should flare a bit to give your hips a flattering smooth look instead of looking boxy and wide. The sleeves should preferably have a cuff that comes just below the elbow or a small slit that comes above the elbow.

This allows for more airflow and will help keep you cool on especially hot days.

If you are on a budget, you should also look for a shirt that you could wear for something else, like going out to play mini-golf or bowling.

When your golf shirt needs washing, you should put it in a delicates bag and wash it on the gentle cycle setting with cold water before hanging it to dry.

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Do Female Golfers Wear Tights?

Female golfers generally do not wear tights when playing golf but rather opt for the comfort of leggings instead. They are close-fitting with a soft waistband that is elasticized or has an internal drawstring to give it a snug fit.

The length should be at least past the knee but not too short. When on the golf course, you do not want to risk getting your leggings caught in a golf cart or stuck on your club while swinging it.

The only time it’s OK to wear tights is when in colder climates you would want an extra layer or under clothing to help keep you warm on a cold day out on the golf course.

Does the LPGA have a Dress Code?

The LPGA enforces a strict dress code and the organization allows you to wear sleeveless shirts, collarless shirts, shorts, and skirts where there are no minimum length requirements. Casual clothing such as jeans, cut-off clothing and gym gear is not allowed on the LPGA Tour.

A recent dress code change allows for wearing casual clothes outside the tournament course play area.

Ladies: What Will You Wear on your Next Golf Outing?

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This article has provided a comprehensive guide on what females should wear when golfing. It includes casual clothes and what to wear on the golf course including skirts, tennis dresses, leggings, tights, women’s dress shirts, and more.

It is a fine balance between looking good and being comfortable, but if you are not sure of what to wear or how to wear it, you can always contact a professional golf store near you for help.

Or call up your local golf course where the female PGA coach or shop assistant can help you with some handy tips on casual golf attire.